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Chapter 95 – 96: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 95: Fall off the cliff (1)

“I feel the same,” Xiaozi said, “How great would it be if we didn’t have to face so much stress and pressure every day. Life would be much easier.”

Faced with Xiaozi’ s sudden feelings of life, Venus Mu pursed her lips and said, “What you’re saying isn’t that hard to achieve, is it? Look, aren’t we just standing at the top of the hill enjoying the view now?”

Xiaozi’ s looked sullen and even his tone was with some coldness, “That’s not the same.”

Venus asked in confusion, “What’s the difference?”

“The mood.”

Venus looked at him with doubt. In her impression, whether his indifference at the beginning, or his gentleness, wasn’t as much as this moment that made her so… distressed.

There seemed to be some sadness that couldn’t dissolve in his eyes, like the fog in the deep mountains, with despairing confusion.

What was wrong with him? Was something bothering him?

It wasn’t until this moment that Venus had realized that she didn’t seem to really know him, including his past, but she knew it wasn’t a happy ending.

He had a story to tell, and she wanted to be his listener.

“Xiaozi, don’t keep anything to yourself, talk to me about it. I may not be helpful, but it will somewhat relieve your pressure.” Venus said sincerely.

After hearing her words, he looked surprised and said softly, “You won’t want to hear it.”

Venus looked stunned, feeling upset inside. He didn’t trust her after all.

Just at this moment, Xiaozi suddenly stepped forward, whose figure was with loneliness and vulnerability.

Venus instantly came back to her senses and she hurriedly followed him and shouted, “Xiaozi, cliff ahead. It’s very dangerous!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Xiaozi suddenly turned around. His purple eyes were bright, with a hint of obvious exuberance, but his tone was extremely peaceful, “Don’t forget it that I can’t die I this way. I just remembered an old friend…”

For some reason, Venus suddenly felt uneasy and after a moment, she finally said, “He-”

“He’s dead.”

Venus looked startled. As he said so, she could see the extreme coldness in his eyes, causing her to stiffen.

“How did he die?”

Even though she knew it was bad to ask, Venus just wanted to know about his past. She wanted him to be… happy.

Xiaozi sneered, turning around and taking two steps forward again. Obviously, he didn’t care about Venus’s worry. He had reached the end of the cliff, and if he took one more step…


Venus looked shocked as she shouted and she hurried forward a few steps to grab Xiaozi, but he disappeared in an instant.

And then, she tripped over something and stumbled, directly rolling off the cliff!


The wind was whistling in her ears and she could feel the speed of her descent, so she finally closed her eyes in despair. Maybe she…

Just when she was in despair, she felt a warm touch and she opened her eyes abruptly, and what she could see was Xiaozi’ s handsome face!

“Xiaozi, you…” Venus looked surprised.

Xiaozi looked sullen and coldly interrupted her, “Don’t speak.”

Venus obediently closed her eyes, a strange sentiment within her. Why did she think she was seeing that demon Kerry the moment she opened her eyes? “Updated by”

But she knew this was absolutely impossible. If it was really him, he would have pushed her off the cliff and watched her die! How could he save her?

By the way, what was that thing that tripped her? She hadn’t found any rocks or anything like that before…

Weird… Everything just now was weird…

Chapter 95: Fall off the cliff (2)

While Venus Mu was thinking, she didn’t even pay any attention to things around her. Only when she realized did she find that she had returned to her room.

Venus was gently placed on the floor by Xiaozi. She was about to say something when Xiaozi began to say something, whose tone was with some reproach, “You’re too careless. If I’m not able to save you, you’ll die!”

Feeling Xiaozi’ s worry, Venus only began to feel fearful. She then said, “Sorry, I was worried when I saw you walking forward!”

After hearing her say so, Xiaozi suddenly sighed, “I have superpower.”

Venus remembered now and she nodded and said with an apologetic face, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I tripped over. Thank you for saving my life.”

Looking at her mischievous tongue sticking-out face, Xiaozi looked complex, and he said with seriousness, “It was also my fault. I shouldn’t take you to such a dangerous place.”

Mu Venus pursed her lips, with a disapproving face and said, “Don’t blame yourself. It’s not without any benefit. I felt relaxed when I was there.”


Venus nodded, with some yearning, “If there’s a chance, I still want you to take me out.”

Xiaozi pondered for a while and said softly, “I will.”

“Thank you.” Venus smiled, suddenly somewhat moved inside, and whispered, “One day, will you leave here?”

Xiaozi heard her tone filled with sadness and he frowned and asked, “Why do you ask?”

“I’m just asking!” Venus blushed and said somewhat unnaturally, “If one day, you want to leave here, please take me with you.”

Xiaozi looked stunned, his tone full of surprise, “This is your home. Why do you want to leave?”

Venus snorted, “This isn’t my home. I haven’t had a home since my parents died and my brother left me.”


“What do you mean? Do you agree or not?” Venus looked confused and her tone was somewhat dissatisfied.

Xiaozi held his chin for a moment to think, and said some words unable to understand, “If that day comes and you are still willing to leave with me, I will take you away.”

Venus didn’t study his words carefully, thinking that he agreed, so she was extremely happy inside and said brilliantly, “Good, deal. You can’t go back on your word then!”


Venus was in her fantasies at the moment, not realizing that when the day really came to leave and she found out all the truth, all ends were already set.

She was not destined to be with him.

They chatted for a while, and Xiaozi said that he was going back. Although Venus was a bit reluctant, she could only accept it. If Xiaozi was found by Ye family, perhaps the situation would be very bad.

She suddenly realized that Xiaozi stayed here all year round, and he hadn’t been discovered by Kerry yet, then Xiaozi must do it on purpose. Would he have anything to do with him?

Did they have a grudge? Was he hiding here alone to wait for the right moment to take revenge?

The more Venus thought, the more certain she became. Kerry was despicable, so there must be quite a few enemies! Otherwise, Xiaozi would not refuse her when she wanted to take him to meet Kerry.

Yes, that’s right.

Venus felt much easier as she figured one thing out, but soon she realized another problem—why did Xiaozi and Kerry look so much alike?

Weren’t they brothers? Fight for inheritance of property…

The living room

Kerry looked at the man in front of him with a complex look. Hao Nangong, who was once treated as his best friend, but now, there were less of intimacy, but more confrontation.

Chapter 95: Fall off the cliff (3)

Kerry Ye took a light sip of the red wine in his cup, looking less ridiculed and colder, “Hao Nangong, for Venus, you really intend to give up our many years of friendship?”

Hao directly picked up the bottle of wine on the table, chugging a lot. His attitude was not as gentle and elegant as before, “Kerry, I didn’t mean to do this, but Venus is special to me.”

After hearing his explanation, Kerry frowned, “What special? Is she your first girl?”

Hao’s muscles were somewhat stiff and a coldness rose inside. When he saw Kerry’s provocation, he tried to suppress all his emotions and said indifferently, “Of course not!”

“What’s that?”

What made you go so far as to fall out with your friend of over a decade for a woman!

No matter what, Venus was still his woman. Even if he didn’t like it, he, as a friend, couldn’t take her away.

Kerry intended to ask for a reason.

Hao took a deep breath with huskiness, “Do you remember a few years ago, I was almost killed by someone from a family?”

Kerry was stunned and nodded, asking in puzzlement, “But what does this have to do with Venus?”

“She saved me!”

Kerry was startled and asked, “What?”

Hao lowered his head and said in an extremely slow tone, “I fainted in the alley and thought I would die for sure, but when I woke up, I found that I was lying in the hospital and she was sitting next to me.”

Kerry was silent and just listened patiently.

“I asked her at the time if she had saved me. She said yes. Actually, it was no big deal, and I thought I’d give her some money. After all, there are no simple good people in this world.”

At this point, Hao once again took a mouthful of red wine before continuing, “She asked for my family’s contact information, so I told her and she also knew my identity. I asked her what she wanted for saving me, and as a result…”

“What was the result?” Kerry couldn’t help but ask.

“In the end, she said she didn’t want anything and she just walked away. I sent people to look for her and learned that she was attending Nanhua University. I found myself falling in love with her, and I was going to wait until she graduated, but I didn’t expect…”

Listening to his best friend’s description, he could feel his last desperation, and when he would soon be able to pursue her, she would be his wife!

Kerry was somewhat upset, and his tone was much lower, “Are you sure you’re not grateful or interested in her, but rather feeling?”

Hao looked at him with a look of determination, “Of course I know! Otherwise I wouldn’t have abandoned my previous life. Kerry, you should know me, no one can force me if I don’t want to do it!”

Kerry naturally knew him. Thinking of his past life, he couldn’t help but say, “If you go around like this, aren’t you afraid of dying on a woman’s bed?”

He still remembered, at that time, he kept seeing with different women, whose tone full of unconcern, “One-night romance with a gorgeous girl, a happy death thus deserves.”

After he had almost died, he seemed to have changed into a different person, and even Henry said that Young Master Nangong had totally changed…

So, it was all because he met someone.

That woman turned out to be Venus!

Just as Kerry lost his mind, Hao said, “You know what? How devastated I was when I found out that you had married her, and I was thinking, why was you? If it were anyone else, I would not hesitate to take her away!”

Kerry looked with complexity and said, “No matter what, she is already my wife, so why are you having trouble with yourself? There are plenty of good women!”

Hao said with ridicule, but not at Kerry, but at himself, “Of course I know. I told myself so and for a while, I did intend to let it go.”

“Then why…”

“Until I found out the real reason why you married her.” Hao raised his voice much higher, “Until I found out that she wasn’t happy marrying you and you don’t love her at all, so I changed my mind again!”

“Hao, you…”

Not waiting for Kerry to finish his words, Hao interrupted him and continued, “Kerry, even if you hate Tianye, how can you blame Venus? Don’t you think that’s not fair to her? she didn’t do anything wrong.”

“And since you married Venus, why let another woman in your house? Honestly, I’m really looking down upon you right now. What’s the difference between you and me in the past?”

Faced with Hao’s accusations, Kerry obviously couldn’t hold back and he finally yelled, “I have nothing to do with Xinyou!”

“Yes, you have nothing to do with her, but I heard that you slept in her room for several nights!”

Kerry stood up and he still looked indifferent. He asked word by word, “Who told you that?! Isn’t it Venus?”

This damn woman, how dare she?

Chapter 96: Their confrontation (1)

Hao Nangong snorted, “You’re prejudiced against Venus. She isn’t the only one in this house. Whenever something bad happens, why do you suspect that she did it?

Kerry could make sure that people who spread the rumors were definitely not his men, for his man had followed him for many years and knew his temper. They wouldn’t dare to do such a thing.

“If it wasn’t Venus, it could only be Xinyou.” Kerry thought.

Kerry’s eyebrows furrowed slightly and quickly dismissed the speculation. In his opinion, Xinyou was kind and she didn’t know Hao well, she wouldn’t do such a thing. The only possibility was that Venus did this. Besides, Hao liked her and he would definitely speak for her. Thinking of this, Kerry became even angrier.

“Hao, no matter what you do, you can’t change the fact that Venus is already married to me. I hope you keep it in mind.” Kerry warned.

Hao looked straight at him, silent.

The two seemed to be talking calmly while they were greatly dissatisfied with each other in their heart.

“Hao, why are you here?” Venus said suddenly.

When Hao shifted his gaze, he saw Venus, who just happened to be coming down the stairs.

“Venus.” Hao smiled and said softly.

Venus didn’t know the confrontation between the two. She felt bored in her room and just happened to come downstairs for a walk.

“You guys go ahead, I won’t bother you two.” said Venus.

Hao shook his head and said, “We’re done with the chat. Where do you want to go? I can drive you there.”

Kerry watched the two talking, he felt unhappy inside. Then he said indifferently, “I’m free. I can take you anywhere you want to go. No need to bother Hao. A husband has an obligation to send his wife.”

Kerry deliberately emphasized the last few words, and Hao naturally heard what he was saying. He clenched his fists tighter.

“How could he be so kind to me?” Venus thought. She could not believe that he could suddenly become so friendly to her.

However, she also saw that there seemed to be some contradiction between the two, so she pretended to be relaxed and asked, “Hao, what are you doing here?”

Hearing her words, Hao remembered his purpose of today’s visit and said, “Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ve come to invite you to my birthday party.”


It wasn’t Venus who said this, but Xinyou Qiao who happened to come down from upstairs.

“Mr. Nangong, do you only invite Venus and not me?” Xinyou asked softly with a gentle smile.

“Of course, I’ll also invite Miss Qiao.” Hao said gently.

Xinyou smiled softly and then she came to Kerry’s side and looked at him with a shy look, asking, “Kerry, I’m quite bored at home every day, so bring me when you go to the birthday party.”

“Okay.” Kerry’s eyebrows furrowed slightly and finally said.

Now Venus were chatting with Hao happily, not caring at all about Xinyou’s words.

The atmosphere of the four of them was a bit awkward. Hao all sensed this and quickly left.

After Hao left, Venus went straight upstairs to her room. She opened the closet, pondering which set of clothes she should wear tomorrow. Looking at the closet with nothing but formal professional clothes or just cheap dresses, she was a little frustrated.

Chapter 96: Their confrontation (2)

“I need buy some clothes.” Venus thought.

She suddenly remembered that she used to go shopping with Xinyou Qiao. Back then it was all about Qiao Xinyu shopping while she carried her bags for her, and that was something she felt happy about.

Now she felt like she was a fool herself back then. While she was happily helping Xinyou Qiao carry her shopping bags, Xinyou must have been laughing at her.

Venus sighed softly as she thought about the past. She pulled out her phone, intending to buy a dress online. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Then Mrs Qin said, “Miss Mu, here’s your gift.”

Venus was filled with confusion. She walked to the door and opened it, and saw Mrs Qin holding a brocade box in her arms.

“Mrs. Qin, is this for me?”

Mrs. Qin nodded and spoke, “This is from Mr. Nangong.”

Venus received the package and carefully examined the box for a while before opening it. Venus was touched as she saw what was inside.

On top of the gift box was a pair of silver heels. Venus gently picked them up and tried them on, and the shoes actually fit her feet perfectly.

Then she noticed that there was a white veil neatly placed in the box. It was a long, flowing white gown.

It was covered with silver sequins that formed the shape of a graceful swan and was hemmed with a white veil that was covered with a delicate layer of white lace.

As a fashion designer, Venus could have guessed the value of the gown just by looking at the fabric. Faced with such an expensive gift, Venus was quite flattered, and then she immediately called Hao Nangong.

“Hello? I’m Hao Nangong.” said Hao.

“Hao, the dress you sent me is too expensive, I can’t take it.” said Venus.

Before her words were finished, Hao’s low voice came from the phone, “Venus, this is for you. I want to see you wear it.”

“What kind of gift have you prepared for me? I’m looking forward to it” Hao said excitedly.

When he mentioned the birthday present, Venus asked, “What do you want for your birthday?”

“I like whatever you’ve prepared.”Hao said softly.

Venus blushed and said, “Hao, thank you. You’re so kind to me. I’m happy to be your friend.”

“Friend?” Hao was a little sad. He sighed softly in his heart, “Venus, I want to be your boyfriend instead of your friend. When exactly will you know my feeling for you?”

“I’m glad to be your friend too, Venus.” Hao said, but he didn’t finish what he wanted to say.

“The luckiest thing in my life is to meet you and fall in love with you.” Hao thought.

“I’ll think about it, bye.” Then she hung up the phone.

Venus pondered what gift she should prepare for him. She was too preoccupied that she didn’t notice Kerry standing behind her.

Kerry looked somber as he glanced coldly at the gown on the bed. Then he wore an ironic smile. “Hao is very generous to you. He sent you the Chanel couture gown.” He said indifferently

Then Kerry snatched the dress out of Venus’ hands and looked at it carefully with a wicked grin on his face.

Venus looked a little nervous and she tried to get the dress back. However, The dress was torn in half by him suddenly.

Venus stepped forward and grabbed the ruined clothes, angry. With tears in her eyes, she growled loudly, “Kerry, you’re a psycho. Why did you ruin my dress?”

“Your dress? You’re so poor, how can you afford such expensive clothes? Maybe the cheap clothes will suit you better.” Kerry scoffed.

Chapter 96: Their confrontation (3)

“Don’t look down on me.” Venus said, “You’re just a beast in a classy suit.”

Kerry squeezed her chin hard, said indifferently, “Venus, you’ve been very dismissive of me lately. You’re thinking that with Hao Nangong helping you, you can do whatever you want.”

Venus raised her head to confront him, and said indifferently, “You can’t compete with Hao. He is gentleman, but you’re the devil.”

Kerry was unhappy to hear her words. His eyes became even colder as if they were trying to devour people’s soul.

He pushed Venus down hard on the bed behind her, and then his body pressed against hers and said, “Venus, you are my wife. If I am the devil, what are you?”

Venus was speechless. She took a deep breath and stared at him without expression. She didn’t see any point in continuing to argue with him.

She had important things to do and couldn’t waste her time arguing with him.

“Whatever you say about me, I don’t care. Now will you get off of me?” said Venus coldly.

“Are you gonna play tricks again?” Kerry didn’t move and asked.

Venus was angry. Not once had he listened to her. She suspected that she really did owe him in her last life.

In fact, Venus didn’t know that she had no credibility in Kerry’s mind, not only for her words, but for her body.

“Trust me just once, okay?” Venus said angrily, “Tomorrow It’s Hao’s birthday. I have to prepare a present for him.”

Kerry looked downcast when she mentioned Hao again. Instead of standing up, he kissed her directly on the lips.

Venus tried to push him away with her hands, but it didn’t work. Sensing her resistance, Kerry just pressed against her.

Suddenly, Kerry felt the pain in his neck and he growled, “Venus, are you a dog? Why did you bite me?”

Venus bit down hard on his flesh until her teeth were sore.

“Kerry, I hate you. I want to eat your flesh and drink your blood, and then I’m going to throw you to the wolves’ den.” she said coldly.

“You are so vicious. You are the most vicious woman.” Kerry’s tone was indifferent as he said.

Venus gave him a hard stare, “I’m vicious. Then why are you still so close to me?”

Kerry sneered and teased, “I love vicious woman. The more vicious you are, the more lascivious you are, and that’s what makes you attractive.”

Venus was speechless again. She struggled to get up, but he held her down with a death grip.

“Kerry, you…..” before Venus could finish her sentence, he kissed her lips again.

The two of them engaged in this fierce battle on the bed again. Kerry, keenly aware of the change in her as they made love, said, “Why don’t you make that sound like you did last time?”

Hearing that, Venus quickly gritted her teeth, afraid to make the same kind of sound she made last time. But finally she couldn’t stand it and made that sound again.

Kerry was satisfied with the sound that she made. But he was wondering who Venus was thinking about when they were having sex, so he asked suddenly, “Venus, tell me, who am I?”

Venus felt her brain go blank and bit her mouth. She didn’t want to answer him.

Kerry looked cold and bit her slim neck, “Say, who am I?”

“It hurts me.” said Venus angrily.

Kerry loosened the mouth that was biting her neck, and then he looked at the marks left by him on her neck with satisfaction.

“Venus, tell me, who am I? Say my name.” he asked again.

Venus glared at him, unable to stand his torment, and finally reluctantly said, “Kerry. You are Kerry!”

Kerry was very happy with her answer. A smile curled up at the corner of his mouth, and then he slowly got up from the bed.

Then Venus was lying on the bed weakly, and suddenly she was pulled from the bed by Kerry.

“What are you doing? I’m so tired. Let me rest for a while.”

Venus felt that she only had the strength to gasp, but it seemed that Kerry would continue to torment her.

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