A replacement pedigree is eligible to enter the family tree of the hidden family Cannon family?

Isn’t this ridiculous?

What a ridiculous thing!!

Even if Chuck Cannon knelt down and asked for a genealogy, that would be impossible!!

The Cannon family has satirized the extreme!

“Well, okay, host, you didn’t say what I said just now.” Fire Dragon also mentioned casually.

Does Chuck Cannon’s entry into the genealogy have anything to do with him?

“You don’t need to mention this kind of thing.”

“Yes, do you want to tell the young master about this?” Fire Dragon asked.

“No! Joseph is too lazy to manage him for the time being. It should be enough to use his son! I will use Chuck Cannon to teach Joseph a lesson. This is how chess pieces are used! If Chuck Cannon really has a way to quote Gracia Stewart Come out, then, their owner will be my Cannon family!!! Haha! At that time, let’s see if Heidi Hudson will still pull! I want to destroy Hudson!”

The Cannon family owner felt very vengeful.

Thousands of generations have been crushed by Hudson for thousands of years!

Cannon family was always the third!

He was the third oldest!

He was going to turn over!!

“Yes, if you take down the second family, the Hudson family is not worth mentioning! But ah, I still worry that Chuck Cannon does not have this strength, take the lower ten articles! Because his personal fighting strength is too bad…”

Fire Dragon, remember how Chuck Cannon just couldn’t lift up to two hundred kilograms! ridiculous!

This is the so-called Karen Lee’s son?

It’s too garbage!

With this strength, still, thinking about the assassination of Gracia Stewart?

A little bit delusional!

“For me, as long as he has a method, or puts forward a method to lead Gracia Stewart out, then Chuck Cannon is a dead man in my eyes!” Cannon family’s owner smiled slightly!

“Oh, what do you mean??” Fire Dragon understood.

“He is my replacement chess piece who will lead Gracia Stewart out, after his role is completed, a chess piece can be abandoned at any time, I don’t care about his life or death, then Gracia Stewart may escape?” Cannon family smiled.

“Oh, get it!”

What does this mean?

Kill them all with a bomb!


“Go and prepare! Three days later, I want to see, what method does he want, lead Gracia Stewart out! I am curious about this!”

The Cannon family’s insidious laughter is strange in this dark room.

Huolong smiled slightly to prepare for this!

“Joseph, you have to look at it, how do I use chess pieces, you have to learn to use! Don’t let me down again!” Head of Cannon family said.

With expectations from Joseph Cannon!

“Me, I can’t wait, I’m going to find Chuck Cannon!” Yvette Jordan was already terrified!

Chuck Cannon has been up for so long!

Haven’t you come down, is there an accident?

Caught by the Cannon family?

Yvette Jordan panicked at the thought!

She was too worried about Chuck Cannon!

“Trust Master! I believe him!” Betty Bernard said.


Now Chuck Cannon is taking the place of Karen Lee!

When coming here, Chuck Cannon’s indifference, Betty Bernard had the feeling of seeing Karen Lee!


Karen Lee has always dealt with things, and it is always the collapse of Mount Tai that will not change!

Chuck Cannon has such a precious feeling!

“I believe in him, but…” Yvette Jordan couldn’t calm down!

“Yvette Jordan, you must know that Master’s blood is General Lee’s blood, General Lee’s genes! Master is growing! He will one day be a person like President Lee! He is going in this direction. Step by step! I saw it!” Betty Bernard was relieved!

You know Karen Lee, you should look away!!

“Husband!” Yvette Jordan suddenly discovered Chuck Cannon.

She threw it up desperately, this is a hug after suffering!

In fact, only one hour has passed, and Yvette Jordan’s waiting has been like a new year!


“Young Master, what does the Cannon family said?” Betty Bernard asked.

“The owner of the Cannon family has agreed to cooperate with me! No, it should be said to use me…” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Then you master?” Betty Bernard was shocked!

Yvette Jordan couldn’t control, “Husband, Cannon family, let you die!”

“It’s not true either. He used me, and I also used him. Everyone used each other,” Chuck Cannon smiled strangely.

“Master, what do you think? Cannon family, how do you want to use it? He can let you use it?” Betty Bernard worried.

“Yes, husband, I don’t know why but I hate this Cannon family!” Yvette Jordan said her thoughts!

She is not comfortable near here!

“I also hate it, I don’t know why, think, this place, alas!” Chuck Cannon couldn’t describe it.

“Sister Bernard, you have to prepare, I will use the most direct method to deal with Gracia Stewart!!”

“The most direct way?” Yvette Jordan and Betty Bernard were stunned!

What method is this!

Betty Bernard thought of a lot of ways, Stewart is really powerful! Now Karen Lee is gone…

“Yes, the thief captures the king first! Directly, I have no time to spend with Gracia Stewart, nor the ability to spend it. The only way is to lead her out and make a break!!!” Chuck Cannon clenched his fists!

His eyes were chilled!!

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