Gracia Stewart’s silence made Stewart’s anxiety up and down.

What is Gracia Stewart thinking about?

“Homeowner, do you really want to agree to the alliance? The old fox of the Cannon family is intentional!”

Stewart up and down, already angry!

“Let me think about it! You go out first!!”

Gracia Stewart said so, Stewarts can only go out!

She was staring at the tablet! Falling into silence!


“Grandpa, I saw Gracia Stewart!” Bethany Cannon said.

She, and Fire Dragon, have already returned.

“What does Gracia Stewart say?” Cannon family head asked.

Chuck Cannon came back yesterday and talked about the method of this alliance.

The Cannon family owner felt that there was no other good way, so he agreed!

Now, Gracia Stewart is still under consideration.

Bethany Cannon said everything about Stewart!

The Cannon family had a pair of vicious eyes, shining coldly, “You said, this Gracia Stewart is similar to Heidi Hudson?”

“Yes, it feels like this to me. Gracia Stewart is very calm! It’s not much different from Heidi Hudson! This woman tells the truth, don’t destroy her as soon as possible, if she waits for her to bring you home, it will be as dangerous as Heidi Hudson!!!” Bethany Cannon said.

“Really? Fire Dragon, what do you think?” Cannon family head asked.

Fire Dragon was silent for three seconds, “How to say, this Gracia Stewart really gave me the feeling of Heidi Hudson. The heir they found this time is very good. It is necessary to destroy her!! That is…”

“What is it?” Cannon family head straightened up.

“Is it possible that Gracia Stewart will agree to this alliance, and also, even if you agree, Chuck Cannon, can he destroy her? This is all a matter of no end!” Fire Dragon said.

He felt that Gracia Stewart had this strength.

Such a woman, it is difficult to control her and kill her.

What’s more, although Chuck Cannon is Karen Lee’s son, his strength is too much less.

Can they count on him?

Hope is slim!!

“Bethany Cannon, what do you think?” Cannon family head asked.

“Grandpa, I also think that this Gracia Stewart is much stronger than Chuck Cannon. Chuck Cannon wants to kill her. We have to put a lot of effort into it, otherwise we won’t succeed.”

This was Bethany Cannon’s idea.

Arthur Cannon’s face was ugly, “Look first, if Gracia Stewart agrees to the alliance, then she will come over and talk to me, and it will be regarded as leading her out. If you don’t agree, what you say now is also in vain!!”


It hasn’t been swept away yet!

Say what to do so early!

He listened to what Bethany Cannon and Fire Dragon commented on Gracia Stewart!

He has no bottom in his heart.

“I don’t think Chuck Cannon’s method will work. Gracia Stewart won’t be fooled. Let’s find another way!”

Bethany Cannon said annoyed.

The more you think, the more wrong you are.

Gracia Stewart is not stupid!

Why be fooled?

“Wasting time, I still believe this Chuck Cannon too, but I didn’t expect it to disappoint me!” Bethany Cannon said.

Cannon family head’s face is ugly!

“Fire Dragon, you now let Chuck Cannon come!”

“Yes, the owner!”

Fire Dragon called Chuck Cannon.

“Homeowner, Chuck Cannon said he is almost here.” Fire Dragon said.

“Huh, he still has a face? Let me run for nothing,” Bethany Cannon said coldly.

Although it was Chuck Cannon, she did not recognize it!

The Cannon family owner felt ugly, “Let him speak for himself!”

“Grandpa, you just believe him too much, I think he is just a rubbish of rubbish! There is no trick,” Bethany Cannon said in disgust.

“Like him, if he is not Joseph’s son, he is not qualified to enter the Cannon family door!!”

“Don’t talk about it, wait until he comes up, and see what he says!” The Cannon family head also thought it wouldn’t work.

See if there is any other way for Chuck Cannon!

No, then continue to obey Karen Lee instead of chess pieces!! ten minutes!

Chuck Cannon came up alone!

“Chuck Cannon, you said so well yesterday. Gracia Stewart will definitely agree with the Alliance! I came back just now. Her performance did not mean anything. I let the Cannon family expose!” Bethany Cannon said angrily.

The more she looks at Chuck Cannon, the more unhappy she was!!

Chuck Cannon also has the blood of the Cannon family. Why is it so garbage?

“You said what I said then there will be no problems. Gracia Stewart will agree!”

Chuck Cannon shrugged.

Three secret families, this is the situation now!

It is the most direct way to lead Gracia Stewart through the alliance method.

“Promise a fart, you are not on the scene, seeing Gracia Stewart’s shrewd look! I think she will never agree!!” Bethany Cannon said angrily.

“Chuck Cannon, you can’t do this!” The head of the Cannon family spoke.

“Why not? She will consider such an important thing! Give her some time, but in the end, she will agree!” Chuck Cannon said the same.

“Well, I really don’t know where your confidence comes from! Well, even if Gracia Stewart agrees, how are you going to kill her? Don’t be embarrassed because of your strength!”

Bethany Cannon was really angry!

Her brother Joseph Cannon is so good, how can the son born, the garbage is dying!!

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