Chapter 92: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 92 Fire her then

Doris Lee felt extremely wronged. When on earth did she offended Jane Stewart? Was it just because she accidentally made her shoes dirty that gave her a reason to humiliate her like this?

In fact, this matter had to be traced back to half an hour ago.

Jane Stewart just arrived at that time. Relying on her fame, she complained about how bad the shooting and the location was and that this advertisement wasn’t creative enough. In short, she complained about almost everything.

The director too didn’t dare to offend this famous figure, thus apologized repeatedly.

Doris Lee stood behind the director. Looking at how the director kept on apologizing to her, she couldn’t hold her anger, and so she said, “It was you who were late for two hours……”

Because of what she said, Jane Stewart took notice of Doris Lee. She naturally noticed Doris Lee’s beautiful face and aura.

Jane Stewart’s appearance was not bad, and she also had a hot body that countless guys craved.

But when she saw Doris Lee, Jane Stewart squinted her eyes unconsciously.

It was unnecessary to discuss Doris Lee’s look. The main point was her aura, which was clean and pure and stainless. Every man would love this type of woman.

In 2016, a supposedly number one female host of the broadcasting company left because of her marriage and pregnancy. Jane Stewart could have replaced her at that time, but a newbie female host made her debut concurrently. Her name was Naomi, and she took the position that was supposed to be Jane Stewart’s.

The reason happened to be that Naomi had a pretty face and was of that pure and innocent style. She’s also younger than Jane Stewart.

Since then, Jane Stewart especially dislikes those who had a pure and innocent look. Now, as she’d seen Doris Lee, she surely wouldn’t be nice to her.

“What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you licking it?” Jane Stewart said coldly, “If it’s not clean, I won’t do the shooting!”

After she said that, Jane Stewart looked at the director. Her thoughts were expressed clearly through her eyes.

The director was put in a difficult position for that.

What was supposed to be a trivial matter suddenly went out of hand. What shoud he do then? Moreover, Doris Lee was a newcomer, good-tempered, and hardworking. He was also unwilling to see her being humiliated like that!

But, what could they do to this famous figure?

“Doris……what if you apologize to her, just……do as what Miss Jane Stewart said……” The director couldn’t bring himself to finish his sentence.

Doris Lee was enraged at the director’s word, “Director, you want me to lick her shoes?”

The director was helpless, “So what do you want me to do? If Miss Jane Stewart wouldn’t shoot, we couldn’t keep up with the progress and the advertisement wouldn’t be completed. I couldn’t afford all these losses……”

“So, you still felt wronged, didn’t you? Let me tell you, it’s your honor that you’re given a chance to lick Miss Jane Stewart’s shoes. Furthermore, everyone’s waiting. Don’t delay the work progress!” Jane Stewart’s manager said.

At first, those at the site thought that Doris Lee’s mistake wasn’t fatal, and she didn’t have to be humiliated this way.

But after listening to what the manager said, their selfish self emerged.

“That’s right! Doris, just do as she said!”

“Hurry up and get it done, don’t delay our work!”

“The losses from the shoot delay aren’t something we all can afford.”

“Doris, it was originally your fault. If you don’t do as she said and the boss find out, you might be fired……”

Doris Lee’s heart sank after she listened to all their accusations. At the same time, she also felt unjustly treated.

Everyone around her was still blaming her. Doris Lee clenched her fist, then raised her head and said, “Fire me then!”

After she said that, someone added, “How could you be so selfish? Can the problem be solved just by firing you?”

“Yeah! Were the losses caused by shoot delay something you could cover?”

Doris Lee’s eyes turned red upon listening to all their words.

Just at that time, Colin Ward, who finally made his way into the crowd, said, “Just fire her then.”

The crowd turned their head towards him. Some couldn’t recognize Colin Ward and some who could. Of course, those who recognized him know his identity too.

Colin Ward didn’t specifically mention someone’s name, but the crowd thought he meant Doris Lee.

Then someone added, “Firing her won’t solve any problem! We should at least let her do what she has to do, right?”

“That’s right! Firing her is one thing, but doesn’t she need to apologize first? Otherwise it will delay the shooting progress.”

Doris Lee was a bit startled, “Why are you here?”

Colin Ward approached Doris Lee and held her hand.

But what Doris Lee heard from the crowd was that Colin Ward decided to fire her? But she didn’t do anything wrong, so why did he help them humiliate her?

Afterward, Colin Ward turned her head and glanced at the crowd, then he pointed his finger to Jane Steward and said, “I meant, fire her!”


The crowd was dumbfounded.

Doris Lee too, was stupefied after realizing what was going on.

Jane Stewart was dazed, then she laughed sarcastically at Colin Ward’s words.

“Fire me?”

Jane Stewart’s manager said furiously, “Who do you think you are? How dare you fire Jane Stewart?”

“I am the client’s advertising manager of this advertisement.” Colin Ward said indifferently.

“A project manager dare to speak this loud? You want to fire Jane Stewart? You don’t have this right!”

Colin Ward snorted coldly, “Whether I have the right or not, isn’t something for you to decide!”

Jane Stewart’s manager looked annoyed, “You’re just a advertising manager, but wanting to surpass the higher ups of the company and fire the celebrity that was personally requested by the company?”

Colin Ward’s gaze turned cold, “You’re given two options.”

“First, let Jane Stewart to compensate and apologize. Second, pack your stuffs and get the hell out of here!”


Colin Ward, a project manager, dared to tell her off in such an arrogant manner? Let alone a minor project manager like him, even if the chairman of Marquis Group saw celebrities like Jane Stewart too, didn’t he also need to talk to her courteously?

“Who do you think you are? On what basis did you tell us off?” Jane Stewart’s manager said furiously to Colin Ward.

Jane Stewart laughed sarcastically, “Director, you saw that, right? It’s not me who delay the shoot. It’s this man over here, and he asked us to leave as well. Even the client doesn’t let me to do the shooting, then I can only apologize to you.”

The director turned pale upon listening to them, then hurriedly persuade him, “Manager Ward, it’s just a trivial matter, why does it have to turn this sour? If the higher ups of Marquis Group find out, I’m worried that you might even lose your job!”

Colin Ward glanced stared lightly at the director but didn’t say anything.

While when Doris Lee heard that Colin Ward might lose his job because of this matter, protested immediately, “Colin Ward, let it be! I’ll just resign.”

Colin Ward held Doris Lee’s hand and said gently, “Doris, I told you before, I won’t let you suffer. Moreover, this wasn’t your fault to start with. Why do you have to leave?”

“But, what if you lose your job……” Doris Lee said softly. She felt somewhat guilty.

Colin Ward shook his head, “How could my job be compared to you?”

‘How could my job be compared to you?’

Those words that seemed light and fluttering but contained a heavy feeling in it.

Those words made Doris Lee stunned and speechless. In short, she felt touched. Those uncertainties she felt suddenly vanished.

Those hazy futures weren’t important at all. What matters was, regardless of what happened, Colin Ward would always be by her side.

Right at that time, the CEO of Century Ad Firm received a phone call from his employee and rushed to the location.

“Why? What happened?”

A middle-aged man around his forties barged into the crowd. He was wearing a suit and had a wretched appearance. His voice was small and shrill and ear-piercing.

This man was Fred Simon, the CEO of Century Ad Firm. Actually, when he got the phone call, he had already clarified this matter. He was just asking randomly.

When they saw Fred Simon, the crowd immediately stepped backward.

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