Chapter 90: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 90 Fuck you here!

Nina looked at Stuart, feeling distressed.

“Can’t we just be friends?”

She didn’t like or dislike him. If she could, she didn’t even want to have too many dealings with him.

Stuart’s eyes drooped slightly when he heard this, and he said, “Why? We went on the blind date just for making friends? Then why the hell did I go to the blind date?”

“Stuart, I never promised to be your girlfriend. We just met on the blind date and know each other.”

Her family still owed his family money, and she dare not say anything harsh.

But what she said was already harsh enough for Stuart.

“You bitch!” Stuart pointed at Nina and hailed down curses on her head suddenly, “Those are all excuses! You’ve slept with millions of men, right?”

“One of them is the general manager named Colin Ward, isn’t it?”

Hearing this, Nina trembled all over, and thought of Colin rejecting Heller’s offer without hesitation for her. She suddenly fell into a trance.

Stuart was even more sure when he saw this, “You bitch! You shameless slut!”

Nina was angry. “What are you talking about? I didn’t!”

“You didn’t?” Stuart didn’t believe it at all, “I saw you getting out of his car! Are you trying to deny? You are the assistant of the chairman, but you followed a general manager around and threw away a bikini. Who would believe that you don’t have a thing with him?”

“Stuart! Shut up!” Nina glared at Stuart.

Stuart sneered, “Why? Are you scared that I’ll find out your dirty side? Humph! You dared to do that, but you don’t dare to stand others talking about it?”

Nina was pale, and she raised her hand to try to slap Stuart.

Stuart deftly caught Nina’s wrist, staring Nina, “You know what? This diamond ring is the most expensive one I picked out specifically for you. They say women like diamond rings. But this is simply useless.”

“Tell me, what’s good about Colin?”

“He is just a general manager, humble and inferior!”

“In what way is he better than me?”

Nina struggled hard, but women and men were born with a disparity in strength. She couldn’t get rid of his grip, ” Stuart, let go of me!”

“No!” Stuart was mad, “You have slept with so many people. Do you still mind sleeping with me?”

Nina was terrified when she heard this. She said in a trembling voice, “Stuart, what do you want?”

“What do I want?” Stuart grinned hideously, “Fuck you here!”


Nina struggled, trying to push Stuart away, but she was too weak to do that.

Stuart had already pressed her under him, assuming a posture to kiss her.

At this moment, she suddenly lifted her foot and kicked him at his penis.

Stuart screamed in pain and took several steps back. He stooped down and covered his crotch, staring at Nina angrily, “Bitch, how dare you to kick me?”

Nina panted in fear, “Stuart, don’t do this. You are in the Marquis Group! Not your company!”

Stuart sneered indifferently, “Humph! So what? Do I need to report to them if I want to sleep with my woman?”

Nina looked sullen and glared at Stuart, “Stuart, I said, I never promised to be your girlfriend! And I don’t have a thing with Colin! He is already married!”

Stuart stood up and became even angrier when he heard this, “You bitch, you still seduced him even if he is married? In what way he is better than me?”

Stuart was unreasonable. Nina took a deep breath, and said, “Do you have to compare with him? Good, tell you what. He is better than you in every way!”

Nina didn’t want to compare him with Colin, but Stuart was forcing her to do that.

Colin was the chairman of the Marquis Group and the son of Abe Ward. His identity and background were incomparable with those of Stuart.

As for moral quality, it seemed that Colin was a thousand times better than him!

Hearing Nina’s words, Stuart was completely irritated.

“Damn it!” Stuart rushed forward, trying to pounce on Nina directly.


With a loud bang, Colin kicked the office door open with a gloomy face.

Stuart stopped and looked at Colin at the door.

Colin spoke angrily, but his eyes were fixed on Stuart, “Assistant White, don’t you know that outsiders are not allowed to enter our Marquis Group during work hours?”

The moment Nina saw Colin, she was surprised and also relieved a lot, but when she heard this, she had to lower her head and admit her mistake, “I’m sorry, Chairman Ward. It’s my fault.”

Stuart said angrily, “I’m an outsider?”

After that, he wanted to question Nina, but suddenly reacted, “Wait, what did you call him? Chairman Ward?”

Wasn’t this bastard the general manager?

Colin walked up to Nina and looked at Stuart.

“You…” Before Stuart finished speaking, he was hit in the face by Colin.

He covered his face and glared at Colin, “Colin! How you dare to hit me?”

Colin looked at him coldly, “Shouldn’t men who bully women be beaten?”

“And I know what you’re going to ask. I can tell you clearly, yes, I am the chairman of the Marquis Group.”

Stuart was instantly dumbfounded.

“No, it’s impossible!”

Colin sneered, “What an ignorant man!”

Stuart gritted his teeth and was irritated by Colin’s words, “Damn it! I don’t care who you are! No one dares to beat me!”

After that, he grabbed Colin’s collar directly, raising his fist and trying to punch Colin.

Colin looked calm, showing no panic or fear. He said coldly, “Come on! If you hit me, I’m sure that you will never get out of the Marquis Group safely.”

“You!” Stuart’s fist was frozen in the air.

Colin glanced at his fist and continued, “I guess the police station is more suitable for someone as impulsive as you.”

Stuart clenched his fist tightly, glared at Colin, and wished he could swallow Colin alive, but in the end, he put down his fist and let go of him.

“Humph! Good, let’s wait and see!” Stuart snorted coldly, “I’ll never leave the matter at that!”

After that, he snorted again and turned out of the office.

Seeing Stuart gone, Colin turned around and asked, “Are you okay?”

Nina didn’t dare to look at him, and just nodded.

Colin hesitated and said, “In fact, you have a lot of choices. Why do you have to deal with him?”

He shouldn’t have meddled in this kind of thing. However, he couldn’t bear to look on, so he said this to Nina.

Nina looked confused. She had a lot of choices?

What did he mean?

She overthought it, right?

Nina nodded and said, “I don’t want to have dealings with him. Our family opened a hog farm before and borrowed 5 million from their family. Three years ago, our pigs had swine fever and the 5 million dollars was gone. We’re in debt and can’t pay the money back…”

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