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Chapter 88: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 88 Assistant or the business?

Heller leaned back against the edge of the hot spring, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the hot spring. After hearing Colin’s voice, he glanced at him indifferently. His eyes stayed on Colin’s face for no more than a second before falling on Nina and Gerd.

Then Heller closed his eyes again and said, “Take your clothes off!”

“Huh?” Colin was stunned, and so was Nina.

Colin was confused. Take clothes off? Seriously?

Heller did not answer. The one who answered him was a beautiful woman next to Heller, “Mr. Ye attaches great importance to sincerity in business, so he prefers to meet others with naked sincerity.”

Colin, “…”

Should he give up the project that was worth billions of dollars because of this?

No, of course not!

Colin had to take off his clothes quickly, leaving only his underwear on him, and went into the hot spring with a plump.

“Mr. Ye, then we can…” Colin was interrupted by Heller before he could finish speaking.

“She hasn’t taken her clothes off yet.” Heller glanced at Nina lazily.

Hearing this, Nina blushed.

Colin looked at her and was stunned.

Colin said with hesitation, “Mr. Ye, it doesn’t matter if I am naked, but Assistant White is a girl. Please don’t embarrass her.”

“She doesn’t want to take off her clothes?” Heller frowned, “You are so insincere? Then forget about the cooperation!”

Colin gritted his teeth and made an excuse, “We came in a hurry and didn’t bring swimsuits. Please don’t make it difficult for us!”

Heller didn’t answer, closed his eyes, and continued to enjoy the hot spring.

Colin complained in his heart. He finally knew how arrogant and pretentious this guy was!

Nina was also very embarrassed. She couldn’t mess it up, but she didn’t want to take off her clothes in front of so many people either!

At this time, one of the girls in bikinis who stood at the door came over and said with a smile, “Don’t worry. We have prepared swimsuits for you.”

“Please come with me.”

Nina glanced at Colin after hearing this, gritted her teeth, and followed the girl away.

Seeing this, Colin was full of displeasure, and thought, Why didn’t you tell us earlier that there are swimsuits? My underwear is wet. What should I wear when I go back?

Gerd didn’t care and directly took off his clothes.

But when he was about to go into the water, Heller opened his eyes and said in a flat tone, “You don’t need to take your clothes off and come down.”

Gerd looked at Colin.

Colin nodded.

Then Gerd put his clothes back on immediately and stood quietly on the side.

A few minutes later, Nina came out.

Snow-white skin, plump chest, slender waist, smooth and straight long legs, and elegant and generous temperament. What a stunner!

Colin swallowed.

Unexpectedly, Nina was so hot in bikinis!

Heller also opened his eyes, smiled, and stared at Nina without blinking.

Nina came over elegantly, got into the water, walked to Colin’s side, and then said in a flat tone, “Mr. Ye, can we talk about the cooperation now?”

“Sure.” Heller smiled at Nina.

Nina felt a little uncomfortable, but she remained expressionless and tried her best to stay calm.

Ye Huan said lazily, “I guess I don’t need to say much about the strength of our Yeshi Company. If you cooperate with us, you are bound to make money.”

Colin smiled and nodded, “You are right. It is our honor to cooperate with the Yeshi Company.”

“I will give the half profits of the project to you.”

Colin was excited. Half of the profits was a big pie for him.

The next second, he reacted that there must be a condition, so he asked, “Mr. Ye, what is your condition?”

Heller’s eyes fell on Nina, and he made no secret of his greed. He smiled and said, “I only have one condition, and you can easily do it.”

Hearing this, Colin had a bad premonition.

It was as he expected…

Heller said to Nina, “Assistant White, right? I think you are very capable. Do you want to work in a different environment, such as at our Yeshi Company?”

“I guess you know that our Yeshi Company is much better than the Marquis Group. I believe you will have a promising future if you work with us.”

Then he changed his tone, “The person I am fond of has never refused my offer. Even the chairman of the Marquis Group has no right to do that.”

Nina frowned and kept silent.

Colin’s face was clouded, “Mr. Ye, this is your condition?”

“Yes.” Heller nodded, “This is the only condition. If I am satisfied, I can give 60% of the project’s ptofits to you.”

Colin was surprised and asked, “Mr. Ye, is your decision too casual?”

“In the future, the entire Yeshi Company will be mine. I can do whatever I want. But you can’t. After all, the Marquis Group is not as strong as our Yeshi Company. You don’t have the condition to be willful.” Heller said contemptuously.

“I don’t think you will refuse. After all, this is a project worth tens of billions of dollars. If it becomes a success, your Marquis Group will become much more powerful.”

Colin kept silent for a moment.

Heller was right. This project was not a small deal.

Moreover, Colin had another goal, that was, to make the Marquis Group the leading company in the province. If they could cooperate with the Yeshi Company, he would be one step closer to the goal.

Facing with such a temptation, no one would refuse, right?

But Colin shook his head and said, “No, I refuse.”

“What did you say?” Heller thought he had misheard.

Heller was a little confused, “Why? Are you sure!”

He turned down the lucrative business for an assistant?

If you gave the other side a woman or a huge sum of money, it would be easier for you to negotiate the business.

Was this assistant more important than the project?

Colin and Heller had different ideas. He would not betray his own people for any business. Moreover, anyone with discerning eyes could tell why Heller wanted Nina to work in his company.

How could he do such an unprincipled and unconscionable thing?

Colin stood up from the hot spring and said, “Excuse me, Mr. Ye, I am afraid that we can’t reach the agreement on the cooperation, so we’ll take our leave.”

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