Chapter 93 – 94: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 93: I’ll teach you how to perform your wifely duties (1)

Looking at her pretty face, Zihang Lyu was attracted to her unconsciously. He moved forward and hugged her waist, saying in a gentle voice, “Venus, you’re drunk. I’ll take you home.”

Venus frowned, just wanted to retort, but she didn’t know what to say. Finally she just said with dissatisfaction, “I don’t need your help. You stay away from me.”

Zihang Lyu smiled tenderly, ignoring her struggle and hugging her tightly around the waist,

“Don’t worry. I’ll take you home right now.” he said excitedly.

Venus tried to struggle away from his hands, but her body didn’t have the strength due to the alcohol. She could only let him drag her outside.

“Don’t touch me…… let me go….”

Venus was physically forced to move forward. As she reached the bathroom door, she desperately pulled on the door handle to avoid being pulled away by him.

Zihang’s brow furrowed. Trying to remain calm, he said in a low voice, “Venus, you can trust me. You’re drunk now. I’ll take you home.”

Venus shook her head. “Don’t…I don’t want to go with you…you’re a liar.” Venus said angrily.

Zihang didn’t realize that he had become a liar in Venus’ mind.

Finally Zihang didn’t have the patience to say too much to Venus. He just let go of the hand he was holding around her waist. Venus thought he planned to let her go, so she was about to leave the place, but she was pulled by him again. Then Zihang pressed her against the wall.

Looking at her small mouth and pink cheeks, Zihang lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. His hands touched her soft skin through her clothes.

He hadn’t realized that her skin was so delicate and soft.

Venus reached out and pushed him, but she still couldn’t resist his strength. She couldn’t help but worry that if he continued to kiss her like that, maybe she would be raped.

Venus was scared, but there was no way she can escape.

Now Kerry was having fun drinking with a bunch of people.

He was slightly drunk and said huskily, “I can’t drink anymore. I’m a little drunk.”

Although Kerry was now having dinner with his company’s staff, the employees were still in awe of him. Hearing him say so, they didn’t dare to toast him anymore.

People all chatted happily as they ate, but Xinyou Qiao ate food in silence. When she felt that the time was almost right, she suddenly said, “Why hasn’t Venus returned yet?”

Her words suddenly caught the attention of everyone present, including Kerry.

Meiling looked at her watch and found that Venus had been gone for over 20 minutes and she immediately said, “I’ll go to the bathroom and get her.”

Just then, Kerry slowly stood up and said, “Don’t bother. I’ll go and find her.”

Seeing Kerry leave the room, Xinyou wore a gloating smile.

“Mr. Ye seems to care about Venus today,” a girl whispered.

“Venus is Mr. Ye’s wife. Of course he cares about her” another girl answered.

“Venus is really lucky to be married to Mr. Ye.” someone said with an envious tone.

Then the other girl rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t be envious. We never have such luck.”

Hearing their words, Xinyou was angry. She tried to retort, but she couldn’t do it.

“What do these stupid women know? Kerry and Venus didn’t marry for love. They don’t know anything and they gossip there. They’ve never even seen Kerry being gentle with me.” Xinyou thought hatefully.

Xinyou felt bad inside. Even if she made excuses to comfort herself, she couldn’t change the fact that Venus was Kerry’s wife.

Now she hated Venus even more. Suddenly when she thought of the pain Venus was going to face tonight, she wore a mocking smile.

“Maybe Venus has been taken away by Zihang. It’s time for me to show up.” Xinyou thought.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom.” Xinyou said to her colleague beside her suddenly. Then she left quickly.

Chapter 93: I’ll teach you how to perform your wifely duties (2)

When Kerry came to the bathroom, he saw Venus pressed against the wall by a man. He face darkened and his pace quickened.

Arriving in front of her, Kerry reached out his hands and grabbed the man by the collar, and flung him aside. Then the man immediately fell to the ground.

“Zihang Lyu, it’s you!” When he saw the man’s face, Kerry’s blue pupils shrank and he extended his fist and hit Zihang Lyu’s face.

Zihang was punched hard. The pain in his face made his eyebrows furrow. He looked at Kerry’ incredulity.

Kerry stepped forward and grabbed Kerry’s neck, asking grimly, “Why are you here?”

A pang of remorse rose up inside Zihang. He regretted having forgotten that Venus was now Kerry’s wife.

“It’s a misunderstanding. I just happened to pass by and met Vivian…..” Before Zihang finished his sentence, he felt that he could no longer make a sound.

Kerry snorted and said indifferently, “Do you think I’m an idiot?”

Zihang felt breathless now, and he was about to be strangled to death. He was afraid that Kerry would kill him, so he was thinking about whether to tell Kerry that Xinyou Qiao had ordered him to do this.

Just then, Venus fell to the ground unconscious.

Kerry instantly let go of Zihang’s neck, stepped forward and took Venus by the arm, saying, “You can’t drink, but why do you drink? Why are you so stupid?”

He then picked her up and looked coldly at Zihang and then quickly left.

Zihang relieved and quickly got up from the ground. When he saw Xinyou come this way, the anger rose in his heart.

“This woman almost caused me to be strangled to death by Kerry.” Zihang thought angrily.

Xinyou rushed to the bathroom and saw Zihang surprisingly. She felt uneasy inside. She coldly asked, “Where is Venus?”

“She was taken by Kerry.” Zihang glanced at her coldly and said.

“What? Why?” With an incredulous stare and a surge of anger in her heart, Xinyou questioned, “Didn’t I tell you to take Venus away? Why are you still here?”

Lucius retorted angrily, “Do you think Venus will listen to me? I told her to leave with me but she didn’t listen.”

Facing the agitated Zihang, Xinyou tried to remain calm. She inadvertently noticed the blood at the corner of Zihang’s mouth and knew what happened just now.

“You didn’t mention me just now, did you?” she asked seriously.

A mocking smile lifted the corner of Zihang’s lips. He said coldly, “I was just about to tell Kerry that you ordered me to do this.”

“No, you can’t tell him.” Xinyou was very uneasy and quickly said.

Zihang gently wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth and said coldly, “In order to help you, my body was seriously injured. Shouldn’t you compensate me for some medical expenses?”

Xinyou took a deep breath and asked indifferently, “How much do you want?”

“Two hundred thousand dollars.” Zihang said slowly

“$200,000? Why don’t you go to rob the bank.” said Xinyou.

She was very angry. She hadn’t achieved her aim, but she was blackmailed by Zihang.

Zihang stretched his back and said, “Since you don’t want to give me money, then I’ll tell Mr. Ye that you ordered me to do this.”

As soon as he threatened, Xinyou quickly said, “I can give you the money, but you have to keep your promise,”

Zihang revealed a smug smile and said, “Of course.”

After she settled Zihang’s matter, Xinyou quickly ran downstairs, hailed a taxi and rushed to the Ye family’s villa.

Chapter 93: I’ll teach you how to perform your wifely duties (3)

At this moment Kerry had already driven home. As soon as he got out of the car, he pulled Venus out of the car. He used too much force, so Venus’s knee hit the car and it bled.

The pain in her knee made Venus sober. She tried to open her eyes, and only saw Kerry’s back.

Kerry took her directly to the bedroom on the second floor and then slammed her on the bed. Looking at her pretty face, he raised his hand and slapped her.

She immediately felt the pain on her face and she also fell directly under the bed, aggravating the knee injury she had just suffered.

“Are you crazy?” she glared at him hatefully and asked.

Kerry stepped forward and pulled her back onto the bed, clutching her chin and asking angrily, “You bitch. What were you doing with Zihang Lyu just now? You’re getting better and better at seducing man now.”

Venus shook her head and retorted, “I don’t know why Zihang Lyu was there. Please get the facts straight first.”

Kerry sneered, looked at her coldly and said in a low voice, “You’re good at arguing. I don’t believe you. It seems you haven’t learned your lesson yet.”

Hearing his words, Venus’s body stiffened. She looked at him with a cold look, asking in a mocking tone, “You are going to teach me a lesson again? I’m wondering whether you want me to do the striptease.”

Hearing her sarcastic words, Kerry stiffened and became even angrier. Suddenly, he thought of her last coma and what Dr. Han called “intentional coma”.

“Tonight I’ll tell you how you should do your duty as a wife.” Kerry took a deep breath and said indifferently.

After hearing his words, she was suddenly afraid. She quickly covered her breasts with both hands and said coldly, “No, you are not allowed to touch me. I……”

Before she could finish, Kerry kissed her directly on the lips. With one hand he easily grabbed both of hers and pushed them against the wall.

Venus was quickly undressed by him. As he was undressing himself, Venus took the opportunity to jump off the bed quickly and rushed to the door.

But before she can open the door, Kerry picked her up and threw her on the bed again. Venus felt like her bones were almost broken.

When she felt pain all over her body, Kerry suddenly held her arm down and then pressed against her.

She kept trying to escape but Kerry kept himself on top of her. The two of them were just fighting each other on the bed.


Xinyou Qiao got out of the car, and then walked directly into the gate of the villa. She bypassed the fountain and went straight into the villa, going up the stairs to the second floor. Suddenly she heard Venus’s sound coming from the room.

Xinyou stopped at Kerry’s bedroom door, and the Venus’s voice came out clearly.

“Leave me alone. Please…..” Venus begged, “Don’t touch me….”

“No, I said I would teach you how to perform your wifely duties.” Kerry answered.

“Don’t hit me. My ass already hurts. You bastard.” said Venus.


The sound of their voices in the room was like a needle sticking in Xinyou’s heart. She pinched herself with her fingernails hard.

“Venus, you bitch!” She gritted her teeth and said.

She stared at the door deadly. Now she wanted to rush in and stop them, but in the end she didn’t do so. She knew if she did so she would be disgusted by Kerry. Now Xinyou had to endure even if it was painful for her.

Finally she couldn’t stand the sounds inside, so she hurriedly left and returned to her room, slamming the door.

Only a loud ‘bang’ sound was heard, and the door was closed.

Chapter 94: Why don’t you divorce Kerry?(1)

Venus Mu was not precisely sure how long it took, she became limp and feeble. However, she found that the man on her body did not intend to stop at all.

She stretched out her hand and gave him a gentle push, saying in a weak tone, “Kerry Ye, just let me go. I can’t stand it.”

Kerry ignored her request, his forehead kept sweating hotly, and he said in a sexy and attractive voice, “I’m worried that you won’t learn a lesson, and next time you’ll just go straight to the bed with other men!”

Venus couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Sleep gradually came into her eyes, and finally she couldn’t hold on and fell asleep.

Seeing this, Kerry stiffened and became angry, he pinched her waist hard. Venus immediately opened her eyes in pain and asked fiercely, “What are you doing?! Do you know it’s painful?!”

Kerry sneered and answered disdainfully, “I don’t know. But maybe I should work harder? I can’t believe you’re that bored! Having sex with me makes you sleepy?”

Venus didn’t realize that falling asleep while having sex with a man was actually a sign that this man was impotent, which was intolerable for any man.

But it was good for Venus to realize that she absolutely couldn’t close her eyes again before Kerry was satisfied. Or else he would be even less likely to let her go in order to prove his abilities….

After a long time, he finally had it done. Instantly, Venus fell dead asleep.

Kerry lied on his side, looking at Venus’s beautiful and gentle face under the moonlight. He suddenly thought of the woman that night.

Right at this moment, Venus turned over, she lifted her thigh on his waist unconsciously. Kerry was frozen, suddenly his lust for Venus was aroused again….

When did he indulge in sexual pleasure? He was easily attracted by Venus? A woman who had been fucked by so many people!

Kerry frowned and came to a conclusion after thinking for a long time: Venus was a slut who was born wanton!

That’s why she got into troubles with men so many times? First Nangong, and then Zihang Lu….

Thinking of this, Kerry pushed her thigh away. Venus twitched her mouth uncomfortably, and after turning over again, she was still in her deepest sleep….

She was a pig!

Kerry cursed in his heart and was annoyed that he had taken her as the woman of that night again. Then he suddenly realized that he had found the woman of that night already! That was supposed to be Xinyou Qiao.

His thoughts were particularly perplexed at present. He eventually attributed it to the fact that he was not quite conscious because he was drunk that night, so that woman should actually be Xinyou Qiao….


The next morning when Venus was awake, struggling to open her eyes. She was staring at the ceiling out of her mind until she felt the pain on her body, which made her sober up.

“Damn! Kerry you’re a lecher!” Venus couldn’t help but curse.

Crawling out of bed with great difficulty, she went to the bathroom. The warm water softened her pain and alleviated her fatigue.

Thinking that she still had to go to work today, Venus fixed her makeup as quickly as she could, then opened the door and walked out, directly running into Xinyou.

Xinyou didn’t look good today. Ever since she ran into that scene last night, she had been on tenterhooks and couldn’t fall asleep, making her uncomfortable and nervous.

Xinyou gave her a cold glance, and when she noticed the love bites on Venus’s neck, her anger finally exploded.

“I heard that you almost got together with Zihang last night?! Venus, how dare you still mess with other men after marrying Kerry!”

Faced with Xinyou’s provocation in the early morning, Venus didn’t want to pay any attention to it at first. But her depression caused by Kerry hadn’t dissipated yet, and now that Xinyou had taken the initiative to start a fight, she didn’t want to let her go.

“Wow! You must be very well-informed! I really doubt that you’re stalking me anywhere anytime.”

Venus was just saying this casually, she didn’t expect that Xinyou would react so violently. Venus didn’t know it was because Xinyou had a guilty conscience.

“Oh, Venus, please don’t sling mud at me! You’re a slut! Thinking about how to seduce other men all day long!”

Venus frowned and looked colder. She said to Xinyou in a contemptuous sneer, “Xinyou Qiao, did you dig your mouth out of a cesspit? Why is your mouth so stinky?”

“You!” Xinyou was mad at Venus, she had underestimated Venus in the past. She thought that Venus was just a fish on the chopping block, but she didn’t expect that Venus could turn into a spiny hedgehog!

Chapter 94: Why don’t you divorce Kerry? (2)

“I’m ashamed to be your friend. You affect my graceful taste.” Xinyou Qiao scoffed.

Venus snorted and said coldly with a smirk, “You’re just a bitch. Don’t pretend to be noble here.”

Xinyou stared at her incredulously, filled with shock.

“Oh my god, when does she get so smart-tongued?” Xinyou was puzzled.

Looking at her surprised look, Venus said indifferently, “Xinyou Qiao, I won’t let you hurt me anymore. I used to treat you as a friend, so I respect and love you! Now you are a hypocrite to me.”

“I don’t expect you are so rude. You must apologize to Xinyou.” Just at this moment, Kerry’s roar came from behind her suddenly.

When Xinyou saw Kerry, she immediately pretended to be sad. She hurriedly walked toward Kerry and said, “Kerry, I didn’t expect Venus to say that about me, I’m so sad.”

Kerry looked at her distressed look, the coldness in his eyes became even greater. He glared at Venus in front of him and indifferently ordered, “Venus, you apologize to Xinyou now, or I’ll…….”

“Or you’ll slap me.” Without waiting for him to finish, Venus coldly interrupted him and mocked, “It’s not the first time you’ve slapped me, do whatever you want to me, I don’t care right now.”

Kerry was originally full of anger, but after hearing her words, his anger also subsided a lot. His eyebrows furrowed and he said with dissatisfaction, “Venus, since you said that, I hope you don’t regret what you’re saying now.”

“No, I never regret what I said.” Venus said coldly.

“Fine, I hope you won’t.” Kerry glance at her and said indifferently.

“If you hate me so much, why don’t you divorce me and go marry Miss Qiao?” Venus sneered.

After hearing that, Kerry said coldly with a frown, “You’re saying that on purpose. You want to divorce me early and get rid of me.”

“No, you’re wrong. Miss Qiao loves you so much, I’m just helping her.” Venus looked calm and said coldly.

“No need for you to be good. You better not mess with me, or you’ll be the one who ends up suffering.” said Kerry, deadpan. Then he went upstairs.

When Venus saw him leave, she scowled at Xinyou as if to say, “No matter how much he hates me, he won’t divorce me for you.”

Xinyou was filled with anger and slammed her bag on the ground, even stepping on it a few times with her high heels.

Looking at her favorite bag being trampled, she vented her anger. She had a sense of pleasure, as if she wasn’t stepping on the bag, but on Venus’s face.

Kerry went directly to the study room. When sitting on his office chair, he recalled the scene just now.

He remembered Venus’s words but he was actually a little sad. He didn’t expect that she wanted to divorce him and even asked him to marry Xinyou.

In Kerry’s eyes, Xinyou was kind and can be a good wife, but Venus had no merit and always pissed him off. But why didn’t he want to divorce her? He married Venus because of Tianye Mu, but now Henry had told him that Venus really didn’t know where Tianye Mu was, so he should have dumped her a long time ago, but he didn’t. Now Kerry was very complicated. He didn’t understand what he was thinking himself.

“She’s just a toy I paid for. When I get tired of her I’ll abandon her immediately.” Kerry consoled himself in his mind. He refused to admit that he loved Venus.

When Venus entered her room and closed the door, she was exhausted. For the first time, she had learned to resist others. She scolded Xinyou and even mocked Kerry. She should be happy, but her heart was lost.

Chapter 94: Why don’t you divorce Kerry (3)

“Are you still the kind and simple girl you were?” Venus murmured quietly as she looked at her gaunt face in the mirror.

She didn’t like who she was now, but she couldn’t help it. She knew that if she didn’t protect herself then she would be in a much more difficult situation.

Like just now, if she continued to endure in silence as usual, maybe she would get not only an insult from them but also a slap.

Venus sighed deeply and then washed her face slowly. The moment she looked up, there was a figure behind her suddenly.

She wanted to scream, but her mouth was covered by a large hand, and then she heard a sigh, “It’s me. Don’t be afraid.”

Then Venus relaxed and said, “Can you knock before you enter the door next time? Otherwise I would have been scared to death by you sooner or later.”

“You’re very timid. It’s better for you to be scared to death by me than for you to become an old lady.” Xiozi said mildly.

“I don’t want to be frightened to death. How humiliating it is.” Venus said discontentedly, “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve been feeling bored in my room lately. I want to go out for a walk. Do you want to go out with me?” Xiaozi smiled and said slowly.

Venus, upon hearing this, said happily, “I’d love to. Where are you taking me this time?”

Xiaozi held his chin in thought and said, “I’ve enhanced my power a bit lately. I can take you to a nearby mountain for a walk.”

“Are there any mountains around here?” Venus was curious and asked.

“The Ye family villa is located halfway up the hill. The view from this hill is very beautiful and the air is fresh.”

Venus just remembered that the Ye family villa wasn’t in the city center, but was built on a hill.

“The air is nice here, right?” Xiaozi looked at her. His eyes seemed to be able to see into people’s mind.

Venus nodded, and with a relaxed smile on his face, she said gently, “Yes, it’s good to get close to nature.”

Xiaozi hugged her slender waist, feeling her stiffness, and said softly, “Don’t be nervous. We’ll go there like last time.”


“Yes. Close your eyes, or you might get scared.” Xiaozi answered.

Venus remembered the terrible experience of roller coaster ride she had once done with her brother, so she closed her eyes.

Suddenly there was a whistling wind in her ears and then soon she felt the silence around her.

“You can open your eyes now. We’re here.” Xiaozi said suddenly.

When she opened her eyes, Venus was surprised. The location they were on was at the top of a mountain. It wasn’t too high and was surrounded by lush trees. There were steep cliffs a dozen meters in front of them.

“The air here is nice.” Xiaozi said softly.

“Yeah, it’s really pleasant. I feel like all my stress is gone.” Venus nodded and said happily.

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