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Chapter 93: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 93 They all bullied me!

Jane Stewart’s manager stepped forward. She pointed at Colin Ward, and at the same time, said arrogantly and haughtily, “CEO Simon, the client’s project manager told us to get lost. So, what do you think?”

Fred Simon frowned.

“Who are you? Was it you who asked Miss Jane Stewart to get lost?” Fred Simon approached Colin Ward. It was his first time meeting Colin Ward, so he didn’t know who Colin Ward really was.

Colin Ward ignored Fred Simon.

Fred Simon noticed Colin Ward’s hand that was tightly holding Doris Lee’s hand. He squinted his eyes immediately.

Doris Lee’s capability wasn’t that outstanding, and her specialization didn’t exactly match for the job. Logically, Century Ad Firm wouldn’t have employed her. It just happened that Fred Simon saw her when she interviewed for the job.

Doris Lee’s beauty was needless to be mentioned. It was understandable that Fred Simon could be fond of Doris Lee.

And in most workplaces, there were too many unspoken rules. Thus, there was some personal reason for Fred Simon in employing Doris Lee.

But looking at how intimately Doris Lee and Colin Ward held their hands together, other than feeling uncomfortable, he also started feeling hostile towards Colin Ward.

“Young man, you should’ve known that Century Ad Firm belongs to Marquis Group as well. Marquis Group paid high attention to this advertisement project. If you kept on making scene like this, you’ll be in trouble too!”

Colin Ward had already noticed Fred Simon’s lustful gaze towards Doris Lee since the beginning, so he blocked his view using his body, then said, “Who are you? Are you even qualified to talk to me?”

Colin Ward was enraged at Fred Simon’s word, “Who am I? Sure! I’ll tell you! I am the CEO of Century Ad Firm! You’re merely an advertising manager, it’s you that’s not qualified to talk to me!”

Colin Ward slightly frowned but still talked indifferently, “If you’re the CEO, you should do as you said, right? Then you should quickly let these two to get lost.”

“What did you just say?” Fred Simon doubted his hearing.

When Jane Stewart’s manager heard that, she couldn’t hold back her ruthless words, “What a piece of shit! If someone has to get lost, that should be you!”

Colin Ward snorted lightly, “I am the advertising manager of your client. Whether the advertisement is good or bad, the supervising and inspection job were all decided by me.”

Fred Simon laughed at his words, “Are you dumb? Who is Jane Stewart? She is a huge celebrity and renowned host. Do you dare to offend her? Let alone yourself, even if the higher ups of Marquis Group come here personally, they also need to act courteously!”

“If you keep on making scene here and the higher ups of Marquis Group find out, you will be fired!”

Colin Ward seemed unconcerned, “So what?”

“Huh!” Fred Simon laughed sarcastically, “Fine, then I’ll let you know the consequences!”

After he said that, Fred Simon took out his phone and called someone.

“Hello, Assistant White. Century Ad Firm is shooting the advertisement here, but someone from the corporation caused a scene. I hope that Assistant White could come here personally.”

Fred Simon felt satisfied after he hung up the phone, “Just you wait! When Assistant White arrived, you could no longer save yourself.”

Colin Ward ignored him and was expressionless.

The people around him were all looking at Colin Ward and feeling sorry for him. He ruined his future for a woman. They thought it wasn’t worth it.

Jane Stewart was a renowned celebrity after all, and it wasn’t easy to have her be in the advertisement. On the other hand, Marquis Group is a huge corporation and shouldn’t be offended even more.

Jane Stewart and her manager were laughing scornfully and seemed arrogant. The way they looked at Colin Ward was full of disdain and sneering.

After around 20 minutes, Nina White arrived at the shooting location in her car.

When Nina White arrived, everyone made way for her.

After Fred Simon saw Nina White in her work attire, he smiled and bowed to welcome her, “Assistant White, you’re here……”

Nina White looked displeased, then asked seriously, “What’s going on?”

Fred Simon explained immediately, “This was what happened. A new staff, who joined us recently, made a mistake. Miss Jane Stewart kindly told her off, but an advertising manager representing the corporation insisted on asking Miss Jane Stewart to get lost. Wasn’t he delaying our work progress then? Assistant White, you see……”

Nina White listened to Fred Simon while her eyes followed the direction he was pointing. Her eyes caught Colin Ward who had been standing there at once.

Nina White’s heart thumped.

Then she saw Doris Lee, who was standing next to Colin Ward and their hands that were tightly held together. She suddenly understood why Colin Ward asked to be in Century Ad Firm. But for the same reason too, she felt a bit jealous and oppressed.

Jane Stewart’s manager walked up to them and said to Nina White, “Assistant White, it seemed like you had known what happened. This person is such an arrogant, and kept asking as to get lost, even ruder against Miss Jane Stewart!”

“Miss Jane Stewart is very busy and has no time to waste here. So, it’s either you give us a reasonable explanation or we won’t shoot anymore.”

Nina White stared coldly at Jane Stewart’s manager and said, “Just stop the shooting then.”


The crowd was dumbfounded.

Jane Stewart’s manager was in a daze too, then asked confusedly, “Assistant White, are you sure about this?”

Nina White looked solemn, then said, “I’m sure, to ask you to get lost!”

She didn’t spare any sensibilities for them when she said those words.

Jane Stewart and her manager turned stiff. They didn’t expect Nina White to say those words.

And Fred Simon, who was standing on the side, was even more shocked that Nina White would handle it this way. He was stupefied at that moment.

After that, Fred Simon approached Nina White and seemed slightly anxious, then spoke softly, “Assistant White, Jane Stewart was invited by Director Moore of the corporation. Don’t you want to rethink about it?”

Director Moore was one of the directors of Marquis Group, while Assistant White was the chairman’s assistant. He couldn’t afford to offend both sides.

And Jane Stewart was pretty much pissed off already. Since she made her debut, she hadn’t been insulted like this, and never once did someone acted so arrogantly towards her.

The manager knew what Jane Stewart was thinking, so she quickly called to Director Moore.

After she hung up, the manager glared coldly at Nina White and spoke in an unfriendly manner, “What kind of assistant are you? Can’t you even handle this trivial matter? It appeared to me that you’re just a bitch from nowhere than only know how to bully others with your status. In short, you’re just a mere assistant. A word from the chairman of Marquis Group can make you lose your job immediately!”

Nina White’s expression turned gloomy, and her gaze gave out a chilly feeling.

The crowd started to worry for her, as this might be the end.

It was usual for celebrities to be connected to influential figures, so they had nothing to say about that, but the problem had turned sour now. A newcomer in the office had offended Jane Stewart along with a Marquis Group director, and Assistant White was even dragged in this matter. She might be fired too.

Doris Lee thought of this too, which made her felt guilty.

This problem happened because of her. If it’s not her, it wouldn’t have turned this bad, and even wouldn’t have caused Colin Ward and his colleague to lose their job.

Not long after, Adam Moore arrived.

When Adam Moore arrived, he didn’t care about others and scolded Nina White right away.

“Assistant White, what’s wrong with you? You dare to betray a director’s word too now? Do you not respect the directors that even you wanted to butt in when I asked someone to shoot the advertisement?”

Jane Stewart walked up to him and stood behind Adam Moore, then whined to him, “Brother Moore, look at your staffs. They all bullied me!”

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