Chapter 91 – 95: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 91: A big misunderstanding

“Please get up.”

Kris Chen hurriedly helped Changkong Yin stand up.

“Then, Master Kris, I am going to pick the one-stalk twin lotus with the brothers.”

Then he left the Xu Family with his men excitedly, without waiting for Kris to say anything.

On seeing them leave, three ladies with their hands and legs tied sighed in relief in the living room.

They had no idea what had happened, but they were pretty sure that it must have something to do with Kris.

Kris walked out of the bedroom and came to the living room, and hurriedly went to untie the three ladies.

Of course, he untied his wife first.

After Mary got loosened, she rubbed her painful wrist and couldn’t help asking, “Kris, who are those guys? Why did they tie us up? Did you mess with them?”

She asked three questions in a row, and it nearly drove Kris nuts. He thought for a while and replied, “I’ve only seen them once, and we are nothing but acquaintances; as for why they tied you up, it’s a total misunderstanding; you see, they left immediately after the misunderstanding was cleared, didn’t they?”

Kris was telling the truth; they indeed had met only twice, including this time, and they were just acquaintances; but of course, after what happened just now, they would start to have a rather deep bond with each other.

And of course, he would never tell the truth of him being the Master of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

After finishing the words, Kris went to untie Xiaorou Xu.

Right at that moment, the gate of the Xu’s house was opened from the outside, followed by a shout in anger.

“Stop what you are doing!”

Kris and the three ladies looked over to the gate and saw a middle-aged man standing by the gate, wearing a suit and tie, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He looked so furious with a sullen face.


It was no one else; it was Xiaorou’s father, Jianguo Xu.

“Don’t call me your dad; I don’t have a daughter like you!” Jianguo strode over with his briefcase, looked at the four people, and said in sadness, “What a shame! What you did has just corrupted your family name! How could you do it in the living room like this; don’t you feel ashamed?”

Jianguo was breathing hard like an old bull, with his one hand covering his chest; clearly, he was so angry.

He had never expected his beloved daughter was among them; how could he accept it?

Though the Xu Family was not one of the noble families, it was a family of scholars who valued family moral most; the scene in front of him was way too much beyond his tolerance.

He rolled his eyes and suddenly felt the world was spinning, then he fell backward.

“No!” Kris rushed up and held Jianguo, having no extra attention to untie the ladies.

He was so speechless, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

This Master of the Xu Family, what was he thinking? How come he had such a filthy thought?

And he almost got himself beaten down by this thought.

After hearing Jianguo’s words, the three ladies, Xiaorou, Mary, and Mina Li, all blushed, with redness on the necks and shyness in the hearts.

Jianguo recovered himself a little and took a breath; then he glanced at the table; what he saw nearly got his eyes popped out.


More than one piece of tissue!

“You…You…” Jianguo pointed at Kris, and his face turned pale immediately.

His beloved daughter got insulted by this guy! Jianguo couldn’t believe it.

How could his pearl, his little princess, get bullied by this guy? If he saw it right, this guy was the adopted son-in-law of the Su Family!

Kris looked in the same direction as Jianguo and saw what he saw, and he immediately began to sweat.

What the hell! Who blew the nose with the tissue and didn’t throw it into the trash can?

He showed a bitter smile and knew he was misunderstood; the tissue was likely to have been left by the Sun-Moon Holy Cult disciples.

“Eh, Uncle Xu, calm down; it’s not what you think.” Said Kris and hinted Xiaorou. Xiaorou went over to hold Jianguo’s arm, and Kris got himself free and said, “Excuse me, I’ve got other business to attend.”

He untied Mina and fled from the Su Family with Mary and Mina. What an imagination Mr. Xu had! Things would get more troublesome if they stayed there for one more minute.

As soon as Kris left, Jianguo covered his chest with one hand and fell into the couch, feeling like his soul had been extracted away.

“Dad, please don’t get mad; it’s not what you think.” Xiaorou blushed and continued, “You misunderstood Kris on this matter.”

“I misunderstood him? How? Tell me!”

“Dad, the thing went like this…” Xiaorou told him what had happened earlier.

Of course, she skipped the part that Kris and Changkong Yin had a conversation because she didn’t know what they talked about.

“What? A group of people broke into our house and kidnapped you, three ladies?” Jianguo’s expression showed he wasn’t relieved at all. Instead, he said with a sullen face, “My dear daughter, why do you have to give me such a ridiculous reason? Do you think I am old and foolish?”

“Oh, dad!” Seeing her dad not believing her, Xiaoru stamped her feet anxiously.

“Xiaorou, I know you young people are open-minded and sometimes love to play rough, but you have to remember who you are; you are the daughter of the Xu Family. Besides, that Kris has a wife.”

Jianguo continued sadly, “How could you? And that Mary, how could she allow her husband to mess with other women?”

On hearing her father’s words, Xiaorou nearly fainted.

She had a feeling that she couldn’t make herself understood today.

The more she explained, the angrier Jianguo got. He said, “My old man told me the other day, that you hired Kris with rather good conditions, which made me suspect that there was something strange going on; but I didn’t expect there indeed was something wrong; all he could do is appraising the treasure, right? Is there anything else about him that attracts you?”

Xiaorou was so tired of explaining, and she just listened calmly.

Jianguo sighed and said, “Xiaorou, if you really like that guy, as your father, I shall respect your choice.”

Then he changed his tune, “But, there’s a condition if you want to be with him; he must divorce with Mary and stop seeing the woman besides Mary.”

What’s this all about? Xiaorou felt like her face was burning, “Dad, what are you talking about? I didn’t…”

She was too shy to say the rest of the words, as she’s such a fair lady.

However, Kris’s figure became clearer and clearer in her mind; the things they went through together were like old silent films played in her brain again and again.

Thus she suddenly came up with a ridiculous idea that it seemed to be quite nice if she could really be with him…

The moment the idea popped in her mind, Pandora’s box in her heart was thus opened immediately.

After fleeing the Su Family, Mary asked Kris to take her to the supermarket.

After getting out of the car, Mary said, “Kris, you send Mina home first; I’ll go buy some vegetables, and I will cook for you tonight.”


“Cook for me?”

Kris was dumbfounded. Two years since they got married, he had been the one to cook; when did he expect Mary would cook for him one day?

He thought he heard it wrong, but soon he pulled himself back and said in great delight, “Sure, sure!”

Watching Mary walking into the supermarket, Kris started to drive Mina back to her home.

After Mary left, Mina became very uneasy, cuddled herself, and dared not move.

Seeing her like this, Kris couldn’t help laughing, “Why are you so nervous? I won’t bite!”

“No, I am not nervous at all,” Mina said with a trembling voice.

She was actually scared to death, though. She had seen Kris’s unknown side in the Muse Bar last time.

But today, Kris scolded Guobang Liu in front of so many people!

The fear in her heart had reached a higher level.

If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have asked Kris to wash the clothes. What’s worse, she even said something to insult him; she was so regretful!

But the good thing was, Kris seemed to be nice to her since that day.

“Come on, you are the best friend of Mary; Mary and I have been married for so long, and I know you are her true friend and would help her with anything.” He added, “I’ve got a good job for you to do; you should be the suitable person.”

Kris glanced at her and said, “You were once in the interior designed industry, and I happen to own a real estate company, and there happens to be a vacancy for General Manager, which I think you are capable of.”

“What? Are you serious?” Mina looked at Kris in disbelief.

Chapter 92: Hello, light

“Yes.” Kris Chen nodded with a smile. What was the most profitable industry in China now?

First, the entertainment industry. Second, naturally, the real estate.

According to Kris’s speculation, the two industries would have explosive development in the next ten years. Just like the film industry. Ten years ago, the top box office could only be one or two hundred million. But ten years later, the box office was surging, over six billion.

That was why he was willing to take action when Tianzong Chen came to him. Although Huanyu Group wasn’t worth five billion now, he believed it wouldn’t be long before its valuation surged.

He still had some spare money for real estate, and he wouldn’t lose anything if he invested something.

There are a few pieces of land around Westriver City, the location of which were good. He heard that there was going to be a subway in the next two years. As long as he could get the land, he would make a profit.

He had also been thinking about this for a long time, but unfortunately, there was no one reliable. He even wanted Guobang Liu to introduce someone to him.

Although there was some misunderstanding between Mina Li and him, now they had made it clear. Mina was really kind to Mary, and she had been busy with the work about real estate, so it wouldn’t be a problem for her to be the general manager.

“If you do, triple salary.”

“Yes, sure.” Mina nodded repeatedly. Triple salary! “Thank you, thank you so much…”

She suddenly had a feeling of joy. It seemed that Kris forgave her, otherwise he wouldn’t have her be the general manager. She then relieved.

“Alright.” Kris waved his hand, “However, you have to be clear, the reason why I offer you such a high salary is because of Mary. Since you often spend a lot of time with Mary, if she has any trouble, remember to tell me first.”

“Yes! I will.”

Chen’s manor

The living room was filled with people. Chen’s family was in a terrible mood, making the atmosphere in the hall quite depressing.

The patriarch, Tianzong Chen, was gloomy.

Everyone’s eyes were on Lei Chen and Sisi Mu.

“Lei, what’s wrong with you?” Tianzong said in a heartbreaking voice.

“Dad, I’ve thought about it, and I want this child.” As he said this, he looked at Sisi’s belly.

Sisi got pregnant because of that raping.

This was a great shame for a man. Most importantly, this child wasn’t his, and he hadn’t even had sex with Sisi.

Jie Liang stared at Quan Chen, with great anger.

This son of a bitch lied to her! He told her that he didn’t put his penis inside, but Sisi got pregnant.

Jie knew everything. After Sisi knew she was raped on the night of the big wedding, she was in a state of fear. She hadn’t slept with Lei, so the child could be his.

She gnashed her teeth. She nipped Quan with all her strength to let her anger out.

Quan hurt, with a weird expression. However, everyone’s attention was now on Lei and Sisi, so they didn’t notice anything unusual about him.

And right now, Quan didn’t dare to speak at all, because he was already scared to death.

He thought that he could fool Jie, but how the fuck did he know that he made Sisi pregnant for just once sex?

Hearing Lei’s words, Chen’s family was in great shock.

“Lei, are you insane?”

“The baby isn’t even yours, so why do you want to have it?”

“It’s a shame. Why?”

“Kris raped your wife, and you’re still going to help him raise his child? What’s wrong with you?”

Hearing such discussion, Lei kept silent. So did Sisi.

At this time, Jie heavily slapped the table and stood up, saying sternly, “Lei, you must be crazy. What Kris has done disgraced the family, but you still want this unworthy son. Are you going to ruin the whole family and make us live in shame for the rest of life?”

“She’s right. Lei, you have to think about it carefully.” Quan, who was there, also added, “You can’t have this baby.”

Quan was in a panic at this point. If this child was born, wouldn’t everyone know he was the father when the baby looked like him?

Therefore, the baby could never be born.

Jie and Quan thought the same. If everyone knew the truth, Quan would be over, for the family’s power would no longer have anything to do with him. Also, her good days would come to an end.

“Second brother and Second Sister-in-law, don’t be.” Lei took a deep breath and said, “I’ve already made up my mind, and this child must be born.”

Everyone was shocked and disappointed, not expecting Lei was so stubborn. No one could help.

So, Jie tried to persuade Sisi, “Sisi, Lei has gone crazy, but you won’t, right? The baby belongs to Kris, and you can still have the one that belongs to you and Lei. If it’s born, then you two won’t be happy in your marriage.”

Sisi knew everything, but she smiled wryly, “Sister-in-law, leave this matter alone. I’ve already discussed it with Lei. In any case, the child is innocent…”


Even Sisi had decided so?

At this moment, everyone in Chen’s family was stunned, with a complicated expression.

“What a misfortune for the family.”

“How could my Chen family have a bastard like Kris!”

“He’s the one to blame. He let Lei take the sin he caused. How can he…”

“The three members of his family are bastards…”

After sending Mina home, Kris returned home at a speed of 100 miles.

At this time, several dishes had been placed on the table.

Wearing an apron, Mary was cooking in the kitchen.

Seeing this, Kris felt warm, and he couldn’t help but walk over to embrace her from behind.


Mary was shocked, turning her head only to find that it was Kris.

“Why walking without any sound?” Mary said flushing.

“Oh, my pretty wife.” Kris couldn’t help but say so.

“Bah, let go of me. Go wash your hands, dinner is almost ready.”

Kris lovingly withdrew the hand that was holding Mary’s slender waist.

Seeing Kris let go of himself, Mary was shy. Why… why he did this? Wasn’t this too fast?

The next day, Huanyu Group, the president’s office

Just now, Kris told Xue Mi to register the real estate company. The name was very simple, called Dashun Real Estate. Although the name was normal, it’s catchy and easy to remember.

After she left, Kris took out the small bronze sword that was found in the street stall yesterday.

There was too much patina, covering its original appearance. Thinking for a while, he called for someone to get some abrasive paper. Then he began to polish it.

However, the patina was too thick, and he couldn’t polish it off. It seemed the sword was useless, for he was unable to make it show its original appearance.

Kris sighed. He misjudged. This small bronze sword was a useless sword, and the one million dollars he spent on it was gone.

Just at this time, the blade touched his finger accidentally, easily cutting it.

Damn it. The sword had been buried for so many years, and it was still sharp.

The cut was not small, and drops of blood emerged from the finger, falling on the sword.

Kris was just about to put down the sword to get the medical kit when a magical thing happened.

Only to see that the blood falling on the blade instantly disappeared into the sword. The sword where was not rusted, giving out some red light.

Then the sword trembled lightly.

Ka, Ka.

The patina began to crack, like broken eggshells, and fall from the sword.

The sword glittered with a shining red light when it was completely disappeared, making the entire office red.

When the red light disappeared, Kris finally saw the true appearance of the sword.

Chapter 93: Withdraw money

Holy shit. This sword was definitely a treasure!

Kris was in extreme excitement for this treasure.

It seemed that he recently had a fate with swords. First, he met the East Sword King’s soft sword, and then this small bronze sword.

The small bronze sword was about a foot and three inches long, with very sharp blades on both sides and ancient patterns on it, which looked very exquisite.

On the handle of the sword was engraved with three large characters in Xiaozhuan (a kind of calligraphy)—Xu Furen, the meaning of which was Lady Xu.


Lady Xu?

Was this sword for a woman?

Kris was stunned. Before he could figure out more, he had more mysterious information in his mind—Lady Xu’s Dagger, inferior treasure…

Damn it. It’s not a sword, but a dagger. No wonder it’s so short.

Kris realized that weapons had their own ranks. ‘Inferior’, well, sounded like an unmatured monk. This definitely was not a treasure.

However, he thought about it and took out his phone to call Lan Yu.

Lan, as a Big Sister of Emei Mountain, must know more than him, so as soon as the phone was connected, he asked urgently, “Madam Yu, may I ask you something? Are weapons graded?”

Lan was stunned. She didn’t expect him to ask this for having no contact for so many days. She couldn’t help but ask, “Did you get a good weapon?”

Kris laughed and said, “I just got a sword, but I don’t know what grade it is, so I want you to teach me the classification of weapons.”

Lan laughed, “Why should I tell you?”


Lan said, “Do you think you have any sincerity?”

Damn it. This woman held a grudge.

Last time, at The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, Kris let her kiss him, and she remembered it.

Kris helplessly said, “How about treat you a dinner?”

“No, there’s no sincerity.” Lan deliberately said, “If you keep being so insincere, I’ll hang up…”

What a mean woman.

Kris stroked his chin and smiled wickedly, “How about letting me kiss you?”

“Yuck, asshole. Who wants your kiss?” Lan flushed, and she couldn’t help but recall the kiss at The Sun-Moon Holy Cult. That was the first time she had ever kissed a man.

“What? One kiss isn’t enough, and you want one more?”

“Fuck you. What’s wrong with you?” She touched her cheeks, thinking why her heart was beating so fast.

She bit her lip and said, “Okay, stop it. Let me tell you about the classification.”

Seeing Lan stopped joking, Kris also stopped and quietly waited for her to speak.

“A monk’s weapons are divided into five grades—Powerful weapon, Smart weapon, Genuine weapon, Dao weapon, and Holy weapon. Each grade is further divided into four minor grades—upper, middle, lower, and best.”

As expected, this dagger was really the lowest-grade weapon.

“However, even if it is, it is quite a bit stronger than an ordinary weapon.” Lan paused and said, “Moreover, some weapons have some special effects. Why don’t you bring the weapon over, and I’ll help you identify it?”

“Fine.” Kris nodded, “Where are you?”

“I was at the bank. Why don’t you just come over?” She said and shared the location with Kris.

After knowing the location, Kris took his weapons and drove straight over.

In a short while, he arrived at the entrance of the bank.

But bringing controlled knives, the bank was not allowed, and the security guard at the entrance would definitely not let him in, so he left it in the car.

It was now the busiest time, and the bank was full of people queuing.

Just now, Lan said that she was doing some special business, so Kris didn’t go to the public area and go straight to the VIP service area.

As a result, as soon as he reached the VIP service area entrance, he was stopped by a bank lobby manager.

“Sir, what can I do for you?” After stopping Kris, the lobby manager smiled and asked.

This lobby manager was nice looking, a professional outfit with a little makeup on. She looked pretty.

“A friend of mine is doing business inside, and I’m looking for her,” Kris said with a smile.

Looking for someone?

How was this possible?

Although this man was quite handsome, his clothes were not upscale, seeming like an ordinary office worker. The VIP service area was not for such people.

“Sorry, sir. The VIP service area is not allowed to enter. If you are looking for someone, please just wait in the lobby.” The woman was smiling, but it was obvious that she was losing her initial hospitality.

“Well.” Kris touched his nose, “Then… Then I need service.”

“For ordinary business, the outside counter is fine. There is also an ATM on your right side. The VIP area is not for ordinary customers.”

One must know that those who could enter the VIP area were star customers of the bank, with bank deposits of at least a million.

It’s hard enough for this man in front of her to have 100,000.

“How about depositing?”

Kris frowned, holding back his displeasure and said.

“Sir, I have just made it clear. There is an ATM on your right side, which can meet your demand, no matter deposit or withdraw.”

The smile on the woman’s face also disappeared. If it wasn’t for the bank’s rules, she would have left long ago.

Didn’t he know this VIP service area wasn’t for him to enter?

Jingjing Lu was already impatient. Why there were so many such people coming over. What a waste of time.

Kris was also speechless. Why do people always judge others by appearance?

What’s wrong with his cheap clothes?

Wasn’t it clean? Or it made her look down on him?

But Kris didn’t want to waste his time arguing with her, so he directly took out his phone, wanting to call Lan and tell her that he was waiting for her at the entrance.

However, before the phone was connected, Jingjing once again spoke, “What’s wrong with you? This is a VIP area, and you should go out to make the call, otherwise, you’ll disturb the VIPs inside?”

“Can’t I even make a phone call?” Kris was speechless.

“No. If you want to call, go out. No one cares how loud you are.” Jingjing said as she pointed outside.

At this time, the bank’s security guard noticed the noise and came over and said to Kris, “This is the VIP area, and don’t make a call here. Don’t disturb the VIPs inside.”

The security guard spoke so loudly that the people around him could hear it, and they all looked at Kris.

“Why don’t young people behave themselves nowadays? Don’t they know that this is a public place?”

“He’s so sloppy, and he wants to be in the VIP area? He must be a poor guy.”

“That’s right. He looks unqualified at first glance. He probably doesn’t want to wait in line and thinks that the VIP area can save his time.”

“Ha, ha, that’s stupid. What if he goes in there? He will definitely be thrown out by the teller.”

“Of course…”

Hearing the crowd’s jeer, Jingjing was even more certain that the person in front of her was here to make trouble.

“Security, take him out, and don’t let him affect the VIPs inside.” Jingjing pointed at Kris and said in a cold voice.

“Hey, since I can’t do depositing, how about withdrawing?” Kris said helplessly.

People thought he had no shame.

Jingjing laughed speechlessly, “Withdraw? A thousand or two thousand? The lobby can withdraw 50,000 a day, which can meet your needs, right? The VIP area is only for customers who have a deposit over a million, so now you can understand what I’m saying, right?”

“Well, it’s very detailed.” Kris took out his card and shoved it into her hand, “How about this? Eight million, in cash.”

As soon as he said so, all the people around him laughed.

“Ouch, eight million? Is he insane?”

“Crazy, right? He, a man like this, can have such a large amount of money?”

“He’s not only a poor man but a daydreamer.”

The jeers of the crowd continued to come, but Jingjing’ s started shaking.

This… This card was… Violet Gold Regal Card?

Chapter 94: Bank Robbery

Just then, the sound coming into the Bank Director’s ears, he walking out to check.

When he saw the card in Jingjing Lu’s hands, his eyes wide opened as if his eyeballs would pop out.

Holy way, it was a Violet Gold Regal Card!

There were no more than five of that cardholders in Westriver City or no more than three to be exact!

Director Zhang even walked up to Kris Chen and said with a smile on his face, “Hello sir, I am the Director of this bank, what can I do for you? I can be of service to you.”

As soon as this was said, the people around us were all confused. What was this?

Why was the Director of the bank so nice to this poor man?

No one knew why the Director behaved like this except Jingjing.

Director Zhang’s hand that received the bank card was trembling, he had received the highest level of customers that were General Cards holders, but now, what he held in his hands was the Violet Gold Regal Card.

Even if the headquarters’ head came out, such a character would receive him with premium manners.

Director Zhang blinked his eyes to Jingjing to give a hint to leave. And right now, Jingjing was too shocked to move her legs.

“I’m done,” Jingjing said to herself. She was offended a VIP with the Violet Gold Regal Card’s highest level, not to mention the Bank-lobby Manager she was. Even the president wouldn’t dare to offend him.

“No, thank you. I just wanna withdraw some money. It’s fine with her to do it.” Kris said with his finger pointed to Jingjing.

“what are you waiting for? Go for it.” Director Zhang glared at her, and he thought she was not smart enough.

After a while, Jingjing came back to her sense, giving a panic response, then went towards the counters in a hurry.

Director Zhang invited Kris into the VIP area and made him another pot of tea, which he respectfully served to Kris.

With the attitude of the service, there was no wonder he got the position of Director.

Kris sat on the sofa and casually picked it up.


Showing the scene, the crowd who had been mocking was shocked so that they all with their eyes wide and mouth open, as if they were being strangled.

Soon, Jingjing came out pushing two large code cases, which were too heavy for her to lift, so she had to put them on the floor and push them to move.

“Sir, this is the eight million dollars in cash you asked for.” Jingjing panted up to Kris and said very respectfully.


Was that real? Eight million dollars?

At this moment, the people around them were completely stunned.

“well, okay.”

Kris sipped his tea and said indifferently, “Deposit the money and then withdraw five hundred dollars for me.”

“Yes, Sir, I’m going to deposit it.” How could Jingjing not know that Kris was deliberately punishing her, but she didn’t dare to complain, it was better to be made difficult than to lose her job, right?

Just at this time, Lan Yu finished her business and came out from inside, “Kris, you withdraw only five hundred dollars, then why the hell you come to the VIP area for it?”

That didn’t make sense, because the bank had a rule that only deposits and withdrawals of over a million dollars can be made in the VIP area.

“Well, there were too many people outside to line up, so they called me here in the VIP area. This bank’s service attitude is fantastic.” Said Kris putting down his teacup and smiling.

Screams of alarm came in from outside after Kris’ words.

“Run, there’s a robbery!”

Through the glass doors of the VIP area, several brawny men with black hoods over their heads could be seen barging in through the bank doors.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here?”

The security guard had a baton in his hand and was just about to run up to intercept it when he was blindsided by a head-on blow and collapsed on the ground.


“Run, run!”

Seeing the security guard knocked unconscious, the crowd in the hall screamed and fled in disarray in their formation.

But these people would not let them go.

The head of a strong man in black short sleeves picked up a gun shooting towards the ceiling “Bang, Bang!”, and yelled loudly, “All of you who don’t want to die to give me a squat with your hands above your head, and all of your phones on the ground.”

The gunshots scared the crowd. Looking at the gun in the big man’s hands, they all froze in place and then squatted on the ground with their hands honestly holding their heads.

And at this moment, Lan, who is a police officer, was most tormented.

However, she couldn’t move. They had money in their hands; there were so many innocent people in the hall. If she rashly did something and provoke the criminals, it must lead to an unimaginable consequence.

She gritted her teeth and slowly put the phone on the ground.

“These social bum, scum, instead of trying to get rich with their own hands, they robbed homes…” Lan gritted her teeth.

“Why don’t you go stop them?” said Kris squatting.

“To stop them? How ?” Lan glared at Kris and said, “We’re outnumbered, and they have guns, so jumping out to stop them isn’t a death sentence? Besides, there are so many innocent people in the hall, what if I hurt them?”

Hearing Lan’s words, Kris was relieved, it seemed that this Lan is not stupid, because he was really afraid that she would be rash and rush out and then announcing her identity…

Seeing everyone squatting down, the big man nodded in satisfaction as he ordered at his men, “Close the door and go get the money!”

With quick, systematic, and professional practice, it certainly was a result of being trained for a long time.

The door of the bank was closed, and two men stood to watch at the door.

Others, however, took out black bags and threatened the counter staff filled the bags with money. With the gun pointing at them, the bank staffs were so scared that they had to load the money into the bags in terms of the demand of ruffians.

Just at this time, the strong man who headed the group took two steps forward, walked to the counter, and roared: “Bitch, do you want fucking death?

The female employee’s hand dangled over the alarm, and she was almost scared out of her wits at the sight of the black muzzle.

“I… I won’t do it again, please… Please don’t kill me…” There was great fear between life and death, and this female employee was instantly scared to tears.

The big man laughed sarcastically, “You want to call the police, and you want me to spare you? Bitch, go to hell!”

After hearing the big man’s words, a few people in the hall who had poor psychological endurance were frightened into fainting.

Just as the big man’s finger was on the trigger, a cold voice sounded from behind him.

“Hey, you, stop it!”

Lan stood up from the ground and walked over towards the big man.


Kris was blinded, did this woman lose her brain? Didn’t she know that all the glass in the counter was special blast-proof glass?

Seeing Lan, these thugs were all stunned and didn’t react at once.

“I’m a cop. Please drop the weapon you’re holding!” lan shouted out.

A cop?

As soon as they heard Lan said she was a cop, the leader of the big man and his accomplices, their facial expression changed, followed by several people looking at each other, and then they headed towards Lan and rounded her up.

Damn it! he knew Lan would say that. This woman was really a tough one.

Watching her die without any help?

Kris couldn’t leave her to die, so he slightly moved to follow up her.

“Haha, what a beautiful cop, I didn’t expect there to be such a superb one, what a pleasant surprise.” The lead big man shouted excitedly, “This woman is a stunner.”

Hearing the boss’s words, a few gangsters also smiled lasciviously, then they picked up the rope and directly pounced towards Lan.

Just in the nick of time, Kris got the right moment, then jumped out from the crowd, and kicked away one of the gangsters who rushed to him, finally roared at Lan, “Lan, you take care of the innocent crowd, just leave these muggers to me.”

After saying that, he swung his fist and smashed it towards another mugger.


That thug was hit in the face by Kris’ punch, and his entire body flew out and fell heavily to the ground with no consciousness.

Holy shit, what was going on?

A punch that blew a person away?

Seeing this scene, the crowd squatting, could not help but take a deep breath. A punch was about to blow men of one to two pounds. This guy’s strength was badly strong.

Having knocked over two people in succession, the remaining gangsters were confused.
Who was this guy? He gets talent for Kungfu.

Shocked, they all had a hint of scruples on their faces and were a little afraid to go on.

“Boss, we got an opponent.” A mugger said to the head of the muggers at this moment.

“You Stupid, he’s only one man, so what are you afraid of? Let’s go get him, then take the money and leave, and we are running out of time.” The big man roared.

According to their plan, the robbery duration should not be more than five minutes, but now after such a long delay, if they dragged on, when the police came, they would all be done.

As soon as those words been said, other muggers pounced on Kris again.

But Kris didn’t care at all and made a Baji Fist directly towards them.

“Ah!” one mugger screamed out, and his entire body flew out upside down, followed by unconsciousness.

There was no time for other muggers to act, and they faced with Kris’ feet.




Every punch and kick that Kris landed was bound to have one mugger fall to the ground, and in less than a minute, several muggers all fell to the ground.

Chapter 95: Returning to Dongmang Mountain


The leading man was shocked.

How could Kris Chen defeat so many people?

He knew exactly the strength of his men. They are all good at martial arts, but they were knocked over by this weak-looking guy.

He had some regrets. He thought himself is certainly no match for the guy’s ability to fight.

The leading man gritted his teeth and raised his arm. Then the black hole of the muzzle was aimed at Kris. “Go to hell, son of a bitch. Don’t stick your neck out in the next life.” The leading man said.

He put his hand on the trigger when he was saying that.

“Be careful!” Lan Yu said.

At that moment, Lan’s heart was in her mouth.

Kris instinctively wanted to dodge, but hesitated when he saw the two shivering little girls behind him.

If he dodged, the bullet would hit either of them.

Dodge? Or not?

In that critical moment, Kris decided to choose the latter.

After seeing the two little girls behind Kris, Lan’s heart couldn’t help but tremble.

She finally understood why Kris didn’t dodge when he could. It’s that Kris wanted to take the bullet for strangers.

At that moment, Lan’s mood was mixed. She looked at Kris with shock, admiration, and even worship.

It’s then the leading man pulled the trigger.


Accompanied by the gunshot, Kris’s body suddenly shuddered. He felt a complete loss of feeling in his left shoulder and bloodshot out of the wound.

Then he felt great pain. He clenched his teeth, and beads of sweat slid off his forehead—the gangster shot at Kris’s heart.

Kris quickly tore his T-shirt and bound up the wound with his right hand. He gasped with pain and said with a smile, “Neigh, you’re a bad shooter.”

As soon as Kris said that, the whole hall was silent. The people squatted on the ground with their heads laced behind their hands were so shocked that they opened their mouths. They thought Kris is so tough that he dared to challenge the gangster when he was shot.

Lan was very worried. Then the moment when she wanted to rush over the leading man aimed at Kris again. “Don’t move. If you come over, I’ll shoot him.” The leading man said.

Lan was scared and stopped. “All right, I won’t move. Don’t get excited.” Lan said.

As the leading man’s attention was shifted, Kris quickly put his hand to his waist and held his soft sword’s hilt.

The soft sword had been hung on his waist, and it’s time for it came to play.

He pulled it hard, and the soft sword shook, turning into a hard blade.


He breathed from his stomach and gained strength from his waist. Then the long sword came out of his hand and cut a long and deep wound in the leading man’s arm.

The gun in the leading man’s hand fell to the ground as the pain came.

The leading man’s eyed dilated, and there was a shock flashed in his eyes. The next second, he pulled a sharp blade from his waist and put it on the neck of a little girl next to him.

Paying no attention to the wound, the leading man roared, “Don’t come over. If you come over, I’ll kill her.”

The little girl was six or seven years old and hasn’t experienced anything like that. She was frightened and burst into tears.

Fuck, how could he take such a little girl as a hostage? What a pain it would cause to her heart.

Kris was so angry that he could not help wanting to rush over.

“Don’t come over. I will kill her if you come over. Back off, all of you.” The leading man pressed the Dagger firmly to the girl’s neck and shouted.

Kris stopped and dared not move forward.

At that moment, the gangsters who were knocked unconscious by Kris woke up. They were stunned at first and then remembered that they were still robbing the bank. They sat up and were shocked when they saw that bloody arm of the leading man.

“Fuck, go to get the money. Let’s go.” The leading man said.


The gangsters caught on. Then they put the money on their shoulders and walked out quickly.

The leading man held the little girl and walked out slowly.

When they went out of the bank, they quickly boarded a van and disappeared in the sight of people.

As soon as the gangsters left, the people in the hall breathed a sigh of relief. They felt they were lucky survivors of a disaster.

“Damn, they took the little girl.” Lan scolded.

Then she walked over to Kris with her high-heeled shoes and said, “Kris, drive the car. Let’s chase them up.”

Kris covered his wound and said with a bitter smile, “You call the police station immediately and ask them for help. They have guns. It’s not safe for us to go after them.”

Kris wanted to save the little girl, but he was wounded, and his fighting strength was greatly reduced. If he rushed over blindly, he might be killed by the gangsters.

“No, we must chase them up now. Or they will escape. Then the little girl will be in danger. Kris, I beg you to drive with me, OK?” Lan said and stamped her foot in worry.

The gangsters in the van took off their hoods and showed their true faces.

There was excitement on everyone’s face when they saw the bundles of bills in the bags.

“Oh, no, brother Lei, there’s a car following us.”

At that moment, the gangster who was driving the car saw the car behind through the rearview mirror and shouted with panic.

Other gangsters looked back immediately. When they saw the man who was driving the car was the man who knocked them down in the bank, their facial expressions changed greatly.

Oh my god, this guy’s coming after.

“What should we do, brother Lei? This guy was so strong that he dared to chase after being shot.” One gangster said.

“Don’t be panic. He must have lost a lot of fighting force with that shot. Let’s drive up the hill, then they won’t be able to find us.” The leading man said with a cold face.

The leading man is Lei Zhao, a desperado commits all manners of crimes. He roamed to Westriver City not long ago. He gathered his men and wanted to do something big and then fled to the next city. But he didn’t expect that he would meet Kris and he nearly lost his life.

Fortunately, though the process was not smooth, he got the money finally.

Besides, he was clever enough to take the little girl as a hostage. With this amulet in hand, the other side would certainly not dare to act rashly. If the little girl was used well, they could escape successfully.

He could not help smiling at the thought of that.

Lan and Kris were in the Benz after the van. Lan kept urging Kris and said, “Kris, go up and cut them off.”

“Don’t worry. They will stop when they are at the halfway of the hill.” Kris said.

Kris sneered in his heart. The stupid gangsters fled in the direction of Dongmang Mountain, east of Westriver City, where Kris encountered grave robbers last time.

He remembered well that the highway was only to the hill’s foot, and the only dirt road was only to the halfway of the hill.

So there was no need for him to get into a confrontation. It would be a real sin if the two cars crashed and the little girl in the car was injured.

Besides, the little girl was their talisman, and they didn’t dare to hurt her until they had succeeded in getting away.

Lan kept thinking about subduing the gangsters and rescuing the girl, so she didn’t think too much.

Just as she was about to urge again, she saw the wound on Kris’s shoulder and noticed that the whole carriage was full of the smell of blood.

She asked apprehensively, “Are you all right?”

Lan couldn’t help feeling guilty. How could she be so reckless? Kris has been shot.

“I’m fine,” Kris said. He held back the pain and pretended to be relaxed.

At that moment, the two cars arrived at the foot of the mountain successively.

The van of the gangsters drove recklessly to the dirt road, and Kris followed it without hesitation.

The dirt road became narrow gradually, and eventually, it’s gone.

The gangsters hurriedly carried the money and held the little girl to get out of the van.

Lan quickly opened the door and ran after them.

Kris took a look at the back seat and hid the Silver Dagger in his clothes. Although there’s a soft sword in his waist, an extra weapon is not a bad thing, and it might have unexpected effects.

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