Chapter 95: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 95 It’s a misunderstanding!

Jane Stewart sullenly returned to her RV.

“Adam Moore is a bastard. He must have fallen for that bastard! By the way, you continue to check Colin Ward.”

“No problem.” The agent nodded and replied.

In the Martin group conference room.

John Martin was on a voice call, “Hurry up and describe it in detail.”

The person on the other end of the phone immediately described what happened today in detail and said, “That’s probably what happened.”

With this, John Martin couldn’t help feeling agitated.

“Okay, I get it. Thank you for providing this information this time. I believe the Martin group advertising company will have a place that belongs to you.”

“Thank you President Martin.” This person was no one else, but Fred Simon, the general manager of Century Advertising, who had just been fired by this company.

After hanging up, John Martin looked at everyone in the conference room.

Everyone seemed a little excited.

After this time of investigation, they found a lot of information about Lenard Wang, chairman of Crystal Group.

Among the most important were two aspects of information.

On the one hand, Lenard Wang turned out to be a classmate of Colin Ward, and Lenard Wang’s Crystal Group was personally supported by Colin Ward.

This news made him feel that it is absolutely impossible to destroy the Marquis group.

But there was another piece of information.

Lenard Wang was a native of Sichuan. When the earthquake occurred in 2008, his parents died, leaving him alone. He stayed at the house of his father’s best friend. The family’s name is Chen, and they have a daughter named Nina White. At that time, she had not changed her surname, still named Nina Chen and she was two years older than Lenard Wang.

Nina White took great care of Lenard Wang because Lenard Wang’s parents were gone. After a period of time, Lenard Wang developed feelings for Nina White. It was a pity that Nina White never returned after going to college.

Later when Lenard Wang went to college, he had no money. However, his luck was very good. He happened to be funded by a star, and he successfully graduated from university with this fund.

Lenard Wang bought the Xinxi group from the Marquis group before. This is precisely because Lenard Wang was jealous, so he did so.

This news was excellent news for them.

John Martin glanced at everyone, “Everyone has heard Fred Simon’s words just now, Lenard Wang can be used by us.”

Seven or eight senior sat in the conference room, including Alan Martin.

With this, Alan Martin frowned slightly, “Did these news come by coincidence?”

These news just appeared just when they needed it.

With this, everyone suddenly reacted, and then showed a heavy expression.

John Martin seemed very optimistic, “Chairman, we are indeed investigating Crystal Group. Even if Crystal Group knows that we are investigating them, they won’t know what we will do.”

“If it’s a coincidence, why did they arrange this for us? Do they know our purpose?”

With this, everyone felt that what he said seemed to make sense.

At this moment, John Martin suddenly changed the topic, “Of course, if someone leaks the secret, then this matter cannot be guaranteed!”

“Nonsense!” Alan Martin snorted coldly. “The people here are your uncles and uncles, and they are all shareholders of the Martin group. Who would they do such a thing? They are all reliable. You are not allowed to speculate .”

“I see, Dad. I’m just making assumptions with no other meaning.” John Martin said with a smile. “Leave this to me! I’ll do it.”

Colin Ward and Nina White walked towards the sea-view room. They heard a car horn when they first arrived.

They heard it and saw that a Mercedes-Benz had stopped by the roadside.

Tint Chen and Stuart Bourn got out of the car. In addition, another woman was Yun Eric, Nina White’s mother.

Stuart Bourn walked up to Nina White and looked at them coldly, “You are really together!”

Nina White and Colin Ward were still a little shocked by the arrival of the three of them.

With this, Tint Chen said angrily, “Sister, what’s the matter between you? Is it true that what the brother-in-law said is true? I didn’t believe it, but in the end you were really together!”

Yun Eric also saw his daughter, and immediately scolded, “Nina White, you really let me down. How can you talk to other men…”

Nina White faced the questions of the three of them. While feeling ashamed and angry, she was also very anxious, “Mom, it is not what you think, I have nothing to do with him.”

Colin Ward also hurried to explain, “Auntie, you misunderstood us.”

Although this was true, Nina White felt helpless when she heard this.

Tint Chen was a very impulsive person. His character in the Marquis group last time could be seen.

“Misunderstanding? How could it be a misunderstanding!” Before Tint Chen finished speaking, he punched him.

Colin Ward didn’t dodge, and he was punched by Tint Chen in the chest. He backed away several steps. In the end, he was supported by Nina White before falling down.

With this, Tint Chen scolded disdainfully, “You are really rubbish! You need a woman to protect you!”

Nina White said angrily, “Tint Chen, what are you doing?”

Colin Ward was the chairman of the Marquis group. He was a difficult person to deal with, not to mention that there was Gerd Ward behind him. She had seen Gerd Ward’s ability and knew that his ability was really terrifying!

Tint Chen did not know the identity of Colin Ward. Not only that, he suddenly remembered the last time he was in the Marquis group building, “Are you a dog? You dare to seduce my sister!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Nina White shivered with anger.

Tint Chen said stubbornly, “Sister, what am I talking about? Isn’t it true? The last time you were in the Marquis group building, you defended him. As an assistant to the chairman, why do you defend a general manager?”

“It must be him who seduce you in the first place to make it easier for him to do things. Sister, such a man is not worthy of you. Brother-in-law is your best choice! Look at him and he ask you to protect you. He doesn’t look like a man at all!”

“Sister, get out of the way. I must beat him hard today!” With this, Tint Chen was about to fight.

Colin Ward felt a little speechless. If it was during the normal time and he had never practiced, he would not be afraid of Tint Chen. But today he was a little weak from the time he got up, so he couldn’t resist.

Nina White supported Colin Ward and said angrily, “Tint Chen, stop! Don’t make trouble!”

Tint Chen didn’t care about it, “Sister, isn’t he just a bad manager? Besides, sister, he is not masculine at all and he is not worthy of you at all!”

“The most important thing is, sister, he is married!”

With this, Yun Eric wailed, “Hey, this is a crime! Why did I give birth to such a daughter…”

Nina White felt very wronged and didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, Colin Ward blocked Nina White behind him, rubbed his brows with his hands, trying to make himself as clear as possible.

“Auntie, I really don’t understand. There is nothing between me and her. Would you rather listen to an outsider than believe your daughter? What is the reason?”

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