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Chapter 94: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 94 Fuck away with them together!

Adam Moore smiled at her, “Let me handle this. I would like to see, who is so ignorant to dare to bully you?”

After he said that, he nagged at Nina White, “Assistant White, don’t think that you have the chairman backing you up, then you could do as you wish. Even the chairman too, need to act depends on how serious the problem is. Oh right, isn’t there another ignorant person here? Who is it? Let me see who’s so arrogant?”

“It’s me.” Colin Ward slowly showed himself.

“Oh it’s you! See when I……” Adam Moore planned to scold this person rampantly at first, but he suddenly stopped talking when he realized that it’s Colin Ward.

“Yes, what?” Colin Ward asked indifferently.

Adam Moore broke into a cold sweat.

Jane Stewart, who was standing next to him, pointed at Colin Ward and said aggressively, “He’ll settles scores with you for sure! Kick you out from Marquis Group! Brother Moore is a Marquis Group director. A mere staff like you too dared to give orders summarily. Let me tell you, Brother Moore had said, even the chairman of Marquis Group came too, he still had to show respect to Brother Moore!”


Jane Stewart wanted to say something, but Adam Moore suddenly slapped her.

Adam Moore had lost the gentleness when he felt pity for Jane Stewart earlier. What was left now were anger and fear, “What the hell are you talking about? When did I ever said that Marquis Group Chairman too have to show respect to me even if he came?”

“Marquis Group chairman has both talent and capabilities, and is the role model of the younger generation. He’s someone that I admire a lot, what do you think you’re talking about? If somebody need to show respect, that should be me showing my respect to the chairman!”

Jane Stewart stared unbelievably at Adam Moore and said with her eyes wide, “Did you just slap me?”

The manager was stunned too, while supporting Jane Stewart with her hands.

Adam Moore snorted, “So what If I slapped you? You have such a filthy mouth, slapping you was me being easy on you!”

After he said that, Adam Moore no longer cared about Jane Stewart’s reaction. Instead, he turned over and looked at Colin Ward smiling, “Manager Ward, you’re here as well. How embarrassing……”

The sudden change in his attitude and their different status made the crowd completely dumbfounded.

Did Director Moore take the wrong medicine today?

What was all of this about?

Adam Moore even had the will to die already. How could he know that he’d bumped into Colin Ward here? Colin Ward once told the directors not to disclose his identity, so he didn’t dare to. That’s why he could only follow the pretext and greet him as ‘Manager Ward’.

The others didn’t know about this, so they wondered whether Adam Moore was mistaken. He was just a mere manager, so why was he acting so respectful towards him?

And also, she’s Jane Stewart! Renowned celebrity, Jane Stewart! How could he slapped her and showed no pity and love for women!

Jane Stewart asked after snapping out of it, “Brother Moore? Why did you slap me? Shouldn’t you hit him instead? It’s him who asked me to get lost! A mere manager dared to tell me to get lost? Brother Moore, you need to give me justice!”

Adam Moore was dying to give Jane Stewart a couple more slaps. Damn it! Last time, John Martin did the same too, asked him, a director, to fire the chairman. What a joke! And this time, Jane Stewart as well!

“Are you sure it’s him that asked you to get lost? Adam Moore asked seriously.

Jane Stewart nodded, “Yes, it’s him!”

Adam Moore suddenly shouted at her, “Then get lost! Why are you still here?”

What was the situation this time?

Wasn’t Adam Moore a director of Marquis Group? Colin Ward was just a general manager, and his position is definitely not higher than a director’s. Didn’t Director Moore even dare to scold Nina White? But why was he acting so respectful towards Colin Ward and even listened to Colin Ward? Did he really mean it when he asked Jane Stewart to get lost?

The way Doris Lee looked at Colin Ward had changed. What kind of secret did he not tell her yet?

Right that time, Fred Simon, the opportunist, grasped the situation and hurriedly said, “That’s right! Director Moore told you to get lost, then quickly get lost!”

Colin Ward said coldly, “You should get lost together with them!”

“Huh?” Fred Simon got confused, “Me?”

Colin Ward ignored him.

Fred Simon was enraged. He was the CEO of Century Ad Firm. Although his position wasn’t as high as Director Moore’s, could he be scared of a mere staff member?

“You dare to ask me to get lost? Do you think that you’re the chairman of Marquis Group?”

Nina White and Adam Moore smirked at his words. He was indeed the chairman of Marquis Group though.

Adam Moore said coldly, “What kind of rubbish are you spouting? Get lost as you’re told! Stop your nonsense!”

“Director Moore?” Fred Simon’s eyes widened. He seemed at a loss.

Adam Moore almost exploded. Why were there so many dumbasses that caused him troubles?

“I want you to get lost! Don’t you get it? You’re fired!”

Colin Ward was quite satisfied with Adam Moore’s attitude. Then he saw a CEO working badge hanging on Fred Simon’s neck, thus telling Director Moore, “Director Moore, shouldn’t you find a replacement if the current CEO is dismissed?”

Adam Moore was confused for a while before realizing his words, then he immediately snatched the badge from Fred Simon’s neck and gave it to Colin Ward respectfully.

Colin Ward didn’t accept it, but instead, he glanced at Doris Lee.

Adam Moore could be a director wasn’t only due to the small percentage of stocks he had; he was also good at gauging people’s minds.

Looking at how Colin Ward glanced at Doris Lee and their tightly held hands, he immediately understood.

Thus Adam Moore made a turn and gave the badge to Doris Lee, then said, “From today on, you’ll be the CEO of Century Ad Firm.”

“Huh?” Doris Lee was stunned.

Colin Ward looked at Doris Lee and laughed, then said. “This badge had been on him, it’s not clean. Get someone to make a new one.”

Adam Moore nodded hurriedly, “Sure, sure. I’ll get them to do as you said.”

After he said that, Adam Moore coldly threw the badge towards Fred Simon.

Fred Simon finally recovered from the shock, but he still felt bewildered. Would he lose his job as CEO just like this? He couldn’t understand why this happened.

The crowd was even more shocked.

How could a large corporation like Marquis Group be so casual in replacing a CEO?

“Oh right, isn’t Jane Stewart leaving? Why don’t we have Miss Doris Lee to shoot the advertisement instead?”

“This……” Doris Lee unconsciously looked at Colin Ward.

Colin Ward was a bit speechless. This Adam Moore, how could he even think of this lame idea?

Adam Moore noticed that Doris Lee was looking at Colin Ward, so he also looked at Colin Ward, smiling.

The crowd’s gaze followed too.

“Doris is prettier than Jane Stewart. She’s a perfect fit for the advertisement.”

“That’s true! Doris could handle it just right.”

“Right! The shooting wouldn’t be delayed as well.”

Doris Lee felt uneasy upon hearing them. She never did stuff like this and was unsure about it. But honestly speaking, she wanted to try it. Furthermore, which woman never dreamed of becoming a celebrity?

Colin Ward was helpless too, so he could only nod and said, “Worth to try.”

In any case, Century Ad Firm belonged to Marquis Group. At a self-owned company, Doris Lee could do whatever she wants.

Besides, now that Adam Moore had spoken, Doris Lee wouldn’t be bullied at this company any more, and he didn’t need to stay to keep eyes on her.

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