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“Yvette Jordan, I said, Chuck Cannon will come over and find me now. Do you know?”

Heidi Hudson was showing off.

Yvette Jordan was silent for three seconds and bowed her head.

“Guess what, Chuck Cannon asked me to do something? Can you guess right?” Heidi Hudson smiled slightly.

Yvette Jordan shook her head, “I don’t know,” she does not know.

“You don’t want to know? Chuck Cannon knows you are dead or died in the hands of Gracia Stewart. He needs comfort and needs to avenge you immediately, so he came and find me, you know?” Heidi Hudson smiled slightly.

Yvette Jordan still shook her head.

“I’m optimistic about her, don’t let her die, I want to let her see that I am married to Chuck Cannon! Then… I will kill her, hehe, that should be very interesting!”

Heidi Hudson has already gone out.

Lexi Bell smiled, “Yvette Jordan, are you afraid?”


Yvette Jordan was decisive!

“Yes, it’s useless to be afraid, because you will definitely die!” Lexi Bell shrugged.

“I will find you when I’m a ghost!” Yvette Jordan’s eyes chilled.

“Oh, casually, I killed so many people, including Karen Lee. They didn’t find me as ghosts, can you? I’ll wait for you at night.” Lexi Bell laughed.

Yvette Jordan resented.

“Your so-called husband, when he meets the lady, what is your mood? Complex? Pain? Or uncomfortable?” Lexi Bell asked with a smile.

“You are shameless!”

“Oh, interesting.” Lexi Bell shrugged and walked over to give Yvette Jordan a slap!

Yvette Jordan’s eyes were blood red, “You will die miserably!”

“Oh, is it? I will die, but the only way to die is to die old because you know, no one can kill me in this world, the only opponent Karen Lee has no bones,” Lexi Bell shrugged.

Yes, she is the real master of the world!

No one can kill her!

Yvette Jordan is not desperate, just grieved.

She knows Lexi Bell’s strength, really only Karen Lee is her opponent!

Now Chuck Cannon does not have enough time to grow and will not be Lexi Bell’s opponent!

Is it true that people like Lexi Bell can’t be killed?

“Wait slowly, you will be alive for a few more days.” Lexi Bell said.

Yvette Jordan fell silent, she hoped that Heidi Hudson would not treat Chuck Cannon so badly.


Heidi Hudson appeared in front of Chuck Cannon with a smile, “Chuck Cannon, why are you here?”

Chuck Cannon was silent for three seconds, and his eyes were monstrously cold. However, he concealed, “Heidi Hudson, I want to say something to you.”

“You say,”

“I want you to deal with Gracia Stewart.” Chuck Cannon said.

“To deal with her? Is it because Gracia Stewart killed your mother Karen Lee?”

“Not only my mom, but my wife Yvette Jordan also died in her hands, but I also want this person who killed my wife, blood debt and blood repayment!!” Chuck Cannon said coldly.

“Okay, no problem, you said let me deal with it, just deal with it. Have you eaten? I asked the best chef in the world to give you… Chuck, Chuck Cannon, you?” suddenly Chuck Cannon gave Heidi Hudson a hug.

Heidi Hudson froze, “Chuck Cannon, what do you mean?”

“Heidi Hudson, why don’t we get married!” Chuck Cannon said.

Heidi Hudson was amazed for three seconds and smiled slightly. That smile had hidden pride and pleasure. “Why would you marry me?”

“I, I want you to deal with Gracia Stewart, and then, give me a little time, I think, after marrying you, I will feel you,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Is it?”

“Well, are you unwilling?” Chuck Cannon sighed.

“No, I am willing, I have waited for a long time, and you finally said this to me,” Heidi Hudson’s voice was unspeakable.


She waited too long for this day.

Chuck Cannon finally said, to get married!

She was very moved because she knew that her decision to give the order to kill Karen Lee came right!

After killing Karen Lee, Chuck Cannon would have no backing!

Karen Lee, you died really!!

“Well, will you get married as soon as possible?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Of course it’s better. Three days later, it’s the day when I will inherit the Hudson family. The two of us can get married on that day, what do you say?”

Heidi Hudson smiled slightly. On this day, she had to do something big.

Better now!!

“Well, what you say is what I want, Heidi Hudson, you give me time, after marrying me, I will feel you slowly,”

“Okay, I will give you time to go, go to dinner, I will let the best chef in the world cook for you, everything you want to eat.”


After eating, Heidi Hudson arranged for Chuck Cannon to rest, she came to show off.

“Yvette Jordan, you will not know if you die. What did Chuck Cannon said to me just now?” Heidi Hudson smiled.

Yvette Jordan didn’t look straight!


“Chuck Cannon said to me to marry him!”

Yvette Jordan was shocked, “What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t you hear it? Getting married! Understand? I’m the one who laughs last.” Heidi Hudson smiled slightly. “You know, I’m the best person in the world. Chuck Cannon’s marriage with me is his blessing.”

Yvette Jordan sighed, “Husband, are you going to do this? Well, you decide for yourself, because I am going to die…”

“Chuck Cannon is still smart, knowing that I can give him everything he wants! I can indeed give him!”

Heidi Hudson smiled.

The smile was full of control!!

Chuck Cannon, getting married!!

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