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Chapter 89 – 90: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 89

The two young women said that they got married, and Manny felt it was okay.

She didn’t mean to be angry, either. She was still very satisfied with Chuck. A man occasionally went out and mixed, she could understand that her husband was like this, she just opened her eyes and closed her eyes, it didn’t matter.

What’s more, this policy is young and so rich. The entire square belongs to him.

It’s nothing to play with women. As long as you don’t take it home, you can be

ne. Manny feels even more fine.

But the relationship hasn’t been determined in detail yet. This won’t work. At least after marriage, right? Otherwise, just play around and break up suddenly, and you will suffer.

Manny also thought it was okay, so she said, “Chuck, let’s call your parents.

Let’s make an appointment. Everyone will come out to have a meal together.

“Let’s set the date.”

Chuck was stunned.

Zelda shook her head hurriedly, “Mom, auntie, don’t talk nonsense, Chuck and I have not yet reached that point.”

“Why haven’t you reached that point yet? You two are sleeping together, where do you want to go? Isn’t that enough?” Manny glared at her daughter.

“Zelda, it’s not that your aunt said you should get married. Look at my daughter, the child is ve years old, and getting married is not what you think.”

“Yeah, you two get together so well. It will be a matter of time before you get married. It’s better to get married sooner.”

The two young women also persuaded.

Zelda sighed, marry? She had never thought that she had resisted getting married before, but how to say it, this time when she heard her mother say this and two other aunts, she was not angry, not disgusted, or even psychologically resistant.

Marrying Chuck… how to put it, I don’t know how to describe my feelings, this… you have to agree to it, right?

However, I was just friends with him, and this time I came here to pretend to be a boyfriend or girlfriend. Besides, even though I helped him in the car that night, but…what’s your identity to help him solve?

Girlfriend? It’s not.

Husband and wife? Nor is it.

Simple friends? Because seeing him feel uncomfortable, I can’t refuse, so help him? This seems to be…

Zelda’s head became more and more chaotic. What on earth did he think?

The two young women watched her not speaking, so they could only pull Zelda aside.

“Zelda, what do you think? Did you get angry just now? Aunt tells you, there is nothing to be angry about, men are like this, your uncle is usually the same? As long as he comes back when I want, he goes home every night That’s it,”

“Yes, the two of us grew up watching you when we were young, but treat you as a relative, we will not harm you. This policy looks good, and the background is so strong, and there is a square. I’m afraid there are many other industries. Where can such a man go?”

Two young women say you one by one, she said one by one.

Zelda didn’t know how to answer, she just looked at Chuck, she was very worried, what if Chuck agreed? Then…

What will I do?

Refuse? Or… will it be wrong?

“Zelda, there’s nothing to consider, don’t you guys sleep together? Let’s get married, don’t delay,”


“Chuck, what do you think?” Manny watched two girlfriends talking to her daughter. She couldn’t be idle, so she immediately came over and asked Chuck seriously.


“Do you dislike my daughter?”

“No, no,” Chuck shook his head, how could he dislike Zelda? She has a good character, a good figure, and beautiful… but it was so sudden that Chuck was completely unprepared.

“Yes, my daughter is a bit older than you, but since you are with my daughter, you definitely won’t care about this, so what else are you thinking about? Call your parents, and we will eat together these few days,” Liu Said Meimei.

Chuck was helpless. He called his mother and said that he was going to get married. His mother must be overjoyed.


“Chuck, what are you thinking? You want to continue playing, don’t you?”

Manny is very serious, “Women are like that. What’s so fun? It’s good for me not to be angry with you today. As long as you converge after you get married, I won’t care about your matters. What else do you want? kind?”

Manny had a headache. She could see that her daughter really had feelings for Chuck. After all, she was a person who came by. Her daughter’s eyes on Chuck were really different from others, which proved that her daughter liked Chuck.

She is very troublesome, her daughter is so good, if when Zelda was 20 years old, she would nd a boyfriend who likes to mess with owers and is seen by her mother-in-law, she would never agree.

However, my daughter is about to be thirty, and Zelda nally meets someone she likes, she is also forced to be helpless, after passing this village, there may be no next village, my daughter can not afford to be too old!

But after she made such a big step backward, Chuck actually hesitated, and Manny was annoyed.

She wanted to continue talking, but her daughter Zelda came over and said, “Mom, this is between him and me. Let us discuss it by ourselves? Chuck is not twenty years old, and he has not yet reached the age of marriage… …”

Zelda’s tone was lost. She was nervous for a while, thinking that Chuckzhen agreed, so what should I do?

But seeing that Chuck didn’t mean anything in this respect, what’s the use of forcing it?

Chuck also felt a little pain in his heart when he saw this look in her eyes.

“It’s the same if you don’t get a wedding wine before you get old, and it’s the same if you get a marriage certificate when you get old.” Manny said.

“Mom, let us discuss it by ourselves.” Zelda sighed.

Manny suddenly felt helpless, “Daughter, do you know that you are not too young? If you drag it like this, there are still a few years you can drag it? The golden age of a woman is very short.”

“I know, but…” Zelda felt wronged in her heart. The emotions that had been squeezed for a long time about marriage were about to explode, and her eyes were red.

For so many years, she has been single and has never been understood by her parents, but she hasn’t met anyone she likes. What should she do? She is under too much pressure.

Manny was also anxious, “Don’t cry, mom won’t force you, won’t force you…”

The two young women came over, but also helpless, quietly comforting Zelda.

Zelda shook his head, “I didn’t cry, let’s go.”

Chuck sighed. Everyone came out of the restaurant together. Chuck didn’t know what to do. He had a headache during this meal today. Lara was beaten and he was going to be married. He never expected.

“Zelda, let’s go shopping with your mother by ourselves, you two have a good chat,”

“Yes, this important matter, you two discuss it yourself.”

The two young women said, pulling Manny to go outside, Manny helplessly, the three women came out.

“Zelda’s heart is still too soft, a little tougher, you can do it today,”

“Yeah, the two of them match up very well, and it’s definitely nice to get married,”

Manny sighed, her daughter is like this, she doesn’t like to force others, but at this time, they are all sleeping together, should they be married?

“The two of them discuss it by themselves, I can’t help it,” Manny said.

“We are all sleeping together, will Zelda get pregnant?”

“This shouldn’t be there. If you are pregnant, how could the two of them just refuse?”

“Okay, we won’t get involved with young people, let’s go shopping,”


The three women went to the parking lot and drove out of here. Chuck was a little embarrassed. He didn’t know how to comfort Zelda, and could only say, “Sister Zelda…”

“Sorry, my mother and two aunts told you this,” Zelda said.

“It’s okay, should we nd a place to sit?” Chuck thought about going to the cafe downstairs, saying that Zelda was depressed.

Zelda shook his head and said to go back, Chuck was helpless, “Sit down and feel better.”

Zelda nodded after being silent, and the two went downstairs into a coffee shop.

I didn’t speak much, mainly because of embarrassment. Instead of speaking, the time passed quickly. In a blink of an eye, it was dark. Zelda quietly drank Ka coffee, eyes always looking at his hand.

In this situation, Chuck couldn’t help it. After checking the time, it was already eight o’clock in the evening, so he said, “Sister Zelda, shall we go home?”

Chapter: 90

Zelda looked up at Chuck, nodded after being silent, “Well,”

Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. He was too late to see the time, and he thought about going home. After all, the cafe is about to close. Anyway, everyone lives in the same community, so he must go back together.

The two of them went out, walked to the elevator door, and prepared to go down by the elevator.

Chuck wondered if Zelda was still uncomfortable in his heart? So I asked, “Sister Zelda, I…”

“Well, I understand,” Zelda said.

Chuck is helpless, what does she know? This afternoon, I was basically silent and didn’t speak much. Chuck was almost suffocated. Chuck has been thinking about a question.

Originally, he wanted to simply be the night partner of Zelda. If everyone needed it, he would stay together at night. Anyway, live in a community, go to Zelda’s house, or his own home. Everyone will be separated at dawn. Do not disturb each other.

But suddenly thinking about getting married, Chuck didn’t expect this, how can I say it, Chuck hasn’t planned it in his heart yet.

But seeing her lost all this afternoon, Chuck was thinking, does Zelda, who has always been single, want to get married?

Chuck decided not to speak.

“Don’t feel pressure in your heart,” Zelda said suddenly.

“My mother and a few aunts just talked casually, don’t feel pressured, don’t think that I gave you…the solution that night, you think you must treat me like that, don’t think so.” Zelda continued. .

But the feeling of loss in her heart is even worse, she has been thinking about it all afternoon

What would happen if I married Chuck? She thought about it, and felt that the two people’s personalities are quite compatible, but in fact it should be possible. If Chuck agrees, then she will also agree. The two will live a good life, but…

Chuck is not good at the interface, just a bit embarrassed.

Unknowingly, following Zelda’s words, thinking about what happened in the car that night… My mother, Chuck actually felt a little bit, it was really out of date.

Zelda originally lowered her head, and accidentally saw Chuck’s feeling, and she said, this is…

She was Loganled, why would Chuck suddenly think? Was your own words too explicit just now? Nothing!


Zelda bit her lip and said courageously, “Or… I will help you!”

Chuck was dumbfounded, and he also found it dif cult to tell. At this moment, Zelda was sad. He actually felt at this time. He really wanted to nd a hole to get in.

But Chuck originally had that kind of thought about Zelda. She just mentioned this matter by herself, and with Chuck’s blood and energy, she couldn’t help feeling normal.


“Don’t have any pressure, I just help you, it’s not good to endure like this.” Zelda continued.

She felt hot, because she actually took the initiative to say something like this to a boy who is seven or eight years younger than herself. Do you really like him?

Can’t see him holding back, and don’t want to see him uncomfortable, is this my sister’s idea?

Is it because you like it?

Zelda didn’t understand it herself, she sighed in her heart.

Chuck was excited, thinking that if he went to the office… But thinking about it this way, Chuck felt a sense of guilt in his heart, and he didn’t want to marry her, so he accepted her again. Isn’t he too shameless?

Just when Chuck struggled.

Ding, the elevator door opened at this time,

The elevator door opened, and Chuck was stunned. Because Yvette was in the elevator. She had just got off work and saw Chuck and Zelda together. She was also a little surprised. The two of them… have the smell of coffee. Did you sit in the cafe?

Zelda was embarrassed. If Yvette heard what was just now, how ashamed?

Two people stood at the door and didn’t move.

“Come in?” Yvette asked.

Chuck nodded hurriedly and said to come in, the two got into the elevator, and then…

Three people were standing in the elevator, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Chuck hurriedly thought about putting out the fire in his heart. How embarrassing would this be if Yvette saw this?

Chuck was standing behind Yvette, not daring to look at her buttocks at all, otherwise… He shook his head quickly, and the fire in his heart was forcibly suppressed.

Ding, the elevator door opens.

The three people came out, and Chuck subconsciously followed Zelda behind.

After all, the two lived in a community.

But… a voice came from behind.

“Chuck, or… I’ll take you back today.” It was Yvette who spoke.

Chuck was surprised.

He turned his head, watching Yvette’s face calm, she actually took the initiative to send herself back?

Zelda stopped, she was silent. She was in the elevator just thinking that Chuck felt anyway, so just like the last time, she helped him solve the problem in the car. In her own car or in his car, she can do it, even Nobody’s corner is ne, anyway, the parking lot is now empty and the lights are not bright.


Yvette took the initiative to speak, but Zelda didn’t expect it.

“Don’t bother Mr. Mo, I will take you back today.” Yvette continued.

Chuck didn’t even think that Zelda would send him home. He drove over by himself, but Chuck was helpless. Why would Yvette say such a thing in this situation?

Is Yvette jealous? Probably not. Yvette doesn’t like herself, and there is no expression on her face.

Maybe she is really afraid of trouble Zelda?

“En, Chuck, let her take you home today,” Zelda smiled and said, walking towards her car. She opened the door and sat down and drove directly out of the parking lot.


“Come here, get in the car.” Yvette walked aside, Chuck was extremely surprised and he could only follow.

In Yvette’s car, it was quiet.

Yvette didn’t say anything, Chuck could only sit “rigidly”, but he was thinking wildly.

In the car, there are only two people. There are no people on the road. You can nd no one to stop at any time… If Yvette can silently help herself like Zelda,


Oh, this should be impossible!

After all, Yvette and Zelda have different personalities.

Chuck shook his head.

Soon he arrived at the place where Yvette sent Chuck back last time, which is opposite to Chuck community, and Yvette’s car stopped.

“Thank you,” Chuck said, then opened the door and went down.

“I’ll take my car back in the future,” Yvette said.

“Huh?” Chuck was stunned.

“I didn’t understand? You work in the square, and I am also in the square. I’m almost done when you get off work. I’ll send you back, anyway,” Yvette said.

“The two directions are different, right? How do you drop in?” Chuck said subconsciously.

“I want you to take care of it? I said I would drop in.” Yvette glared at Chuck and drove away angrily.

Chuck touched his nose, and after a helpless smile, thinking that Zelda drove so fast, he should have arrived home rst, so Chuck walked towards his own community.

But at this time, Chuck’s phone rang, and he answered suspiciously, and Charlotte’s anxious voice came from inside.

“Chuck, where are you? Can you do me a favor?”

“What’s the matter?” Chuck was surprised. Charlotte was almost crying in this tone. What’s the matter? During the day, she went out to chase Lara, who was crying. Could something happen?

When Chuck asked this, Charlotte cried, saying that during the day, she didn’t chase Lara, and she was so anxious. It turned out that Lara ran out because of grievances, so she went to a store to buy a bottle of liquor and drank it. She was drunk. She also went to the bar and had a conflict with others. Now they don’t let Lara leave. She is also in that bar now.

Chuck was helpless, and Lara was slapped in the slap inexplicably during the day. Chuck was actually ashamed in his heart, but he didn’t think that Lara ran out to buy Bettyjiu. No wonder that WeChat won’t reply, maybe too wronged.

Hearing Charlotte’s anxious voice, Chuck’s heart also softened, asking where?

Others should want to lose money.

Charlotte said, Chuck said to wait, he came over immediately.

Hanging up the phone, Chuck took a taxi to the bar Charlotte said. This bar is quite famous here, but the consumption inside is quite expensive. Lara actually came here so drunk. It is estimated that she usually wants to come here, but no Money, but drunk, so bold to come.

Chuck entered directly and found the private room Charlotte said. The front door was opened by a vicious big man. Chuck saw Lara and Charlotte inside.

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