Recall the past.

Chuck Cannon only knew that Yvette Jordan had been with him for so long!!

This is a true sweetheart!

Yvette Jordan couldn’t stand it, embracing Chuck Cannon, “Husband, if we would have been still the same, I would still have been a teacher, and you still would have been my student, how good should it have been?”

Yes, this idea has always been in Yvette Jordan’s mind!

Back to the past!

At least not going through so many painful things!!

It’s also very good that Chuck Cannon passed by.

Probably, Yvette Jordan will complain.

But Yvette Jordan has never accepted any man can be seen.

No matter what she does, the person she finally gives will still be the unsuccessful Chuck Cannon.

She will not regret it either.

She will try to hand over Chuck Cannon.

It is also good to take him to work, to start a business together, to raise children together, to be poor together, to be rich together, and to be bland together.

“Yeah, if I go back in the past, my mother wouldn’t have died, neither Aunt Logan nor Black Rose…” Chuck Cannon was sad.

Rather than everything now, Chuck Cannon also wants the three of them to survive!

The two embraced!

Falling into memories and fantasy together!!

Betty Bernard flew the plane, and has arrived at Chuck Cannon’s first career, above the city square!


Can fall to the top of the square!!

“Master, here!” Betty Bernard said.

Chuck Cannon, Yvette Jordan got off the plane!

Chuck Cannon called Yolanda ahead of time, however, he couldn’t get through! What happened!

“Sister Bernard, I let you send someone to protect Yolanda. What about those people?”

Chuck Cannon asked.

Feeling bad!

Betty Bernard has not paid attention to China since Karen Lee died.

Chuck Cannon suddenly mentioned, she thought.

She couldn’t get in touch, “No, is it possible for Yolanda?”

Ding Ding!!

Chuck Cannon’s mobile phone rings!

This number Chuck Cannon knows, it was of Ouyang Fei!!

“Hello, Chuck Cannon, haven’t you returned to China yet? Your mother died when she has to die. Come back to China soon. I’ll wait for you…” Ouyang Fei said insidiously

“Chuck Cannon, don’t come, don’t!”.

This was Yolanda’s voice.

Chuck Cannon’s face became ugly!

This woman Ouyang Fei is really looking for death!!

He took advantage of himself looking back at the country and grabbed Yolanda!

Yolanda was Chuck Cannon’s most important person in the commercial empire!

This is the counter-scale that Ouyang Fei is pulling Chuck Cannon!!

“Wait for me!”

Chuck Cannon hangs up the phone!

“Sister Bernard, immediately check where Yolanda was caught!” Chuck Cannon asked.

Ouyang Fei’s so perverted person, grasping Yolanda, what will happen, Chuck Cannon wants to use his toes!!

“Okay, Master, wait a moment!” Betty Bernard positioned through WeChat!

Come find the specific location of Yolanda!

“Husband, we will save Yolanda.” Yvette Jordan said.

What it means for Yolanda to be arrested, Yvette Jordan knows!


Ouyang Fei thought she was still squinting, so there was still plenty of time!

Betty Bernard has full of experience and will have an immediate result.

“Chuck Cannon, are you really?”

Suddenly, someone came up, skinny jeans, this was Zelda Maine!

She happened to be in a shop on the city side of the city and heard the sound of a helicopter, so she couldn’t wait to go to the top floor!

Meet the person she wants to see most!

However, for a moment of surprise, her eyes stopped.

Because, beside Chuck Cannon, there was still a perfect beauty, Chuck Cannon’s wife, Yvette Jordan!!

Zelda Maine clearly remembered that Yvette Jordan slapped her and slapped her in her own home.

Therefore, Zelda Maine, who does not fight a little, is instinctively afraid of Yvette Jordan.

She didn’t dare to step forward and dare to get close, even because of the slap, she dared not stare at Yvette Jordan.

Yvette Jordan knew why she took the initiative.

At that time, because she had just escaped from that kind of place, her character was tyrannical and she hit Zelda Maine.

Yvette Jordan sometimes thinks about this, and she also feels guilty!

Zelda Maine took a step back!

“Last matter, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t do that with you,” Yvette Jordan apologized.

Zelda Maine was very surprised, Yvette Jordan apologized to her?

“I, but I really did something that I’m sorry for you.” Zelda Maine couldn’t believe it, Yvette Jordan did so at the moment, and recovered, when she saw her for the first time.

No murderous, just like ordinary people, just beautiful.

“I also know that I can feel him, he is interesting to you,”

“No, Chuck Cannon and I haven’t reached that point yet, don’t get me wrong. Me.” Zelda Maine was busy explaining.

“I know, I know!”

Yvette Jordan experienced too much, and her mentality changed.

Zelda Maine remained silent for three seconds, “I’m sorry. I…”

“No need to.”

The two women fell silent.

In this situation, Chuck Cannon did not dare to approach.

Because Zelda Maine was Chuck Cannon’s enlightenment.

For Zelda Maine, Chuck Cannon has a very unique memory, deeply remembered until now. Never forgot a penny!!

“Master, the location has been found, in an abandoned construction site fifty kilometres away.”

Betty Bernard said.

“Okay, go right away! Wife…”

“Husband, I want to go where I was before.” Yvette Jordan really wanted to do this.

Back to the original home, back to the teaching school.

Remember yourself.

Because Yvette Jordan felt it, she might be dying.

“No, you have to join me!” Chuck Cannon shook his head firmly. However!

Yvette Jordan stepped forward!

Gave Chuck Cannon a kiss!

Chuck Cannon couldn’t refuse, and he couldn’t insist on Yvette Jordan’s tough attitude.

“Husband, is that okay?”

Chuck Cannon was helpless.

Yvette Jordan gave Chuck Cannon another kiss, “So? Is it okay? I will walk alone.”

“Okay, but you must be careful!” Chuck Cannon worries about Yvette Jordan’s accident.

That policy will be crazy.

“Got it, I will listen to my husband. Obedient, is that okay?” Yvette Jordan was actually reluctant.


“Husband, if we are both alive, how about I have two babies for you? A man and a woman are best. I’ll be their teacher.” Yvette Jordan fantasized.

“Well, well!”

Chuck Cannon also fell into fantasy.

However, can you live this time?

Chuck Cannon doesn’t know!!


Chuck Cannon and Betty Bernard left by plane to save Yolanda!

Yvette Jordan was assured of Chuck Cannon, because Chuck Cannon’s strength had already been promoted to a great extent!

Deal with people like Ouyang Fei!

No problem.

“Zelda Maine, if you can, you can also give Chuck Cannon one.” Yvette Jordan said.

Zelda Maine was stunned, she was shaking with excitement, “Yvette Jordan, what are you saying? Can I talk to Chuck Cannon?”

“Yes, you can! Because I may not be able to help him leave offspring…” Yvette Jordan was sad and she felt sorry.

Until now, she has not been with Chuck Cannon.

In the past, there was Karen Lee’s reason. Now because of Karen Lee’s death, Chuck Cannon has no thoughts.

She regrets that she did not give Chuck Cannon earlier!

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