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Chapter 9 – 10: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 9: Fox’s trap

“Even if your clothes is expensive, you are still a poor country boy!”

The phone has not been connected. Hearing Dean’s words, Colin had no feeling, “A poor country boy can afford the clothes, you must also can?”

Dean was stunned. He can not afford to buy. The capital in company was short. He didn’t have money to buy these.

He was worse than a poor country boy?

At this time, the phone was connected.

“Hello, assistant White. Inform the manager of Lanbo port that the cooperation with Feipeng advertising company will be canceled.”

Nina frowned, “Chairman…”

“This is a inform, not a discussion.” With that, Colin hung up.

Dean heard the name of the assistant of Marquis group and his company. He was stunned for a moment.

Then he laughed, “Colin, are you ill? Do you really know assistant White of Marquis group by pretending to make a phone call? “

“Even if you know her, who do you think you are? Assistant White will do what you told her?”

Colin just smiled,” do not want to talk about cooperation? Being late is not a good habit. “

“You!” Dean ground, “you just wait!”

With that, Dean had to go in and find the manager. This cooperation was very important to him, and there can be no mistakes at all.

At this time, the salesman who just finished the contract came back and handled all the procedures to Colin.

Colin nodded with satisfaction and went out with these.

And after Dean went in to look for the manager, the manager welcomed him with a smile.

“Mr. Brown, nice to meet you.”

Dean smiled, “manager Liu, nice to meet you too.”

They sat down and talked about cooperation.

After just talking for a few minutes, manager Liu was called by Nina, “excuse me, I want to answer a phone first.”

“OK.” Dean didn’t mind.

After a while, manager Liu came back. Although he was confused, he still had to follow Nina’s order.

Manager Liu entering the office, Dean said with a smile, “manager Liu is back? Let’s go on. “

Instead of sitting down, Mr. Liu said, “sorry, we decided not to cooperate with your company.”

Dean’s smile froze in his face, and the whole person was stunned.

How was that possible?

Manager Liu was not like this just now!

“Manager Liu, didn’t we agree? How suddenly… “Dean couldn’t believe it.

Manager Liu answered lightly: “because you offended somebody, Marquis group won’t have any cooperation with your company in the future.”


Dean seemed to be struck by lightning, and he was shocked.

Offending somebody?

Who did he offend?

At this time, Dean suddenly thought of Colin’s phone call and opened his eyes.

“Is it Colin? It’s Colin, right? ” Dean stood up and asked.

Manager Liu didn’t know Colin or the new chairman Colin. He just replied, “Mr. Brown, I followed the instructions above. I didn’t know anything else.”

Without waiting for Dean to speak, manager Liu said, “I have something to do here, so I won’t entertain Mr. Brown.”

Dean was driven away politely .

To the sales hall, Dean was still in a daze, “impossible!”

Colin was just a poor country boy. How can he know assistant White?

Besides, the cooperation was related to the interests. There was no reason for assistant White to follow Colin’s words!

Yes, it must be a coincidence! Colin was just scaring him!

Dean, who thought he knew Colin’s background, could not know that Colin was the chairman of Marquis group.

Colin went back to Doris’s rented house. Before Doris came back, he went into the room and changed the expensive suit and put it in the cabinet.

After coming out, he opened the refrigerator and found that there were still vegetables. Colin rolled up his sleeves and prepared to cook.

Just when he finished, Doris came back.

“Colin?” Doris heard the sound in the kitchen.

Colin was wearing an apron. He looked very kind. “Are you back? It’s just right. We can eat. “

Doris nodded, looking at Colin entering the kitchen. She suddenly had a warm feeling.

After dinner, Colin took the initiative to wash the dishes and let Doris go to rest. Doris did not say much, but went to the room.

After washing the dishes, he went our from the kitchen. Colin looked at Doris’s closed door and sighed, and then went back to his room.

The voice of video conversation between Doris and Flora came.

“Honey, it’s a bad day.”

“What’s the matter? What happened?”

Flora said, “I met an old lecher! He leered at me! “

“Ah, are you OK?”

“I am fine. Thanks to the chairman of Marquis group. He helped me. Ah, I felt that I am in love!”

“In love? The chairman of the Marquis group? “

“Yes.” Flora said and laughed brightly.

Doris was a little speechless, “is the chairman of marquis group very old? Do you see what he looks like?”

Flora told Doris the story and said, “I don’t care. He must be still a young man according his back. He is no more than 30 years old. Anyway, I’m in love.”

Doris had to crack down her excitement: “don’t think too much about it. It’s better to be realistic. The chairman may hate this kind of staff so that he helped you. He must don’t know who you are.”

“I don’t think so. To be honest, I always feel that the back is a little familiar, and the voice is like your husband’s. Your husband is an invisible rich man and the really chairman of Marquis group?”

“How could it be?” Doris opened her eyes.

Flora burst into laughter.

Colin listened to the conversation between the two people and laughed bitterly. If Flora knew that he was the chairman of Marquis group, she would be very mad.

As for Doris, it must be hard for her to accept. He was born in the countryside. How could he be the chairman of Marquis group?

The next morning, in conference room of Lee fruit company.

All the people in the company were here.

The old Mr. Lee looked at everyone and said seriously: “the three generations have made great effort to let our company be big. But now the development of science and technology is too fast, and the company’s business model is out of date.”

“In order to transform and start new projects, there must be a large amount of capital.”

The old Mr. Lee finished and motioned to the assistant on one side to give the documents to the younger generation.

“We need financing. These are the enterprises that you need to negotiate financing by yourself. The future of the company depends on you.”

“It’s just an opportunity to test yourself. If anyone who performs well at the time, he will be the focus of the family in the future.”

As soon as this condition was said, everyone got excited and wanted to show their skills.

Doris frowned when she saw the enterprise.

The enterprise she needed to negotiate was Martin group where Barr worked.

She still remembered the thing happened two days ago. She was really unwilling to face Barr.

However, some people would like to go.

Fox saw Doris should talk to Martin group. An idea occurred to him immediately.

Chapter 10: She got the money so easily?

At the annual meeting of Lee family, Barr gave such a big gift. He must have intended to have a good relationship with Lee family. If he went to talk about cooperation, it would be very smooth. How could he let Doris get such a good opportunity?

As for Fox, he should talk about cooperation with Lanbo port, which was the branch of Marquis group. Lambo port was a hard nut, let alone he talked about financing with them.

Fox looked at Doris and said, “Doris, let’s change.”

Finish saying, he didn’t give Doris any chance to refute but reached out to exchange the information.

The sound and movement caught everyone’s attention.

Fox stopped for a moment and said with a smile to the old Mr. Lee: “grandfather, I have a good relationship with the old Mr. Martin. If I go, I’ll finish the task. If Doris goes there, she might fail. And then we will lose a lot of money.”

“What’s more, a classmate of mine works in Lanbo port. It won’t be very difficult for Doris to talk about cooperation. I’ll tell him then.”

The old Mr. Lee said, “Doris, would you like to go?”

Comparing Martin group with Lanbo port, the financing of Lanbo port was more difficult for her, but Doris said, “Yes.”

People were shocked.

She was willing to go to Lanbo port, which belonged to Marquis group.

But they understood at once. Doris has not been treated well by the old Mr. Lee. The good opportunity was naturally to Fox.

Fox looked at Doris arrogantly. He was the grandson liked by grandfather.

Doris didn’t care that.

Even if it was difficult, she did not want to face Barr. She still wanted to win the financing by herself. Even if she failed, she tried her best.

The reason she agreed to change was not because of it, but also because Colin.

When she went out this morning, Colin see Doris’s bad face and asked her what was the matter.

Doris said something about Lee fruit company. Colin told her that if there was cooperation with Marquis group, she should try her best to get it.

Although Doris was puzzled, she subconsciously believed Colin by seeing his firm look.

After the meeting, she got up and left.

“Is Doris stupid? The Marquis group is not an ordinary enterprise. “

“Right. That’s the leading enterprise in Tianbei City. How can they cooperate with our Lee family? “

“Ah! It is easy for Fox to get the finance. Doris, impossible! “

Doris heard everyone’s whispers and did not respond.

The young men of Lee family were at the gate.

Fox called her, “Doris, do you want me to give you a ride? If you drive your car, I’m afraid people will dislike us, and won’t let you in.”

“Ha ha…” Several people laughed.

Doris frowned, ignored them, and walked to her own Changan car.

Fox stepped forward and said, “Doris, do you really want to go to Lanbo port to talk about financing? Don’t be crazy! Instead of finishing this impossible task, it’s better to go home and stay at home with your useless husband! “

Doris stopped and stared at Fox, “I can!”

In an instant, everyone shut up.

For a moment of silence, Fox sneered, “You? Who do you think you are? “

“How do you know if I don’t try?” Doris said coldly.

Fox snorted, “Oh, if you can succeed, I will immediately kneel down to apologize to you, and give you the task of Martin group!”

“Good!” Doris clenched.

Fox was surprised. She actually dared to agree?

“Well, since you promised, what about you fail?”

Doris snorted coldly, “say your request!”

“If you fail, I want you to admit publicly that you have nothing to do with Lee family!” Fox said insidiously.

Everyone’s eyes brightened. If Doris admitted that she had nothing to do with Lee family. When sharing the family property, there would be no Doris’s share, so they could get more.

Doris ground and said, “Deal!”

Fox was even more proud.”Then I’ll wait for your good news.”

Doris didn’t pay any more attention to him. Instead, she drove to go home first.

On the way, Doris’s mother, Eva called her. Because she was driving, she didn’t answer.

Eva kept calling her. Doris had to find a place to stop. She answered Eva’s phone call.


Eva heard the voice and immediately roared, “You grow up, right? If Glen hadn’t told me that you made a bet with Fox, I would have known nothing about it! Are you still respecting your parents? “

Doris frowned. Glen was the only cousin in Lee family who had a good relationship with Doris.

She just made a bet with Fox and Glen immediately told her mother.

“Don’t worry, mom. It’s not what you think.” Doris didn’t know how to explain it.

Colin was so determined to let her get for cooperation with Marquis group. She just believed in Colin subconsciously. As for the reason, she didn’t know.

Eva didn’t care about those, “it’s not what I thought? What? You agreed to all the conditions and you still want to do another things? Don’t say it. You come back right now!”

Doris hesitated for a moment. And then she hung up directly and turned off the cell phone

Eva looked at the mobile phone and sat on the sofa, “this is over!”

Baker sat on the sofa calmly, read the newspaper and said, “Doris should have been like this already.”

“Bullshit!” Eva was furious. “she know she would fail but still agrees such conditions. This was clearly pushing us to the fire pit!”

“And you, if you were not so useless, how could we have been like this? Look at your other brothers. Everyone is better than us.”

Baker read the newspaper silently, shaking his head and smiling bitterly.

Doris went back to the rental room, changed her clothes, and was ready to go to Lanbo port.

Colin suddenly came out from the room, saw Doris and asked, “where do you go?”

“Lanbo port. I will talk about financing.”

Colin nodded lightly, “OK.”

After that, Doris went out.

Seeing Doris go out, Colin made a phone call, “I want to talk to the general manager of Lanbo port.”

As soon as Doris arrived at the door of Lanbo port, a woman in black business dress came up to her and said, “is that Miss Lee?”

Doris was surprised and nodded, “Yes.”

The woman smiled. “Nice to meet you, Miss Lee. I’m Xiao Zhou, the assistant of the general manager. Please follow me.”

Doris followed Xiao Zhou to the general manager’s office.

The general manager was a man in his fifties. He looked a little short, but it didn’t ruin his momentum.

“Miss Lee.” After seeing Doris, the general manager got up and called.

Doris was a little shocked, “general manager.”

After the general manager nodded, he took a document directly and gave it to Doris. “Miss Lee, this is the contract. Have a look. You can sign it directly if you have no problem.”

Doris took over the contract and looked at it.

“… 100 million dollars?”

Doris opened her eyes and was shocked.

Lee fruit company was just a small company. According to the budget, the start-up capital was 50 million dollars, and Lee family didn’t have 50 million dollars, so they need financing. But Marquis group gave her 100 million dollars!

And they even didn’t ask about anything, which made Doris hard to believe.

When Doris walked out Lanbo port, she felt like she was dreaming.

She got the money so easily?

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