Chapter 91: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 91 Get down on your knees and lick my shoes!

Colin Ward slightly frowned after listening to that.

Colin Ward used to grow up in an ordinary family too and not as well as Nina White’s family. So he naturally knew that 5 million dollars were indeed unaffordable for this kind of family condition.

“But you didn’t have to use your own feelings to pay for the debt, right?” Colin Ward asked.

Nina White shook her head, “He wanted to confirm our relationship status, but I didn’t agree because it’s impossible for me.”

“You did the right thing. Affection is about two people. A relationship without any affection wouldn’t last long. Moreover, if it involved benefits in it, the relationship wouldn’t be as pure and beautiful.”

Nina White didn’t know what to do, “But I rejected him, my family……”

“This has nothing to do with you.” Colin Ward shook her head, “Don’t overthink it.”

“You don’t have to worry about the family’s debt. I can pay your salary in advance.” After saying that, Colin Ward turned around and walked out of his office.

Nina White was left dumbfounded alone in the office for quite some time.


Later at night, after Colin Ward arrived home, he suddenly felt chilly.

“This couldn’t be! The temperature hasn’t gone down yet.”

Colin Ward talked to himself and went to take a shower right away. Soon after, he felt a lot warmer than before.

When he went to his bedroom, Colin Ward noticed Doris Lee, who was crossing her leg and sitting on the bed.

Because she crossed her legs, her sleepwear only covered her thighs. The other parts were plainly visible to his eyes. Her soft and fair skin made Colin Ward completely stupefied.

Doris Lee didn’t notice his expression but only said, “I have something to tell you.”

There’s a slight ‘thump’ in Colin Ward’s heart after he heard that. Looking at her serious expression, could it be that she planned not to let him sleep on the bed but the floor?

No way? He only slept on the bed for a day.

“I found a job.”

Colin Ward retracted his thought upon hearing that, then he sat next to Doris and gently said, “Actually, you don’t have to work this hard.”

Colin Ward was the chairman of Marquis Group at the moment and worthed billions of dollars, not to mention that Abe Ward was backing him up, so to support Doris Lee alone wasn’t a big deal at all.

Doris Lee shook her head. “I’m so happy that I have a job of my own. Moreover, I’ve always had a dream, which is to become a jewelry designer. Although this job isn’t related to the jewelry industry, it is still related to design. At least I am a step closer to my dream.”

“Sure then, what is the job exactly about? And where?”

Doris Lee answered ambiguously, “I’m not telling you.”

“So mysterious?”

Doris Lee hummed and put down her legs, swayed them by the bed.

Colin Ward’s gaze was attracted to her, and his eyes were focused on her fine and soft legs. His mouth suddenly felt parched, and his heart felt itchy.

“Doris, it’s time for bed, we still need to work tomorrow!” said Colin Ward while secretly swallowing his saliva.

Doris Lee answered him briefly, then smuggled inside her blanket happily and fell asleep on her own.

‘Ah, when will this kind of allowed-to-see-but-no-touching days end?’

The next day, after having their breakfast, Colin Ward still wanted to know where Doris Lee went to work, so he kept on pestering Doris Lee and insisted on sending her to work, causing Doris Lee could do nothing about him and agreed instead.

“We’re here, it’s this place.” said Doris Lee while pointing at the building in front of them.

Century Ad Firm.

Colin Ward frowned. Wasn’t this a subsidiary company of Marquis Group? What a coincidence?

“I’m going. You should leave too, don’t be late.” Doris Lee said hurriedly, then took her bag and went inside the building.

Colin Ward nodded. After seeing Doris Lee off to work, he excitedly gave Nina White a phone call.

“Assistant White, I need you to arrange a position for me at Century Ad Firm, I want to stay there for couple days.”

Nina White hung up after responding to him and thought to herself, puzzled, “Why does the chairman wanting to go to Century out of the blue? Could it be that something happened in Century that he needs to go there personally?”

The efficiency in Nina White’s work is high. She immediately arranged for him to be the client’s advertisement project manager so that Colin Ward could enter Century smoothly.

Century Ad Firm had Marquis Group as its support, so the growth in Tianbei City in recent years had been quite good. They just received an advertisement project for Marquis Local Goods too recently.

This advertisement not only costs a lot for the production, but they also invited a famous host, Jane Stewart, to be its brand ambassador. It could be said that they took this project seriously.

Today was the day for commercial shooting.

They were shooting a video clip on the beach today.

Colin Ward was sitting in a sea view room by the sea and watched the busy figures on the beach at the moment. But one thing for sure, what’s matters for him was to look at Doris Lee.

Doris Lee was mainly in charge of the advertising design, so she came along with the team. Due to the lack of personnel, she got busy helping others as well.

Of course, it didn’t stop Colin Ward from taking a good look at Jane Stewart, as she was a public figure that appears on television. Now that he could see the real version of hers, he indeed felt a bit moved.

Because he heard that if paid enough, these celebrities were even willing to sleep with those who paid.

Not long after, the people on the beach suddenly gathered around. The staff members were all running towards the crowd and looked flustered.

Colin Ward frowned slightly on that sight. He worried that something might have happened, so he stood up and approached them.

Among the crowd, Doris Lee bent her waist down and apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m sorry……”

The host, Jane Stewart was standing nobly across Doris Lee. She seemed unhappy and looked at Doris Lee with disdain, “Sorry? My shoes are of top brand. You ruined it, but you only said sorry?”

Doris Lee lowered her head. She was slightly frightened, “Then, I……I will compensate for it……”

She was terrified. If it’s top-branded shoes, it would cost at least tens of thousands, wouldn’t it? It could even cost more than a hundred thousand dollars a pair. She just got this job, where could she find such an amount of money?

Jane Steward said scornfully, “Compensate? Could you even afford it?”

Doris Lee’s expression turned ghastly.

Right at that time, Jane Stewart seemed like she thought of something. She smiled and said, “I know you can’t afford it. Looking at how pity you are, I helped you thought of a way.”

“How?” Doris Lee asked subconsciously.

Jane Stewart looked at her with disdain and said sarcastically, “Get down on your knees and lick my shoes until it’s clean, then I won’t ask for compensation.

Doris Lee couldn’t help but felt angry.

Wasn’t the Jane Stewart people see on television so kind and easy-going? Why was she so mean in reality? She looked so arrogant and unforgiving.

After all, this wasn’t Doris Lee mistake’s at all. She was only helping around and did some odd jobs, like delivering water, moving things, etc.

It just happened that after they shot a short clip, Doris Lee noticed that Jane Stewart was sweating, and her lips looked dry, so she went on to deliver drinking water for her.

But when she stood in front of her, she was suddenly pushed by Jane Stewart’s manager. And as she lost her balance, the water spilled upon her shoes.

Doris Lee was dazed out of her wits.

Jane Stewart’s manager was a middle-aged woman in her forties. Seeing that Doris Lee wasn’t willing to do so, she shouted furiously, “What are you waiting for? Are you displeased? Let me tell you, Miss Jane Stewart was kind enough to advise you on what to do and not asking for compensation. Don’t you ask for a yard when given an inch!”

“Huh! This was a rare opportunity to get close to Miss Jane Stewart that lots of people can only dreamed of. Now that you’re given such chance, it’s your greatest honor. Why don’t you hurry up and lick it clean?”

Lick her shoes? That clearly is humiliating her!

Doris Lee was offended. Thus she raised her head and said, “I was at fault for making your shoes dirty, but you asked me to lick your shoes, that is clearly humiliating me!”

“So what if we’re humiliating you?” The manager laughed grimly, “You have offended Miss Jane Stewart. It serves you right that you’re humiliated! Hurry up! If the shooting is delayed because of this, I’ll make you pay for it!”

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