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Chapter 89 – 90: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 89: Venus’ s awakening (1)

No matter how Kerry Ye tried to wake her up, Venus Mu was still asleep. Looking at her lovely sleeping face, Kerry was really annoyed.

Kerry turned around and looked through the glass window at the lights outside. He got more restless inside, with his eyes glowing, like a blazing fire.

Turning back to the bed, he lied beside her and the back of his hand carelessly touched her smooth skin, making Kerry suddenly realized that she was naked.

Recalling what he had done two days ago, Kerry thought about something and then he instantly uncovered her blanket and pressed his hot chest against her body.

“Venus, are you sure you want to pretend to be asleep?!” Kerry lowered his head, with his lips delicately rubbing her skin, his voice low, “If you don’t wake up, I will fuck you.”

Staring at her face for a moment, he was sure that she didn’t wake up, so Kerry irritably tugged at his hair and said with a threatening voice, “Venus, wake up. Otherwise, I’ll fuck you.”

But she still had no reaction.

Kerry was sullen, quickly ripping off his clothes and moving forward to hold her in his arms, feeling her skin…

This little bitch…


Kerry took a deep breath, gazing deeply into her eyes. Then he slowly lowered his head to kiss her.

His hot and fierce breath sprayed on Venus’s face, and his hot and wet tongue gently fondled her lips.


He found that Venus inexplicably shivered, so he temporarily slowed down to carefully feel her change.

To his disappointment, she still had no signs of waking up.

This woman was really…

Feeling hot all over, Kerry no longer cared about her reaction, and finally… he didn’t know how long it took, but he slowly got off the bed and walked directly to the bathroom…

So, he didn’t notice that as he turned around, Venus eyelashes fluttered.

Early the next morning, Kerry received a call from Secretary Liu, saying that there was an international conference that needed his presence. Kerry told Mrs. Qin to keep an eye on Venus and then he went to the company.

Xinyou Qiao saw the car leaving through the window and walked out of the room. She felt she needed to see Venus, for it was she who caused her faint.

As soon as she walked into the room, Xinyou immediately sensed that special smell, which made her almost vomit.

Coming to the side of the bed and looking at the messy bed sheets and the bruises on her neck, Xinyou was angry. She glared at the motionless Venus, having the urge to go forward to pull her hair!

“Xinyou, you must calm down! Don’t be impulsive!” Xinyou tried to control her anger, so she said to herself.

If Venus was awake, she would absolutely do this!

But she couldn’t do so now. Usually, Kerry didn’t care about Venus. Even she made a trap for Venus, she had a way to lie because she knew that Kerry favored her!

But in the past two days, Kerry concerned about Venus too much, so she couldn’t expose herself.

Once Kerry found this, he would definitely investigate this thoroughly. Then what she had done would definitely be exposed to the public, therefore, the image she maintained would be in vain.

She would never allow this to happen!

Looking at Venus, Xinyou laughed at her inwardly, cursing her never to wake up!

Though she couldn’t do something to harm her body, she could still say something, so she was the boss.

Slowly walking to the bed and looking at Venus’s clear, yet slightly pale face, Xinyou sneered and said with disdain, “Venus, I really want to rip your face off! Why are you so annoying?!”

Looking at her unresponsive face, she continued, “When, exactly, are you going to leave the world belonging to me and Kerry? Do you think you can win? Just look at the mess you’re in. You’re definitely the loser.”

“You wouldn’t have guessed it,” Xinyou turned around slowly, “I prepared that voice recorder especially for you… I’m sure you think I’m despicable, but it doesn’t matter to me. I want to kick you out of my world!”

Xinyou looked agitated, not noticing Venus behind her, but her eyelids fluttered and her consciousness returned to her body.

“Don’t blame me. why don’t you quit? Why don’t you leave Kerry?”

Xinyou’ s voice gradually became clear. Hearing her sarcastic accusations, Venus was uncomfortable, as if a large stone was pressing down on her.

She actually didn’t want to wake up. She was so tired of living. She wanted a quiet life.

She knew that as long as she woke up, facing the sluts Kerry and Venus, she wouldn’t be able to live a quiet life!

She admitted that she was…cowardly.

Chapter 89: Venus’ s awakening (2)

Though she was unconscious, she could still feel something. She felt Kerry Ye was pressing against her body last night and his body was quite hot.

At that moment, she suddenly woke up, and when she realized what Kerry was doing, she wanted to push him away.

This fucking man even wanted to fuck her when she was ill.

Venus could hear the mean insults, disturbing her mind. She desperately wanted to open her eyes, but it was as if she didn’t have the strength to do so.

“What can you do even if you know all this? You are still a loser!”

Venus didn’t want to hear it anymore. She desperately wanted to open her eyes to tell Xinyou Qiao that she hadn’t admitted herself a loser!

Finally, a beam of light broke in, so she blinked her eyes, while gradually adapting to the light.

She sat up with difficulty, staring at the slender figure. Her tone was hoarse, “Xinyou, how despicable you are!”

How dare she set her up like that!

Once she thought that Xinyou might have been sitting right behind her at the café, who was holding a voice recorder with a gloating face, she was a little scared.

No matter what Venus did, she could never stop Xinyou from trapping her.

Xinyou was shocked and turned around in a panic. She noticed that she, who had woken up some time ago, was looking at her with a strange look.

Calming down, Xinyou lifted a smug smile and said, “So what? Even so, the one Kerry always believed would all be me!”

Venus couldn’t retort. Last time, the staircase incident, including this time, had the same result. Kerry would never suspect her.

“I’m curious how did you notice my brother. Was it Kerry who told you?” Venus looked extremely cold and said solemnly.

“That’s right.” Xinyou replied with honesty, “You may not know. I don’t go downstairs to eat every day at noon. I dine with Kerry.”

Xinyou looked extremely gloating and said this with arrogance.

Venus said indifferently, “I knew that.”

Since the two had fucked with each other, wasn’t a lunch very normal?

“How did you know?”

Mu Venus stretched her back without a care and said slowly, “It’s hard for me not to know when you send your friends every day.”

“It must be terrible for you to see it, right?”

Terrible? That’s ridiculous. Why did she have to feel bad for the two bitches?

“Why should I feel bad?” Venus snickered, “What do you have to feel bad about?”

Xinyou looked at her condescendingly, her dark eyes full of anger. She looked cold and spoke in an unkind tone. “Why don’t you understand? You don’t fit him at all. He’s so excellent, so the one standing by him are destined to be extraordinary!”

With a mocking grin, Venus asked, “You think you’re extraordinary? What a joke.”

Xinyou knew she was laughing at her, so she became sullen, getting closer to her with coldness, “Venus, don’t think how good you are! If you don’t fuck off, you’ll end up in an even worse situation next time!”

Venus said with indifference, “Wait and see.”


Venus no longer paid any attention to her and pulled out the design paper from a drawer. Then she began to focus on drawing as if Xinyou no longer existed, causing Xinyou to throw away the paper furiously.

“Even if you could be the young lady of Ye family, you should know that you will never be qualified enough.” Venus was not annoyed, raising her head to continue ‘chatting’ with her.

Xinyou sneered and said, “Are you talking about yourself?”

Chapter 90: I’m willing to do everything for you (1)

“I refuse to talk to you.” Venus Mu said indifferently, “Do you still want me to talk to you after you did something bad to me?”

“I’m afraid that you can’t refuse.” Kerry said.

Venus was tired, and she even didn’t want to look at him. She said coldly, “I’m tired. Now please go out.”

“It’s a pity that you don’t want to. I was going to invite you to see something special.” Venus sneered and said.

Then Venus turned over her body and no longer paid attention to him.

Kerry stared at her back for a long time and eventually walked out of the room slowly.

He gently closed the door, and his blue eyes were very cold. After he went down the stairs to the first floor, he said with a low tone, “Henry.”

Immediately, Henry Zhang appeared in the doorway. He walked up to Kerry.

“How is everything I ordered you to do?” Kerry’s look was indifferent and his tone was emotionless.

“I’ve already sent people to capture Changrui Mu.”

Kerry nodded. A wicked smile played on his lips.

“You bring him here. I will interrogate him.” he said coldly.

“Yes.” said Henry.

After the black cloth on his eyes was removed, Changrui Mu looked frightened as he observed the surroundings. He found that this place was extremely strange, and there were no other furnishings in the room except for a bed and a chair.

He knew he had been kidnapped. He struggled hard, but his arms were tied very tightly, making it impossible for him to escape.

Suddenly the door was opened. Changrui was startled when he found the person was Kerry.

Kerry looked coldly at him, saying, “Mr. Mu, you’re surprised to see me, aren’t you?”

Changrui looked stiff. Hearing Kerry speak in a very cold tone, Changrui knew that this time he was in trouble himself.

“Kerry, what is this place? Why do you have me brought here?” Changrui said with some unease.

At that time two tall men walked in holding a leather couch in their hands and placed it behind Kerry’s back.

Kerry slowly sat down on the couch, then looked at him and said icily, “Where is Tianye Mu now?”

Changrui was stunned, not reacting for a moment. “He kidnapped me because of Mu Tianno? Why is he looking for him? Are he and Tianye friends or enemies?” he thought.

Changrui thought a lot and asked, confused, “You and TianYe know each other? Did Venus ask you to kidnap me?”

“My patience is limited. You’d better tell me quickly or maybe I’ll do something cruel to you.” Kerry said coldly.

His voice was too cold, which made Changrui nervous. He knew that Kerry was a successful businessman on the surface and he also had a mysterious identity. Although he wasn’t very clear about Kerry’s true identity, he knew that Kerry was the one he couldn’t mess with.

“I don’t know where Tianye is. I haven’t seen him for a long time.” Changrui was uneasy and said.

“It seems that you Mu family’s members like to lie.” Kerry scoffed. “I’m going to give you one last chance.”

Kerry said icily, “Need I remind you of the money? What did you do with the one million dollars Venus gave you?”

Looking at the dangerous Kerry, Changrui was so uneasy that he couldn’t even look at him directly.

“Maybe we can make a deal.” Kerry said suddenly.

“What do you mean?” Changrui was confused and asked.

“Mu Group is your brother’s company. He’s dead, but Tianye Mu is the heir. The thing you’re most worried about is Tianye Mu taking back what belongs to his father, right?”

Changrui was surprised at how easily Kerry guessed what he was thinking.

“What do you mean by making a deal you just mentioned?” Changrui was alert and asked.

“I have a great hatred with Tianye Mu. As long as you tell me where he is hiding, I’ll promise that you will be the chairman of Mu Group forever.” Kerry said.

Changrui took a deep breath. He understood Kerry’s meaning. With Kerry’s power, Changrui believed in his promise. But he really didn’t know where Tianye was.

Chapter 90: I’m willing to do everything for you (2)

“You haven’t thought about it?” Kerry asked coldly, “Don’t test my patience, you understand?”

Changrui Mu shuddered and sighed helplessly, “I really don’t know where Tianye is. I have the one million dollars in my bank card.”

“Are you sure you want to go against me?” Kerry was a little angry.

Changrui was very uneasy and hurriedly said, “Please believe me. You can go and check, I definitely don’t dare to lie to you!”

Kerry was silent. He seemed to be considering whether or not to believe him.

Changrui continued, “I dare not go against you. You can send someone to investigate it. If I lie to you, you can do whatever you want to me.”

No matter what Kery’s true purpose was, Changrui didn’t dare to conceal anything at the moment. He knew exactly how stupid it was to tell a lie in front of this terrifying man.

Kerry stared at him, sensing his panic. He wore a cold smile. He said, “I’ll believe you for once. You stay here for the next few days, someone will bring you food.”

Changrui’s eyebrows furrowed, but he didn’t dare to show his displeasure, so he could only nod.

Kerry slowly stood up and left without looking back, and the two men standing behind him closed and locked the door.

Then Changrui finally breathed a sigh of relief and sat limply on the bed.


Venus lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling, her mind full of confusion.

In her mind, she recalled many things from her early childhood. At that time, her parents were still alive and her brother was with her, and she also had a good time in school. She was happy and carefree at that time.

That was when she was still in her second year of high school. She still remembered the day before her brother disappeared, her brother suddenly appeared in front of her classroom, smiled and said to her, “Venus, come out here.”

When she saw that it was her brother, a smile played on Venus’s lips. She left her seat and followed him.

Her brother seemed to have grown taller. She was pretty tall for a girl, but she was still short compared to her brother’s height.

As she got distracted, her brother suddenly stopped and her head bumped into him.

“Did your head hurt?” Tianye asked gently.

Venus shook her head, then said softly, “Brother, didn’t you go to the company today? Why do you suddenly come to school?”

Tianye was a little sad, but Venus didn’t notice it then. He reached out his hand and rubbed her hair and said, “The company has some business abroad that I need to handle personally. You have to take good care of yourself during this time.”

“So when will you be back?” Venus asked.

A gentle smile played on the corners of Tianye’s mouth. He said softly, “I don’t know.”

Venus nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of myself.”

Tianye looked at her, smiling. Then he let out a relieved breath.

“You take care of yourself abroad. I’ll call you.” said Venus.

Tianye nodded.


Then it seemed that her brother disappeared from her world forever.

She called him, but she was told that the number was no longer in service. She took her brother’s ID card and went to check his trip record, but was told there was no information about the man.

“Brother, when did you come back? I miss you so much.” Venus murmured.

Just at this moment, the maid knocked at the door of her room, and then the maid said, “Miss Mu, Mr. Nangong is here to see you.”

Chapter 90: I’m willing to do everything for you (3)

Venus quickly wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes. She took a breath and said softly, “I know. I’ll be right down.”

Then she quickly got off the bed, walked out of the room, and then came to the living room on the first floor. She saw a familiar figure sitting on the couch immediately.

“Hao, what are you doing here?” Venus smiled faintly and asked.

Hao Nangong was happy to hear her voice, but when he noticed the gauze on her forehead, the smile on his face froze.

“Did Kerry hurt you again?” asked Hao.

The smile on Venus’s face disappeared. A lump came into her throat. She faintly said, “Don’t worry. I’m used to it.”

She didn’t want Hao to worry about her. She just wanted to be alone with her pain.

Looking at her gaunt face, Hao’s eyebrows furrowed deeply and hugged her tightly. He felt her trembling. He was in pain.

“You can’t live your life like this. Dr. Liu has warned me that you can’t get hurt again, or you’ll…..” Hao paused and then continued, “You have to leave here with me right now.”

Venus’s heart warmed.

Then he pulled on Venus’s arm and was ready to leave. Right at this moment, Kerry appeared in front of the two of them.

His look was indifferent. When he noticed the two of them holding hands together, his look turned cold.

“Hao, where are you taking my wife?” said Kerry.

“Do you take Venus as your wife? She’s been hurting, why are you doing this to her?” Hao’s tone was mixed with obvious anger.

Kerry looked indifferent, but when he saw that Venus was glaring at him with resentment, he was a little sad. He said coldly, “Don’t interfere with my private business.”

“I don’t want to meddle in your affairs, but it’s about Venus.” Hao said indifferently.

Hao was decisive. It was clear that he had to meddle in the thing about Venus.

“Do you have to interfere? Don’t forget my bottom line!” said Kerry.

“That’s my bottom line too!” Hao answered.

Both of their look were cold, as if they were about to fight.

At this time Venus was uneasy inside. She didn’t want Hao to offend Kerry for her and also didn’t want him to get hurt.

Seeing that the two men were bound to fight, Venus hurriedly stood between them and said coldly, “I don’t want to see anyone fighting. Kerry, do you think you need to fight with your best friend for me?

She said this with a strong sarcasm, as if to say, “Am I that important to you?”

Venus turned sideways. She looked at Hao and smiled, saying calmly, “Hao, thank you for everything you’ve done for me, but I don’t want it to be in this way.”

If he was hurt for her, she would be very sorry.

Hao read her meaning. He smiled and said softly, “Venus, don’t worry, I know.”

Hearing his words, Venus’s eyes misted a little. She said gently, “Thank you.”

Hao shook his head and said gently, “I’m willing to do everything for you.”

Looking at the closeness of the two in front of him, Kerry was in a complicated mood. He didn’t expect Hao to fall in love with Venus. He also didn’t expect that Hao would be willing to turn against him for her.

“Is Venus really that attractive?” Kerry thought.

Kerry had heard earlier that Hao no longer went to bars. Even if he did go there, he wasn’t looking for a woman to accompany him. Kerry felt very strange about his sudden change. “Why does he like Venus?”

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