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Emily was looking forward to seeing Chuck Cannon again.

She thought about it in her heart, how should she comfort Chuck Cannon!

She also wanted to take Chuck Cannon to the bar to drink and drink, so as to relieve Chuck Cannon’s sadness of losing her mother!


She never expected that she would see her mother h.ugging Chuck Cannon!

Emily feels that the sky was about to step down!

She likes Chuck Cannon!

She knows clearly!


Her mother?

“Emily!!!” Alice’s face was pale for a moment!

She has thought of it countless times since she was with Chuck Cannon.

Will it be seen by her daughter?

She was scared!

Fear of hurting Emily!


Today, a scene she didn’t even want to see in her dream was realized at this moment!

Instantly looking at each other!

Alice was terrified!

“Mom, it turns out… I disturbed you…” Emily ran out crying.

“Emily!” Alice was distressed!

Why did you embrace Chuck Cannon just now!!

“Alice, I will chase,” Chuck Cannon sighed. He came here just to find Alice for something. Unexpectedly, Emily saw this scene.

“Chuck Cannon, you must chase Emily back, please, I have no face to see her.” Alice burst into tears.

Once, she was a charming woman!

At this moment, she was a woman who wants to die!

“Rest assured!”

No matter how fast Emily runs, she was not Chuck Cannon’s opponent!

Chuck Cannon chased out!!

“Emily, I’m sorry for you.” Alice wept silently…


Emily drove out!

The members of the family escort team were so mad!

What happened!!

Chuck Cannon also got in his car and chased it out!

After Chuck Cannon’s strength improved, he was bold and careful.

He also got the strength of a professional racing driver!

I remembered that Chuck Cannon bought a car for the first time and dared not drive fast for the first time.

Time passed so fast!


Chuck Cannon stepped on the accelerator and the engine roared!

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Chuck Cannon drifted to Emily’s car!

Emily wanted to bump into it, however, she stepped on the b.rakes!


“Talk,” Chuck Cannon got out of the car.

“No, I don’t want to talk to you.” Emily resisted!!

Her beautiful face has already shed a lot of tears!

She couldn’t accept it, and the people she liked were at peace. .

Although her mother has been divorced for ten years, this will not work!!

“You don’t want to know what happened!” Chuck Cannon calmed down.

“No, I know that you have a relationship with my mother. That’s enough. I don’t want to know about the rest. What’s more, if I don’t see it today, how long do you want to hide from me? How long do you would have hidden from me? You like it…” Emily was crying ugly.

“Come out and chat, I’ll wait for you over there.” Chuck Cannon no matter what, sit down next to it?

Clear skies, trees, nobody, grass!

For a long time, there was no such thing.

Chuck Cannon recently thought that if his mother didn’t call herself that time and didn’t transferred him 5 million, then Chuck Cannon would be like his life to be a mess.

If his mom was still alive, isn’t it good?

Chuck Cannon was in a calm mood!

Emily cried for a while.

She suddenly saw Chuck Cannon alone, and suddenly thought of Chuck Cannon’s mother who recently died.

She choked off the car.

Sitting next to Chuck Cannon.

The two blew the wind, and Chuck Cannon handed her a tissue, “Don’t cry,”

“I don’t want it! When did you say you were with my mother…” Emily was annoyed.

“I can say that it was something I didn’t expect. Do you believe it?” Chuck Cannon fell into that day’s memories.

“Do not believe!”

Emily firmly believes!

“Then do you believe your mother? Don’t believe it?”

“I… I believe her, but I don’t believe her in this matter.” Emily cried again.

“That day, she went to meet the people of the Ouke family and drank a glass of wine. What kind of wine do you know? Then I found her by accident. I took her down and sent her to the hospital, but…” Chuck Cannon said.

“But what?” Emily was angry!


The Ouke family dare to do this?

“It may be that she can’t control it, and I can’t help it, and then it just happened when she walked and she didn’t think about it,” Chuck Cannon said.

Emily was stunned, “What’s the matter?”

“Yes, that’s what happened. What do you think? You thought I was forced?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“No, I thought.” Emily thought so.

Alice has been single for so long, she doesn’t believe that Chuck Cannon is obsessed with her.

However, Chuck Cannon said this sincerely, and she was suddenly sad.

She didn’t even know about it now!

Her mother had encountered such a thing at that time!

If Chuck Cannon does not appear, how desperate will Alice be?

Emily dare not think about it!

“Why didn’t she tell me?”

“How do you think she will say this?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Alice loves Emily, so if she said, how to export?

Can’t speak!

No one can speak!

“Then you, because of that, really started to like her right?” Emily asked, her palms sweating.

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