Chapter 91 – 92: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 91: No clues any more (1)

“Venus Mu, don’t forget what you should do. Come here, otherwise you’ll face the consequences!” Kerry Ye interrupted the conversation between them and said with no emotion.

Venus stared at him coldly and said without any appreciation, “Why should I listen to you? Who do you think you are?”

Kerry was a little annoyed by what she said and he slowly walked to her, pulling her wrist, “You really want to know?”

Venus didn’t want to answer him, “What else can you do but blackmail me with Mu’s Group? But now I don’t care it anymore, for it’ s already my uncle’s, so why do I need to care so much?”

She meant that Kerry could no longer threaten her with the company. She didn’t care anymore!

Kerry sneered and took out his phone from his pocket, forcing her to take a look at it before quickly putting it away. His tone was full of coldness, “See? Now make a choice. Go with him or not.”

Venus took a deep breath. Although it was just a skim, what appeared on Kerry’s phone screen was indeed her uncle!

What the hell was this man doing?

Just now she saw uncle’s limbs tied with ropes and his mouth stuffed with cloth. Was he kidnapped by Kerry?

But why did he do so?

Confused, Venus indifferently asked, “What does this have to do with me?”

She had a just-so-so relationship with her uncle, and if he thought he could clamp down on her by using Changrui Mu, then he was totally wrong!

“Well…” Kerry snorted and his voice was low, “How cruel you are. He’s at least your uncle.”

“Don’t forget it. He’s also your uncle.” Venus answered immediately, with some ridicule.

Hao Nangong raised his eyebrow, looking at Venus face and said softly, “Venus, do you wannna hang out?”

Venus nodded, looking back at Kerry with a cold glance and said indifferently, “I’m going out for a while.”

Turning around and just wanting to leave, she was stopped by him and her entire body instantly fell into his embrace. His hot breath sprayed on her ears, saying, “Aren’t you curious about where your brother is now?”

Venus was so shocked that she forgot to struggle and asked indifferently, “What do you mean?!”

“Aren’t you eager to learn from your uncle where your brother is? I can help you.”

“Kerry, how despicable!”

Venus’s eyes were scarlet, feeling a whiff of intense fear.

If he were to learn of his brother’s whereabouts from Changrui, then wouldn’t her brother be very dangerous?

Kerry saw the fear in her eyes and said, “Now you are given two choices. One is to leave with Hao. Two is to return to your own room.”

Venus clenched her hands, her look filled with helplessness. He always had a way to deal with her, whether it was physical or mental torture!

Sadly, he was able to catch her weakness every time.

Venus felt numb and her legs were as heavy as if they had been injected with lead. She turned around to look at Hao, who was with expectation and her voice was extremely stiff, “Hao, I’m sorry. I’m a little tired right now and I want to go back to my room and rest.”

Hao frowned, a little upset, “Did Kerry say something to you?”

Thinking of what he had just whispered to her, while Hao hadn’t heard the contents, he was sure it definitely had something to do with Kerry!

“It has nothing to do with him. It’s me who’s a little tired. I’m going back to my room to rest.”

Venus didn’t dare to look at Hao’s reaction, so she walked straight upstairs and entered her room. She threw herself onto the bed, full of resentment!

She was mad at herself for being so cowardly that she was always controlled by Kerry!

Did she never have a chance to fight against him in her life? Doomed to a lifetime without freedom and equality?

Just when she was feeling angry at the injustice of fate, the door was pushed open by someone. Only to hear a ‘bang’ sound, the door was shaken by the strong impact.

Chapter 91: No clues any more (2)

Kerry Ye looked extremely embarrassed and he quickly walked to the bed, grabbing Venus Mu’s hair and pulling her viciously off the bed. His tone was filled with anger, “You bitch! Why Hao Nangong? Say it! When did you and Hao start?”

Venus stared at him incredulously, feeling very sarcastic inside, and coldly retorted, “Do you think everyone is as shameless as you two?”

The ‘you two she said naturally referred to him and Xinyou Qiao.

Kerry stepped forward to slap her, looking as if he was about to eat her, “Answer my question! Tell me! How far have you and Hao come? A playboy thinks so much of you, so did you please him with your body?”

Once he thought of Venus sleeping with another man, he wanted to kill her!

The slut! She hooked with other men before marriage and now she even cuckolded him! He wouldn’t let it go!

The slap made her cheeks hurt, but it couldn’t be compared to the humiliation and indignation she felt.

“So, what about you? Are you more noble than me? I know you’re seeing Xinyou.” Venus was really angry and her voice was still indifferent.

Kerry looked pale. His voice was gruff and cruel, “Say it again!”

“You scumbags. How dare you say this?”

After hearing her words, Kerry was furious and he clamped Venus’s neck. Looking at her painfully pale look, he felt something wired.

Venus’s face reddened and her chest hurt for lack of oxygen, but she didn’t struggle and quietly close her eyes.

She was so tired. if she died in this way…

Kerry noticed her action, knowing what she was going to do. She looked like a dying fish at the moment, all but giving up struggling and silently waiting to consume the last oxygen.

Venus was blank and because of lack of oxygen, she was losing her consciousness little by little.

Looking at her face turning from red to purple, Kerry was shocked inside and he loosened his fingers and he saw Venus fall on the bed, desperately breathing with her mouth widely open.

“Don’t let me see you and Hao together again! Next time I’ll just break your neck!” Kerry looked at her with an icy look and threatened.

Venus’s throat felt as if it was on fire, making her frown in pain. Even so, she said with determination, “No way.”

“You!” Kerry found she said this with great hatred, which made him stunned.

Looking at her pale little face, Kerry decided not to bother with her this time. He then quickly turned around and left.

Kerry walked out of Venus’s room and went directly to the study on the third floor. Thinking about the confrontation just now, he was unable to focus on his work.

Just at this moment, the door was opened, then Xinyou appeared. Only to see her wear a clear and elegant smile and her tone was filled with gentleness, “Kerry, why not take a break?”

Thought they were both women, how could they be so different?

Hearing Xinyou’ s comfort, the annoyance in Kerry’s heart eliminated a lot. He suddenly realized that every time he was alone with Xinyou, he would feel peaceful.

Looking at the way he was gazing at her, Xinyou was filled with pride inside. She flushed, asking shyly, “Why are you looking at me? Do I have something dirty on my face?”

Kerry shook his head, holding her slim little hand and said lightly, “Xinyou, whoever marries you in the future will definitely be happy.”

Xinyou was slightly stunned and a little lost inside. She said anxiously inside, “The person I’ve always wanted to marry is you…”

Looking at his perfectly handsome face, the feeling inside Xinyou grew stronger and stronger, so she slowly walked to his side and sat on his lap, placing her cheek on his warm chest.

Kerry stiffened, feeling the soft body, “Xinyou, don’t…”

Without waiting for him to finish his words, Xinyou leaned over to kiss him. Feeling his cool, tobacco-smelling manly scent, she didn’t want to stop kissing him.

Her two hands were covering his broad chest and she slowly untied his tie and undid the buttons on his shirt, with a teasing touch of his strong chest.

Kerry stopped her hand, staring at her, “Xinyou, don’t.”

Chapter 91: No clues anymore (3)

Feeling his heavy breath, Xinyou Qiao kissed him again, with her slender arms tightly around his waist, saying with lure, “Kerry, don’t refuse me…”

Kerry then put her body on the desk, fervent kisses instantly landing on her cheeks. His kisses then went down.

The atmosphere was ambiguous. Just as he was indulging in her infinite tenderness, a ringing of the mobile phone suddenly sounded, destroying the moment.

Kerry stiffened. Looking at Xinyou’ s silent asking, he somewhat felt strange, as if the person he was kissing shouldn’t be her.


Kerry regained his usual look. With a sigh of relief inside, he said slowly, “I’m going to answer the phone first.”

Xinyou was dissatisfied inside, resentfully cursing the one who called him, but she had to pretend to understand and nod her head unwillingly.

Looking at his broad back, Xinyou clenched her hands together. It was almost done…

Hearing him talking about business, Xinyou lightly jumped off the table and stood there, waiting for him to return.

After about ten minutes, Kerry finally hung up the phone. Xinyou felt a surge of excitement inwardly, fully expecting him to hug her. However, to her disappointment, Kerry was too calm.

“Xinyou, I need to deal with something, so I have to go now.”

Xinyou tried her best to hide her disappointment, a touch of aggravation appeared on her face and asked softly, “Kerry, you don’t want me at all, right?”

Kerry looked startled, for he didn’t expect that the always reserved and gentle Xinyou would say such words. Then he thought of something and said, “What? I really need to go now.”

When he said this, he was somewhat perfunctory. He didn’t know why it wasn’t her who had just made him do that and he certainly couldn’t say that, otherwise it would definitely break her heart.

Xinyou looked relieved and thoughtfully tied his tie for him. She smiled and said softly, “I believe you.”


Looking at her gentle face, Ye Kerry leaned down and dropped a soft kiss on her forehead.

When Kerry left, Xinyou wore a smug smile. At least Kerry cared about her.

In the past, when she was in school, she always heard some girls chatting.

She remembered the saying that if a man kissed you on the forehead, it meant he really cherished you.

Xinyou was a rational woman and she still remembered at that time, she scoffed at this saying. But now, she was filled with sweetness because of this.

She suddenly realized that if she fell in love with this man and was treated like this by him, this woman would be absolutely happy.

Kerry, I was in love with you. Do you know that?

Kerry told a lie and that phone call was not from the company, but the results of Henry’s investigation.

He again came to the place where Changrui Mu was placed. During these days, besides being restricted freedom, he wasn’t treated badly, so Changrui was in a good condition.

Walking out of the room and into the courtyard, Kerry listened to Henry.

“Young Master, I sent someone to do a detailed investigation and found that what Changrui said was true. The money was indeed deposited directly into his own private account. In addition, after investigation, what Changrui said to Young Lady that Tianye Mu is in the United States is also a lie.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I have secretly accessed the communication records of Changrui’ s messages and searched his computer, and there was indeed no suspicion. My guys in America told me that there was no one sent by Changrui at all during this time.”

Kerry began to think about something. He couldn’t say if he was lost or something, but he suddenly remembered Venus’s expression when she tried to clarify that there was indeed no news about her brother.

The clues about Tianye was completely lost. Originally, he wanted to use Venus to find out his locaiton, but he didn’t expect to end up finding nothing.

“Young Master.” Henry’s words came.

“What are you going to do with Changrui?”

Kerry frowned and then said, “Let him go, but tell him to keep his mouth shut. If he dares to reveal any information, Mu’s Group will disappear, including him and his family!”


Chapter 92: Another intrigue (1)

Xinyou Qiao was disappointed. Venus Mu showing up every day and such a good plan she came up with ended up doing nothing but making her suffer a little. Thinking of this, she was furious.

Why was it so hard to kick Venus out of here?

But she would never give up and she believed that she would always be the winner.

Xinyou thought for a while and she finally thought of someone—Venus’s ex, Zihang Lu.

How could she get in touch with Zihang?

She suddenly remembered that once when she was in college, Venus had borrowed her phone and called Zihang, who was still her boyfriend at the time. Thinking of this, she quickly opened her address book and found a phone number.

She dialed it and to her surprise, it was connected. A deep and calm voice came.


Xinyou cleared her throat and answered in a soft tone, “Hello, is this Mr. Zihang Lu?”

Zihang apparently didn’t recognize her and asked, “May I know your name?”

Xinyou sips the black tea and said gently, “I’m Xinyou, a classmate of Venus. We’ve met before, but now there’s something for you. Is it convenient for you to have a talk?”

Zihang frowned, as if he was contemplating, and asked, “What exactly is the thing? Can’t we talk over the phone?”

“It’s not very convenient on the phone. Can we meet, please?” Xinyou casually made up a lie and asked in a somewhat impatient tone.

Zihang thought for a while and finally agreed, “Okay, where?”

“Grey Sparrow Café. I’m wearing a pair of black sunglasses.”


Grey Sparrow Café

Pushing the door and going into the room, with the pleasant melody and the rich aroma of coffee coming to his face, Zihang looked around and found Xinyou was sitting on the east side.

She was a fashionable woman, wearing a pair of sunglasses which was quite expensive. The two had met before, but she didn’t leave him a deep impression.

Zihang stepped forward to sit beside her and the woman suddenly took off her glasses and glanced at him. Eventually she smiled and said, “Mr. Zihang, please sit down.”

Xinyou ordered two cups of coffee, asking with hypocrisy, “My name is Xinyou Qiao, Venus’s classmate.”

Zihang nodded and asked, “What did you ask me out for?”

Xinyou took a sip of his coffee and said unhurriedly, “I need your help.”


“Of course it’s a good thing.” Xinyou replied with a bright smile.

After saying that, she pulled out a paper bag from her bag, which was bulging. It looked like there was a lot of stuff inside and she slowly pushed the paper bag in front of Zihang and said, “Here is fifty thousand dollars.”

Zihang looked stunned and it was indeed cash.

“Why are you giving me money?” Zihang looked cautious and asked in a cold voice.

There was no free meal. She naturally had her goal. Though he didn’t know it’s a good thing or not, he needed to be careful.

Xinyou saw his nervousness, but she was still relaxed and said, “Don’t be nervous. I just want a cooperation.”

Zihang seemed to understand her and asked lightly, “How?”

“You just have to do one thing for me.”


Xinyou shook her head softly and said, “I haven’t thought about it yet. You’ll know it later. You just need to take the money.”

Zihang didn’t move, for he didn’t know what Xinyou was thinking, so he said, “Since Miss Qiao is so insincere, I can’t work with you.”

Chapter 92: Another intrigue (2)

Xinyou Qiao looked calm, for she had already thought of this. With her fingers fondling the edge of the blanket, she said softly, “Don’t refuse me immediately. How about this? Keep the money and I’ll contact you then. If you don’t want to do it, you can return the money to me.”

Xinyou seemed to have a discussion with Zihang Lu, making him much less guarded, and he couldn’t help but think that even if he didn’t agree to do it then, Xinyou couldn’t do anything to him. Then he could get 50,000 yuan without doing anything. Why not?

Zihang had his own tricks, but he pretended to be willing and said, “Alright. If what you want me to do violates my bottom line, I’ll give you the money back.”

“OK! Deal.” Xinyou had a satisfied smile on her face, stretching out her hand to shake Zihang’ s hand and said, “It’s good being working with you.”

Zihang stretched out his hand too, finding that her arm was smooth and somewhat he wanted her. He smiled and said, “Me too.”

Yehuang Mansion

Venus Mu heard from her colleagues in the morning that the results about the selection of work would be released in the next two days. The work that got the most votes from the board would become this year’s summer brand collection.

The sample of this work would be displayed at Yehuang clothing brand store counter and the name of the designer would be displayed too.

With Yehuang’ s influence, this would undoubtedly be a huge gain for the creator.

Venus was concentrating on her work, forcing herself to be as calm as possible. Whether she succeeded or not, she had done her best. She wanted herself to remain calm at all the time. “Win without pride and to lose with grace.”

Just at this moment, the landline phone beside her rang, Venus pressed the answer button and then Manager He’s voice came, “Venus, come to my office now.”

Venus was a little confused, but she still looked calm and said, “Okay, I’ll come right away.”

Xinyou, who was beside her, looked at Venus’s back, frowning. She always felt that there would be bad news that would come out later.

Knocking on the office door and hearing a response from inside, Venus only then pushed the door and walked in.

Stepping in front of Meiling He’s desk with a respectful attitude, she asked, “Manager He, what can I do for you?”

Meiling looked up from the pile of documents on the table, and after seeing she looked relieved, she said in a gentle tone, “The final results have come out. The meeting was held in this morning.”

Venus was a little nervous and she didn’t know what to say at the moment, so she just nodded.

Meiling saw her nervousness and she saying directly, “Yehuang is going to display your work— ‘floating’.”

Venus looked stunned, and then there was great joy inside her, which was shown on her face, but her tone was still calm, “Manager He, I would like to ask, how did the board view my work?”

Meiling obviously didn’t expect her to ask such a question, and she looked at her with more admiration, saying in a clear voice, “Venus, I appreciate your attitude. The board said that your work is very imaginative and is more innovative than other works.”

Venus relieved and said, “Thank you so much, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today.”

Meiling shook her head and said, “You only need to thank yourself. Venus, you have talent and of course, you’re not the most outstanding, but the most precious thing is that you have the normal heart.”

Venus understood her and then said, “Manager He, I will keep working.”

Meiling nodded and said, “You did a good job for me this time. As a reward, I’ll invite you and all the employees of the department to eat at Luoyuxuan Restaurant.”

Venus smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“Well, go back to work.”


After Venus returned to her position for just a while, the news, as if it had wings, spread quickly to all departments. Her colleagues all came to congratulate her, making Venus shy.

Xinyou frowned when she heard the news and her colleagues’ praise was harsh. It took a long time for her to restrain her resentment.

Xinyou heard them say that Manager He had invited everyone to Luoyuxuan for dinner tonight, including Kerry Ye.

Chapter 92: Another intrigue (3)

Xinyou Qiao read the name of the restaurant in her mind, and an ‘excellent’ plan suddenly came to her.

Xinyou looked at Venus Mu, who was surrounded by her colleagues and sneered, “Venus, you’re very proud of yourself now, aren’t you? Soon you can no longer laugh!”

She sent a text message to Zihang Lu, telling him to meet her at Luoyuxuan at 8:00 p.m., and soon she got a reply.

In the evening, after work, a group of people came to the restaurant.

It was a famous Chinese restaurant in this area, and it was said that the food was delicious that almost everyone almost loved it.

Since it was a staff dinner and when they entered the door, they were welcomed by a waitress, who led them to the luxury room on the second floor. The room could accommodate about 30 to 40 people, which was quite extravagant, compared to other departments.

After everyone was seated, the manager brought the menu and Manager He let everyone choose what they liked. And Kerry Ye was the first one to order, for he was the boss.

He flipped it and finally his fingers rested on, one of the restaurant’s specialties, ‘Snowflake Crab. Soon, it was immediately passed to the kitchen.

Venus, the star of this gathering, was the next one to order. She seldom came to such places, so she ordered the ‘Granny’s dish’ which was good in both look and taste.

As for the order of the following, the staff could order freely. Until the menu was passed a circle round, the ordered dishes had been successively served. Looking at the cuisine, they began to eat.

Just at this time, Meiling looked around and said, “Everyone, it’s really an honor to eat with Mr. Ye, so why not toast?”

The employees nodded as they heard so and they said with a respectful attitude, “Mr. Ye, we’ll all toast you each.”

Actually, they wanted to toast him until he got drunk.

Kerry nodded with a calm face and he unintentionally glanced at Venus, but he quickly moved away.

“Mr. Ye, let me toast your first.”

Kerry nodded, taking the wine glass next to him and drank it all.

Just as someone wanted to toast again, Meiling spoke, “Only toast to Mr. Ye is not enough. Venus has done a lot for our department this time, so she should be toasted too.”

Then everyone looked at Veuns.

Venus looked full of helplessness. She was about to say that she couldn’t drink, not to mention the liquor with high alcohol content, but seeing the expectation on her colleagues’ faces, she couldn’t refuse them.

She took a deep breath and took the cup, “I’m not good at drinking. Forgive me.”

After saying that, she drank it all, and she only felt a hot taste flowing down her throat, all the way to her stomach, particularly unpleasant.

Venus couldn’t help but frown. By this time someone had already come to toast again, she could only keep drinking.

Kerry squinted, looking at her with lure. He didn’t know if it was because of the wine, but Venus was now blushing, making him want to have sex with her.

Damn it! Why could she so easily intrigue him?

After drinking about five or six cups, Venus felt that she couldn’t hold it any longer and her stomach hurt because of the alcohol. She slowly stood up from her seat, her tone with drunkenness, “Everyone, enjoy. I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Go ahead, we’ll toast to Mr. Ye.” Everyone could understand her.

Venus then left the room.

Looking at her somewhat floating steps, Xinyou sneered and sent a text message to Zihang.

“Venus went to the toilet.”

When she arrived, Venus bent over on the washbasin and vomited. Because she hadn’t eaten anything just now, so after vomiting a few mouthfuls of acid, she couldn’t vomit anymore.

The stomach was hot and painful. With the effect of alcohol, she began to lose her consciousness. Not knowing it was an illusion or not, she actually heard Zihang’ s voice.

Venus slowly turned around, seeing Zihang. She frowned and called out uncertainly, “Zihang?”

Looked at her drunken look, Zihang somewhat had some strange feelings. Xinyou had just sent her a text message, asking him to take Venus away from here. Thinking of this, Zihang’ s whole body was hot.

When he and Venus were together, because of Venus’s conservative personality, they had just held hands. The most intimate movement was kissing on the cheek, so until now, he still didn’t know what she smelled like!

Then tonight, at last, he would be able to fulfill that wish…

Venus stretched out her hand to grab him and she found it was real, so she was aware that the person in front of her was indeed Zihang.

“What are you doing here…?” Because of the wine, Venus’s thoughts weren’t quite clear. Though it was a question, it was sounded more like… coquetry.

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