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“Chuck Cannon!”

The Cannon family is angry because Chuck Cannon is still not out!

What is this for?

“Huh, do you want to be a tortoise?”

The owner of the Cannon family said coldly that Bethany Cannon beside him was also angry, as was the Fire Dragon.

Fire Dragon began to look for Chuck Cannon’s trail!

Everyone from the Cannon family appeared!

Gracia Stewart’s beautiful eyes shone, “Master Cannon, this method to lead me out was proposed by Chuck Cannon?”


“Then you are nothing more than that! You don’t know if it is used by Chuck Cannon!” Gracia Stewart

She is indifferent!

Cannon family owner hummed, “Use? What does he use me? Is he still qualified to use me?”

“Are you not being used by him? You will lead me out? Cannon family head, you are simple enough, Chuck Cannon knows you and I mention the things about the alliance and I will eat you! He knows, he uses me to eat you, and also used you to eat me, when the two of us will fight, he will take advantage of the fisherman! This is not considered to be used?” Gracia Stewart said.

The owner of the Cannon family was angry, “I know!”

“What do you know? Your thoughts made me guess. You wanted Chuck Cannon to kill me, and then you can come out and took advantage of the fisherman?! Is that right?” Gracia Stewart smiled.

However, this smile is particularly ridiculous!!

“How is it?”

The Cannon family head sneered, “I tell you, Gracia Stewart, you are dead today!”

“No! Chuck Cannon used you, you used him, he used me, and everyone used each other. Originally, it wouldn’t be the case between the two of us. Only because of Chuck Cannon, we made use of each other into a line, you still don’t understand?” Gracia Stewart eyes were moving.

She has to find Chuck Cannon’s position!!

“How is it? After you are dead, Chuck Cannon is dead!” The Cannon family Master raised his hand.

The people prepared by the Cannon family were all around!

“No,” Gracia Stewart shook her head. “If I die so easily, you will eat my home, and then eat Chuck Cannon again? He will not give you this opportunity. So, I will not give you chance! Are you ready? I am ready!”


There are many planes coming from far away!

Many people have appeared!

This is the one prepared by Gracia Stewart’s family!


The planes fired bombs at each other, and the fierce battle was triggered in an instant!

The horror was to the extreme!!

Master Arthur Cannon was shocked, and densely packed people appeared and jumped from the plane!!

This is!!

In the sky, there is a stealth plane!!

Many armed men came down!

The shootout begins!

Rain of bullets!!

“Gracia Stewart?” The Cannon family head was furious, the people at this moment, even a little more than the people Cannon family prepared!

The Cannon family owner never thought of it!

“Whoever kills the deer, I’m not sure!” Gracia Stewart said coldly.

Two secret families were fighting!

This scene was like the war, the guns and the rain, the terror is to the extreme!


It’s so shocking!

This is a real fight!!

The two secret families were fighting hard!

Gracia Stewart suddenly said, “Chuck Cannon, are you still out?”


A bullet came from a place!!


However, this bullet stopped in front of Gracia Stewart!

At all times, there is a transparent bulletproof glass!!

“You shot me again!!”

Gracia Stewart was irritated in an instant, thinking that at that time, she was helplessly chased by so many people, she could solve it, but because she was shot!

Chuck Cannon came out!

With a sniper rifle in his hand!

Bloody eyes!

“You shouldn’t do that, you shouldn’t!” Chuck Cannon came step by step!

Coming in front of Gracia, Chuck Cannon already felt strange!

“You shot me again, you again!!!” Gracia Stewart said one by one!


Chuck Cannon lost his sniper rifle, “I won’t let you die so easily, no!”

“You have killed my most important person again and again, and today, I will let you die!!”

Cannon family smiled slightly, finally came out?

In fact, without Chuck Cannon, the situation at the scene can be reversed!

The reason why he called Chuck Cannon out is to see Chuck Cannon die!

“Chuck Cannon, was she right just now? Are you using my Cannon family?” The Cannon family owner smiled slightly!

“You are just looking for death!!!” Bethany Cannon was angry!

Chuck Cannon was plain, “Used each other, you believe me so much, you just underestimated me!”

Yes, the Cannon family underestimated Chuck Cannon!

They thought Chuck Cannon is their replacement piece, then it will be used by them!!

However, he did not know that Chuck Cannon would count it!

You use me, then I also use you!

Because Chuck Cannon can’t let Stewart or the Cannon family alone, then whoever lives in the end and inherits everything from his mother will be eaten by the surviving family!

So Chuck Cannon will not let this happen!

“Oh, you are good, you can still use me, but you are still too young! I don’t know that I have already made other preparations!” The Cannon family head smiled slightly.

“I know, your preparation, let’s deal with the preparation she gave you first!” Chuck Cannon suddenly stepped forward!!

Punch it out!!

This was Chuck Cannon accumulating an angry punch!

He is going to kill this man who killed his mother, Logan, Black Rose, and Yvette!!

Revenge for the dead!!

The bodyguards around Gracia Stewart attack!

Their task was to protect Gracia Stewart!

“Go away!” Gracia Stewart was cold in an instant!

For Chuck Cannon, she will deal with him personally!!


Gracia Stewart took an angry punch from Chuck Cannon!!

Chuck Cannon’s fist weighed a lot of energy, Chuck Cannon studied in Wumen, and his strength during this time has already surpassed Gracia Stewart!


Between Gracia’s retreat, hematemesis!!


Several people in the family were shocked!!

“Huh, why is Chuck Cannon’s punch so powerful?!” Fire Dragon was a little surprised.

Isn’t Chuck Cannon a person who can’t afford anything about two hundred kilograms?

Why is this punch so powerful?

“Gracia Stewart, what about your bodyguard? You have stepped back a lot, you know, how much strength training I endure every day for these few days! Just for today!!! To kill you!”

Chuck Cannon punched out!

During this period of training, the gap between the two has widened!!


Gracia Stewart was smashed and flew out!


Gracia Stewart’s bodyguard rushed up angrily!

He wants to buy time for Gracia Stewart!

However, a person rushed towards the injured Gracia Stewart.

That’s right, this is Fire Dragon!!

The biggest goal this time is to Gracia Stewart!

As long as Gracia Stewart dies, this battle will end!

It also means that the Cannon family will laugh to the end!!

He came with a punch and wanted to smash Gracia Stewart to death!

However, the extreme roar suddenly sounded cold, “She is mine!!!”


Chuck Cannon!!

Gracia Stewart is his because Chuck Cannon wants to kill her by hand!!

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