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Chapter 96 – 100: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 96: Replace the girl as hostage

With Kris Chen and Lan Yu close on his heels, Lei Zhao’s eyes flashed with anger, “You two are really hard to deal with. If you dare to come closer, I’ll kill her!”

With that, he held the little girl in front of him with a dagger at her throat.

While spitting out threats at them, Lei began to take stock of his surroundings.

Damn it. They had got into desolate mountains and were surrounded by towering trees.

Had it not been for these two guys, he would have fled from Westriver City and might be counting money with his fellows at that time.

“Put the weapon down. Don’t hurt that girl!” Lan harshly cried out as her heart abruptly tightened, “It isn’t too late to turn back, and don’t back yourself into a corner.”

“Turn back? I have no fucking way back from the very beginning!” Lei Zhao grinned at them viciously, “I have been carrying my head on my belt since I took this business.”

Seeing Lei on the brink of flipping out, Kris hastened to step forward, “Aren’t you a true man? I am fucking ashamed for you, for you are taking a child as your hostage. Even if you can get away today, your men will despise you when you tell others that you held a little girl hostage to find your way out.”

“Fuck you! Don’t you dare speak that again, asshole!”

Lei’s eyes turned red with outrage in an instant.

He was the gang’s true leader, and it was he who had led his men to conduct tens of successful robberies in the last two years. Under his plotting and command, every robbery went smoothly.

For his men, he had always been a highly respected leader of the gang.

Yet the bastard, who was standing before him, was sowing discord in his men’s presence. And to make him even angrier, some of his men seemed to waver because of his words, with their eyes flickering with thought.

Seeing Lei much provoked, Kris took in a deep breath as he spoke, ” How was that? I had a point, didn’t I? If you don’t want your men to look down upon you, you should let the girl go.”

As he said that, he began to move slowly toward Lei.

“Damn it! Stop over there!” Lei aimed his dagger at Kris, his scarlet eyes filled with ferociousness and cruelty.


Lan got very anxious. Kris was moving closer so recklessly that she had a deep concern that the scoundrel would injure the girl once he got infuriated.

But Kris ignored his threats and continued to come closer instead of stopping there.

“Damn you! Stay over there, otherwise, I’ll kill her!”

“Why is that agitation? Look at what you are now, you are behaving like a coward! You are fearing a wounded man. Aren’t you afraid of being mocked by your men?” Kris smiled as he said, “Actually, I do admire you guys for your courage because you are the very few guys who dare to rob a bank in this age. But despite my admiration, I am feeling ashamed of you for you have taken a little girl as your hostage. I know you just do this to find your way out. What about letting the girl go and taking me hostage?”

Eyes flickering with thought, Lei had apparently been swayed by his words. He could give up that sum of money, for so long as he had the support of his men, he could rebuild his career whenever he wants. But once their loyalty to him was shaken, it would be hard to tell whether he could do that again.

Seeing Lei’s look changing continuously, Kris knew that he was wavering, but with too much caution. And what Kris needed to do was just to give him that last push.

“There is a saying in your world of gangsters, ‘A wrong has its instigator and debt has its lender’, right? It was I who had ruined up your plan, and aren’t you guys supposed to hate me? Does it have anything to do with this little girl?”

“Hmph, since you are looking for death, I will fulfill your wish!”

A gleam of brutality flashed in Lei’s eyes. Since the guy wanted to be the hostage so badly, then let him be.

“You want to be a hero, right? I shall grant your wish.” Lei pointed his dagger directly at Kris, “Put your hands up and come here slowly.”

Kris spread out his arms to show that he was unarmed and went over slowly.


Lan couldn’t help but let out a cry, her eyes misting over. He could have dodged that shot in the bank before, but in order not to let the girl behind him get injured, he took that bullet.

Hadn’t been for the scoundrel’s trashy marksmanship, that bullet would have shot through his heart. And at this moment, he did not hesitate for a minute to risk his own life to save the captured little girl.

His spirit of self-sacrifice moved her deeply.

How could there be such a fool in the world? Isn’t he afraid of death?

Eyes fixed on Kris’s back, Lan could not help shedding tears.

All the people had described him as a slacker and a loafing guy, but this time, she got to know that was not true. He…he was a real man…

Kris moved over slowly.

Fifteen meters.

Ten meters.

Five meters…

Three meters…

Lan’s heart was almost in her mouth as Kris was about to walk up to Lei.

Kris took another step forward and finally came to Lei.

Lei loosened his grip and let the little girl go.

The little girl got so frightened that she ran crying and screaming toward Lan.

Lei let out a malicious sneer as he reached out to grab at Kris and tried to put the dagger at his throat.

In this split of a second, Kris pulled the Silver Dagger out of his pocket.


Before Lei could know it, the Silver Dagger had lacerated his wrist. And the next instant, blood spouted from the cut like a fountain.


Lei let out a painful scream, and the dagger in his hand dropped to the floor because of the severe pain.

With no time to pick up his dagger, Lei just raced toward the woods with one hand covering the cut on his wrist.

“Fuck you! I won’t forget you, asshole! You had injured me twice in succession, and I’ll surely get even with you for this, just you wait!” Lei shouted at Kris, fleeing away.

It was a disgrace to him that the same person had put him at a disadvantage twice in succession. For him, that was indeed inexcusable.

In no time, Lei, together with his gang, had disappeared in the woods.

Looking to the direction in which the gang disappeared, Kris allowed himself a wry smile. He had made big movements when pulling out that dagger before, which caused his wound to open up and start bleeding.

Just then, a piece of mysterious information popped into his mind.

“The Silver Dagger has been successfully upgraded to intermediate-level Powerful Weapons.”

Jesus Christ, the dagger had been upgraded!

What was that weapon on earth? It could even be upgraded!

Kris was stunned.

As Kris’s mind wandered, Lan came striding toward him and said tensely, “Yikes, your wound is bleeding again!”

“There’s nothing serious,” Kris said with pretended lightness.

Though slightly worried, Lan nodded. Since Kris had said that it was no big deal, the problem seemed not that serious.

After the three got into the car, Kris felt a persistent killing pain coming from his wound. With that bullet stuck in his flesh, even the smallest movement of him could cause his blood to pour out.

He could hold on no longer. The bullet must be taken from his body, otherwise, he would bleed to death.

With that in mind, Kris untied the cloth that had been wrapped around the wound before and then gathered his Inner Energy to his shoulder in an attempt to force the bullet out.

The instant the bullet came out, Kris’s shoulder muscles loosened up, and a relaxed feeling came over him.

He was lucky that he had become a practitioner, otherwise, he would die of bleeding all the way.

Lan didn’t know all that happened, since she was accompanying the little girl in the rear.

Looking in his rear-view mirror, Kris saw the little girl holding his car key in one hand and a little doll in the other, trying to tie it to the key.

A little amused, Kris asked, “What are you doing, good girl?”

“It’s to show my appreciation for saving my life. I want to present you with my favorite toy. She’s my favorite, and now I entrust her to you. Please take good care of her.” the little girl said earnestly.

Kris smiled with relief. It’s fine that what had happened before didn’t hurt the little girl as much as he thought it would do.

Hearing her words, Lan, who was sitting by her side, couldn’t help but smile and touch her on the head.

For a moment, there was a cozy and warm atmosphere within the car, as if they had not experienced that life-and-death moment.

After dressing his wound again, Kris asked, “Where do you live, good girl? Shall we drive you back home?”

The little girl tilted her small head and thought for a moment before she replied, “Big brother, just drop me off at the bank. I can return home on my own.”

“Why is the bank?”

Lan asked, puzzled.

The little girl pointed at the wound in Kris’s shoulder, “Big brother is so badly injured and he must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible. Otherwise, the wound will deteriorate. I…I don’t want the big brother to suffer much.”

When they heard this, Kris and Lan couldn’t help but exchange a knowing smile.

Though the little girl was sensible and caring enough at a very young age, and her parents were very blessed to have such a daughter.

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s send you home first,” said Kris.

“No, don’t do that. The big brother’s injury is a more urgent concern.” the little girl said firmly, “I live near the bank. I am old enough to go back to my home on my own.”

As Kris was to say something more, he heard Lan said, “Don’t waste time arguing. Just do as the girl told. I shall explain the thing to the bank staff when we reach the bank and send her back.”


Kris nodded when his cell phone began to vibrate. It was Xiaorou Xu’s message, so he didn’t pay much attention. If there were some urgent matters, she would phone him directly instead of sending a message.

To get out of the mountains was the top priority at present.

Chapter 97: Healing wound

At the same time, in the Xu family.

Xiaorou Xu was sitting by the bed in the bedroom, with her mobile phone in hand.

Why… why did he not reply to the message?

Xiaorou Xu turned off the phone, and then turned it on again, and she repeated this action for dozens of times, but Kris Chen still did not answer the phone or text her any message.

She wanted to talk to him and call him badly. However, she could not find a sound excuse for making the call…

When they went back to the city, it was already dark. Lan Yu put the girl at the gate of the bank.

“Little girl, can you really get your home by yourself?” The bank has already closed at this time, and she was a little worried about the girl.

“That’s OK. That’s OK. You should take the brother to the hospital as fas as possible. My home is in the neighborhood, not far away,” The girl said seriously.

“All right. Take care.” Then Lan Yu turned and left.

After getting on the car, Lan said anxiously,” Let’s go to the hospital and get the bullet out.”

She did not know that Kris Chen had already used internal force to get the bullet out.

Kris smiled and said, “it’s OK. The bullet has been taken out by my internal force.”

Lan shook her head and said seriously, “No, the wound must be cleaned and disinfected. What if it is infected?”

She is a policewoman. She knows that If the gunshot wound is not handled in time, it will definitely become inflammatory.

“All right. I know my body, and I won’t risk my own health.” Kris said with a smile.

“But…” Lan wanted to talk on, but she saw Kris looking at her with such a smile, she couldn’t say what she wanted to say.

“Did I care for him too much?” Lan thought shyly.

“Well, otherwise.” Lan bit her lips and said,” Come to my house. I’ll clean up and wipe your wound… “

“Why do you care so much about me?” Kris suddenly put his face close to Lan and looked at her reddish cheeks, said.

“I…” Lan was panicked. Kris’s strong masculine air mixed with the smell of blood penetrated into her nose, making her face pretty hot. “You’re injured because of me. Of course, I can’t leave you alone…”

She also knew that it is not good to be alone with a man at night. But he has been injured like this. How can he do without applying for medicine?

Kris nodded with a smile,” well, it is OK to go to your house, but you have to promise me one condition.”

“What is the condition?” Lan was stunned for a moment. She wondered what condition would be proposed at this time.

“Kiss me.”

“You…” Lan stamped her foot in anger, and her ears were red with shyness.”How can we do such a thing…”

She did not expect Kris to raise such a request. She could not help thinking that he also made this kind of request while they were held in custody in Sun-Moon Holy Cult last time.

She felt her heart beating wildly. Looking at the blood on Kris’s handsome and resolute face, somehow, her heart was softened. And somehow she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Then she turned her head sideways and looked out of the window, saying: “OK, let’s go.”

Kris grinned, so she won’t feel indebted to him.

Immediately he started the car and drove to Lan’s home.

Lan stealthily glanced at Kris with the remaining light, only to feel her heart beating fiercely. The bad guy was hurt like this, but he does not forget to take advantage of her.

She touched her red lips, which seemed to be with a smell of blood…

After arriving home, Lan rushed to take out the medical box.

She squatted down and looked at the cloth on Kris’s shoulder: “I’ll help you untie it. It will hurt a little. You have to bear with it.”


Kris nodded.

Looking at the woman close at hand, Kris couldn’t help being stunned.

The long eyelashes are flickered, as if the fan in the bottom of his heart, set off a ripple.

Mature woman’s body fragrance into his nose, let him can’t help but some infatuation.

Catching Kris’s eyes, Lan’s pretty face turned red, and her hand shook. The tight cloth was torn open by her.


The pain was so great that Kris took a cold breath: “Do it gently. I am feeling great pain.”

“Stop looking at me? If you look at me one more time, and I will kill you.” Lan resisted the impulse of shyness and glared at Kris.

“You are so close to me, what else can I see but you?” He said with a wry smile.

“Hum! Close your eyes.”

Kris had to close his eyes reluctantly.

After a while, Lan said,“ Ok, open your eyes.”

As soon as Kris opened his eyes, he saw Lan packing the medical kit. Looking at the bow bandage on the shoulder, he couldn’t help smiling, “You are awesome, I did not believe you have medical skills.”

“It is basic skill for a cop, OK?” After Lan packing the medical kit, she went to get a basin of water and poured some medical alcohol onto it. And then she soaked a piece of gauze and came up to Kris,“Let me wipe your blood.”

When she was wiping, her face burned terribly. This was the first time she had ever wiped the body of a man.

The atmosphere suddenly became ambiguous.

Her delicate fingers touched his skin from time to time, making Kris’s mouth a little dry.

“What were you thinking about then, Kris? Why did you not avoid the attack then?”

To ease the awkward atmosphere, Lan needed to find a topic to talk about.

Kris said,“ I could not dodge the attack. If I dodged, the people behind me would get wounded.”

Actually, Lan had noticed the two girls behind Kris. And she knew he was shot to keep them from being injured.

However, hearing his own confession, she could not help but be moved again.

How much courage it takes to sacrifice himself, making a life and death decision, facing the muzzle of a gun, but he refused to run away from the dangerous spot!

Ironically, many people bullied and slandered him and thought himself as a bum.

But who knows he is the real courageous man?

“Why are you looking at me with such a look?”

Looking at Lan’s burning eyes, he asked strangely.

“I just think everyone is just getting wrong about you. You are the real warrior.” Lan said heartily.

“Hah, really?” Kris laughed and said

After wiping his wound, Lan stretched her waist and said, “Well, the wound is healed. It is getting late, I want to sleep. If you like, stay here one night.”

Lan was just being polite to him, not wanting him to stay here overnight, but he nodded and said, “It is ok. I do not want to use the bed. The sofa is fine.”


He really wanted to sleep here!

Lan was stunned. How would she explain to the Bao Cao the fact that she slept with a man in the same room at night?”

At the moment, Kris was lying on the sofa consciously.

“Anyway, he is sleeping on the sofa.”

Lan lifted the forehead. During this time, Kris had slept in her house twice, and even Bao Cao did not get the treatment from Lan.

After lying on the sofa, Kris breathed a sigh of relief. After an astonishing day, he can finally take a rest.

Actually, he did not go back for a reason. He was bandaged, and his face was very pale from the loss of blood. If it was seen by Mary Su, she would be worried.

If Jane Tang knew about this, she must say he was fooling around and got beaten up.

Thinking of this, he began sleeping. Just then, Lan came out with clothes and said to him, “You just sleep on the sofa at night. Be honest and do not run around, right?”

After saying that, she headed for the bathroom.

She was about to close the door when she put her head out to look at him suspiciously.

Kris knew her concern and said, “ Do not worry. I will fall asleep soon.”

She blushed and closed the bathroom door. And her heartbeat even faster.

Soon, there was a splash in the bathroom.

The sofa was not far from the bathroom, and when Kris looked up, he could see the figure through the glass.

Although it was vague, he could see the general outline of her figure.

Hearing the splash, Kris could not fall asleep.

As soon as Kris opened his eyes, he could see her every movement.

He could not help swallowing the saliva in his mouth. Lan was so sexy and tempting!

Chapter 98: The Opening Ceremony

At this point, Kris Chen’s mobile phone suddenly vibrated.

He took out his phone and was stunned after seeing dozens of messages sent from Xiaorou Xu.

She sent him one message almost every ten minutes from the afternoon until now.

Kris clicked those messages, of which the contents were all about asking him if he was there and what he was up to.

Why did she send him so many messages? Was there anything important for her to tell him?

Thinking of this, Kris dialed her number.

At the same time, in the Xu family’s house, Xiaorou was lying on her bed in her bedroom when she noticed her phone rang. Then she became excited immediately, and her heartbeat even faster.

He finally called her back after she sent him so many messages.

In fact, she had nothing important to tell Kris at all, she contacted him only because she was quite awkward that her father had mistaken Kris about what happened in the daytime.

She had thought that he would send her a message back very soon, and she didn’t expect that he would call her after such a long time.

She tried hard to calm down and answered the phone.

“What’s the matter, Miss Xu? Is there anything urgent?”

As soon as she heard Kris’s magnetic voice, Xiaorou’s face turned red, and her heartbeat began to accelerate, she said shyly: “No…Nothing, I just want to talk to you.”


Kris was stunned for a second.

Now you told me there was nothing important after you had sent me dozens of messages?

After a while, when he finally understood her intention, Kris showed a strange smile on his face: “Are you…in love with me?”

Listening to Kris’s words, Xiaorou was so embarrassed that even her ears turned red, then she had a shortness of breath and said awkwardly: “Of…Of course not.”

However, her words seemed to lack some confidence.

What she meant seemed to have nothing related to refusal, but coquetry instead.

Xiaorou had a pleasant voice, which was soft and sweet. Now, her tone of coquetry with this voice was so tempting that it made Kris feel extremely good to hear her speak.

He intended to further flirt her, but something suddenly occurred to him, so he asked: “By the way, Miss Xu, as your family has collected antiques for generations, do you have any ancient books about ancient weapons in China?”

The Silver Dagger inexplicably upgraded, which made Kris quite confused. Although Kris was not satisfied with its name because he thought it lacked some kind of masculinity, he started to see the weapon’s potential through its upgrade today. So, he wanted to see if this Silver Dagger could continue to upgrade.

But he was not very confident about it, so he wanted to see if there were any records about it.

Xiaorou thought for a moment, then she said: “I remember there seem to be some ancient books in my father’s study. I’ll find it for you.”

As she was saying, Xiaorou stood up from her bed and walked towards her father’s study.

Xiaorou found an ancient book about the weapons on her father’s bookshelf in less than two minutes, then she said shyly: “I’ve found one, are you coming over to get it now?”

She said a little nervously with butterflies in her stomach.

“It’s too late, I’d better come over tomorrow,” Kris said.

“Oh…well…all right.” Listening to his words, Xiaorou was a little disappointed: “I’ll be expecting your call tomorrow.”

Within two minutes after he hung up the phone, Lan Yu came out of the bathroom, wearing a conservative nightgown.

Though the nightgown’s style was quite frumpy, it still showed the graceful curve of her body.

Since she just came out after taking a bath, she was extremely charming, with her long hair falling over her shoulder and a shiny, beautiful face.

Kris was so surprised at her beauty that he stared at her for a long time. She was so beautiful. No wonder those ancient painters were so fond of painting such pictures as “The beauty out of the bath”.

Noticing Kris’s surprising expression, Lan was blushed and could not help glaring at him, saying: “Didn’t you say that you were going to sleep? Why haven’t you slept yet?”

“You haven’t helped me authenticate my weapons yet, do you forget that?” Kris took out The Silver Dagger while speaking.

The living room was a little dark because the light was turned off, but the dagger had a kind of red light all over it, which was very fantastic.

The dagger caught Lan’s attention at once after she saw it, and she couldn’t help walking towards it.

As the eldest sister of Emei School, Lan was sure that this sword was definitely a valuable weapon of high level.

But it was a little short, with a length of only about a foot and three inches, according to which it should be a dagger.

When she saw the two words, “Mrs. Xu” on the handle of the dagger, she was stunned for a second. Why was the name of a woman engraved on the sword?

Just as she was about to take the dagger over and take a closer look at it, she looked at Kris in the eye accidentally.

She looked down at her collar, and then she found that her collar was wide open, and part of her breast was revealed as she was hunching over…

Lan hurriedly covered his collar, and she was blushed immediately.

Such a rascal, he deliberately let her come over, although he knew that she was wearing a nightgown.

“Hum, you bad rascal…”

After she criticized Kris gently, She ran to her bedroom and locked her door, embarrassedly.

Leaning against the door, she touched her chest and felt the strong beating of her heart.

“Haha, this woman is not silly…”

After Kris muttered the words, he stretched himself out and then closed his eyes, and soon he fell asleep.

Recently, many great events had taken place in Westriver City.

One of the most striking things was that the Dashun Real Estate Company started its business in Westriver City.

No one knew who the boss of the Dashun Real Estate Company was. They only knew that the boss had a great background. The company had close cooperation with the Huanyu Group and Guobang Group, and Liren Group.

Therefore, even a fool knew that this Dashun Real Estate Company had great potential.

Today was the big day when the opening ceremony of the Dashun Real Estate Company was held.

On the Westriver City’s Renmin Square, full of balloons and fancy cars were hung and parked there. Almost all the celebrities in the Westriver City were invited to today’s opening ceremony, which only people with great power and wealth could attend.

If a normal company had held this opening ceremony, it would have been extremely difficult for the company to invite so many celebrities. However, everyone rushed to attend the opening ceremony since it was held by the Dashun Real Estate Company, and they were all afraid of being left behind.

The front row was full of successful men in suits and ties, from noble families, official governmental families, or even incredibly rich. In a word, none of them were ordinary people.

What’s more, hundreds of media in the Westriver City all came here, and those media workers were as excited as the sharks that had smelt the blood.

They all paid great attention to the general manager Mina Li, who was standing on the platform.

Today might be the most high-profile day in Mina’s whole life, thanks to Kris, since she would not be standing here at all if it weren’t for him.

Mina wore a black dress, which fully showed her curvy figure, and she was very sexy and charming.

Since beauty was the focus of everywhere, people were even more interested in this beauty since she was the Dashun Real Estate Company’s general manager. So they all gathered around her to exchange their cards with Mina, trying to build a good relationship with her.

Soon the opening ceremony was over, and Mina took this opportunity to announce the event: The Dashun Real Estate Company had bought quite a few good lands near the Westriver City, and they would formally begin the construction work this month, including residential buildings, commercial office buildings, and they had even invested billions of dollars in this project.

After her announcement, the media workers were all so excited that their eyes even turned red, and this news soon caused a great sensation in the whole city.

This Dashun Real Estate Company indeed had great power since it could buy lands as soon as it started its business. Besides, it also invested so much money in the project. This company would definitely become the leading enterprise in Westriver City in the future.

None of them were silly. They all knew that The Dashun Real Estate Company was very rich and had powerful people, which they could not take the price of offending them at all, since the company could buy so many lands quietly.

At once, Mina became everyone’s focus, and they were all eager to cotton up to her.

A reporter from the Westriver TV came to interview Mi, intending to give her an exclusive interview.

Since this woman could become the general manager of Dashun Real Estate Company, she was definitely not an ordinary woman, and there was no doubt that she would become an influential figure in the business circle of the Westriver City.

Almost everyone thought so.

However, what they did not know was that Kris had arranged all those things, including those lands, which were all bought by him.

Of course, Kris wouldn’t stand out and tell them that he was the boss of Dashun Real Estate Company, which would be too high-profile and not in line with his character.

Pushing Mina in front of the public stage was indeed his plan.

Now, the plan had made the desired effect, since the Dashun Real Estate Company had become an instant hit, and the Dashun Real Estate Group had also become the hottest star enterprise in Westriver City, which everyone was eager to work in.

Mina also became the first able woman in Westriver City. She not only was called the goddess in Westriver City’s business circle by some nosy parkers but also had many pursuers, who all came from noble families and had announced that they were going to pursue her.

However, they were bound to be disappointed and fail, because, in Mina’s heart, no man can compare with Kris at all!

Chapter 99: Pill Refining

Kris Chen did not go to the opening ceremony of Dashun Real Estate, he let Mina Li take care of it.

He drove straight to the Treasure Court, and after getting out of the car, he walked straight in.

Simultaneously, on the second floor of the Treasure Court, Xiaorou Xu had been waiting for Kris Chen for a long time.

When she saw Kris come in, Xiaorou Xu was delighted in an instant, and she asked, “You’re here!”


Kris nodded and asked, “Did you bring that book about ancient weapons?”

“Yes.” Xiaorou Xu handed the book to Kris and asked with some curiosity, “Why do you need this book?”

Kris smiled and said, “Nothing, just I suddenly became interested in ancient weapons recently, so I want to study it.”

Xiaorou didn’t ask much, she whispered with her pretty face blushed when she remembered what her father said that day, “Kris, what my father said that day, please forget it, he doesn’t understand the actual situation after all.”

“It’s fine, I know.” Kris waved his hand indifferently and said, but he thought for a second and said, “Have you explained it to your father clearly?”


How to explain it?

Her father didn’t listen to her explanations, okay?

In his eyes, Kris had already taken his daughter’s virgin, and what has been done cannot be undone, he had no choice but to accept it.

Xiaorou’s heart was beating so fast when she thought about what her father said to her that day, she even felt what her father said was right.

Last night she pondered over it for a long time, she asked herself if she really fell for Kris.

“Don’t worry, I… I’ve already explained it to my father.”

Pressing down the panic in her heart, Xiaorou said softly.

Looking at Xiaorou acted like a frustrated little daughter-in-law, Kris suddenly felt amused, not expecting that the lady of the Xu family had such a lovely character.

He couldn’t help but want to tease her, but considering that there were still shopkeepers nearby, Kris dismissed the intention.

On the other side, the manager of the Treasure Court, Jun Yang, felt very weird.

The lady of his family was a very cold and speechless person. She never blushed in front of employees like him, but she often showed her timid and lovable character in front of Kris, which made him stunned.

Could it be that lady had fallen in love with this boy?

As soon as this thought came up, Jun Yang was shocked by himself.

No, this was absolutely impossible. Who didn’t know that this boy is a live-in son-in-law? How could a lady fall in love with him?

Jun Yang thought to himself with self-comfort.

Noticing that the atmosphere in the shop was a bit odd, Kris raised the ancient book in his hand and said to Xiaorou, “Thank you, if there’s nothing special, I’ll go first.”

“Don’t you want to stay a little longer?” Xiaorou bit her lips and said shyly.

“No, I have something I need to do later.”

Kris continued to say, “If there is something urgent, just call me, I’ll be here right away.”

Xiaorou nodded and thought to herself, “He still cares about me…”

“Alright, you can go then, I’ll call you if anything comes up.”


Kris nodded and left the Treasure Court.

As soon as he got into the car, Kris’s phone rang.

It was a strange number. Kris frowned and answered the call.

“Master Chen, this is Changkong Ying.” As soon as the call was connected, Changkong Ying’s excited voice came from the phone, “Master Chen, my brothers and I picked quite a few twin lotuses, where are you? I’m coming for you!”

There was a hint of nervousness and anxiety in his voice.

Kris slapped his head. It’s about refining pills, he almost forgot it.

Today should be the last day that they suffered from poison, so it’s time to hurry up.

He thought for a while and said, “You go to Huanyu Group first, find someone called Xue Mi, just say you are my friend.”

Kris was a little excited after he hung up the phone. Twin lotus was a good thing, many pills needed to use this twin lotus as an ingredient.

Soon, Kris back to the office. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw the row of twin lotus on his desk.

Great, there are almost twenty or thirty plants here.

It seemed that what Changkong Ying had said was true. There really was a place full of twin lotuses.

According to his current pill refining techniques and efficiency, he could save many twin lotuses from here.

Excited, Kris took out the other materials for pill refining and began to work.

After a few hours, Kris tidied his things and put away dozens of antidotes that he had refined today. He had obviously improved a lot in refining compared with last time.

Wiping off the sweat on his forehead, Kris was delighted.

“Master Chen… Thank you so much, you are our second parent.” Receiving Kris’s antidotes, Changkong was so excited that he burst into tears, and he couldn’t help but kneel down and kowtow to Kris.

This time, Kris didn’t stop him. He accepted Changkong’s kowtow because he deserved it.

Changkong stood up, wiped his tears, and took out a bronze plate from his pocket, “Master Chen, this is the identity plate of the Branch Leader in our Sun-Moon Holy Cult, please take it. Last time I left in a hurry, so I forgot to give it to you. You must keep this identity plate. If you meet any disciples of our cult in the future, you should know that if you show this identity plate, they will know who you are.”

Kris received the token with a smile and said, “Got it, go save your brothers.”

After Changkong left, Kris couldn’t wait to flip through the medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions.

There were still quite a few twin lotuses left, so he wanted to see what other kinds of pills could he refine.

After reading for a long time, he could refine many kinds of pills, Kris closed the book and rubbed his sore eyes.

It was already evening, so he could go home from work.

As for refining pills, the day is still young, he could do it at any time.

Putting away his things, Kris left the company.

Meanwhile, in the Su family, Mary Su and Mina Li were sitting on the sofa with their legs crouched, holding a Haagen-Dazs ice cream in their hands, respectively.

The weather in August was too hot, it’s still hard to endure the heat even with the air conditioner is on.

Mary stretched out her tongue to lick the ice cream and said, “Mina, I didn’t expect you to be so great. You have become the general manager of Dashun Real Estate in a flash, you’re going to be rich, just tell me, is that big boss helped you invest?”

As Mina’s best friend, Mary really knew too much about her situation.

Although Mina wasn’t from a rich family, she’s from a middle-class family of several million. It wasn’t famous in Westriver City, yet it had some connections.

But the Li family had established such a large real estate company overnight on their own, Mary wouldn’t believe it anyway.

After all, Dashun had taken out billions of dollars to set up a project, and it was impossible to offer so much money even if the Li family was sold entirely.

After Mina heard Mary’s words, she became a little awkward. She swallowed hard and said, “It’s nothing, just… A friend that I met recently.”

Of course, she wouldn’t say that Kris was the friend because Kris had explained repeatedly that he couldn’t let Mary know his real identity.

“I see your boyfriend, right?” Mary went next to Mina and said with a raised eyebrow, “When will you bring him out? I want to see.”

“Huh? Boyfriend?” Mina was stunned. She couldn’t help but picture Kris’s figure in her mind, her heart couldn’t help but beat fast, her pretty face also blushed.

Seeing Mina get carried away, Mary was more certain of her suspicions, “Don’t be so stingy, it won’t do any harm to bring him out, let me see.”

“This silly girl, the boyfriend you’re talking about, is your husband.” Mina was a little embarrassed, but she still managed to fake a smile, “He’s been quite busy lately, let’s wait until he finished his work in this period of time.”

“Okay, that’s settled then,” Mary said.

“What are you talking about? Talking so happily.” At this time, Jane Tang walked over in a black lace dress, looking sexy and charming. Although her age was a little older than the two of them, she has a mature feminine charm that they two do not have, “Mina, auntie has washed the fruit for you, taste it, it can’t be too sweet.”

After placing the fruit on the coffee table, Jane also sat on the sofa. She couldn’t help but praise Mina when she looked at her, “I really didn’t expect, it’s only been a few days, and you become the CEO of Dashun Real Estate Company in a second, it’s really amazing.”

Hearing Jane’s praise, Mina smiled modestly and said, “Auntie must be joking, I’m just a senior employee, the CEO is someone else.”

“It’s the same.” Jane waved her hand and said, “Like our Mary, even though she’s the manager of the Su Family Group, but she’s still helping the family to earn money.”

Mina laughed but didn’t say anything. There was an essential distinction between them. She was actually working for Mary, but of course, she wouldn’t say that.

Just at this time, the door was pushed open from the outside, Kris walked in.

After Mary saw Kris, she has rejoiced, “Kris, you’re back?”

He didn’t come back yesterday, so… She’s kind of missed him…

Kris nodded. Today’s pill refining was too exhausting. He was a bit tired, glanced at Mina, who was sitting on the sofa, and nodded and said. “Mina is here, you guys talk, I’m going upstairs first.”

Saying that he went upstairs.

Mina put her feet down hastily, and only after he went up did she let out a sigh of relief.

At this time, Jane spoke up unhappily, “This Kris is really becoming more unruly, he doesn’t know to serve tea and water when he noticed that Mina is here, it seems that I treated him too good these days.”

Chapter 100: The dagger: Kill Qin

Last time Kris sent Jane Tang a necklace worth more than 2.8 million dollars, which refreshed her look on this son-in-law. However, she still looks down on Kris from the bottom of her heart.

Now Mina Li has great prospects in her career. However, Kris does not flatter her and seldom pays any respect to her while talking to her.

“Aunt, please don’t bother Kris, I’m not thirsty actually.”

Mina forced a wry smile, how could she bother Kris (such a big boss) to serve her? she didn’t dare to do that.

After getting back to his bedroom, Kris could hardly wait to take out the ancient book which Xiaorou Xu gave him.

This ancient book was old enough, the paper had already been yellowed, and the writing had been fading away. It was written in large letters: Magic Weapons Spectrum.

Ho ho, what a great and formidable name!

Kris smiled, opened the book, and began reading.

The door was opened before Kris turning over two pages.

Jane was standing at the door, glaring at Kris and said, “Look what you are wearing. Mary is the chairman of the Su’s family business now, can’t you just be a little bit more professional in wearing clothes? Tomorrow there is an outdoor activity arranged by Cao’s family, and all the famous and respected families in Westriver City will show up then. Now go and buy some new clothes, don’t disgrace Mary. You hear that? ”

“Oh, I got it, thank you,” Kris nodded.

Kris’s indifferent look made Jane feel very angry.

The Cao family, which Cao?

Kris stroked his chin, there seemed only one Cao family in the whole Westriver, which was Lan’s fiance, Bao Cao’s family.

Did they arrange an outing party?

“Are you deaf? ”Jane was very angry. “I remind you the last time, don’t disgrace Mary. ”

Well, it was an outing party, so everyone would be dressed in a casual way. Who’s going to wear a suit and a tie?

But Kris dislikes the bustling place worst. If he gets free, he would rather refine more magical pills.

What’s more, tomorrow’s outing was arranged by the Cao’s family, so Bao Cao must be there.

Thinking of this guy, he felt uncomfortable. He didn’t want to go there at all.

“I do not want to participate in such an activity?”Kris said.

Jane replied coldly, “Do you think i really want you to go? Actually, you will lower our class if you attend the party. But now Mary is the chairman of Su’s family business, and You are her husband nominally, so you have to go with her.”

“Okay, I’ll go later. ” Kris said helplessly.

“Humph, remember to buy some good clothes. Don’t buy clothes like Nike or Adidas. You can get some money from Mary if you don’t have enough,” said Jane coldly. “Don’t always drag others down, just be clever.”

Kris knew her temper was not good, she could give him a bad quarter of one or two hours, if not do what she said.

“Yes, i know, I will remember that,” said Kris immediately.

Kris’s attitude made Jane look better, she blamed Kris once again and then left.

Kris took out the book immediately after Jane left.

From this book’s outlook, he could know it might be from the Ming or Qing Dynasty that several centuries past. It was incredible that the book was protected intact.

From the foot, we may judge of Hercules. It’s no wonder that the Xu’s family highly values this book and is a famous family in antique items collection and appreciation.

Kris read the book so carefully to avoid damaging the paper because it was an ancient book.

He was shocked when he saw what’s on the first page.

The blue lotus Sword was the first-class weapon in Taoist school that everyone was afraid of and respected it.

The weapon belonged to Li Po (a great poet) who’s Taoist monastic name is: Blue lotus practitioner.

That Li Po? What a bullshit! Kris couldn’t help to continue to read the book.

“The Kingly bow, a first-class weapon which belonged to the conqueror Yu Xiang( an ancient person), witnessed the death of countless enemies. An arrow shot by this bow will make a great killing.”

“White Snake Sword, which is seven feet long, belonged to the founder of the Han Dynasty. It was made to kill a white snake by Liu Bang, so it’s a sharp sword with the snake’s soul. Weapon level: middle class in Taoist school.” And then Yu Guan’s(an ancient warrior) Green Dragon Sword and the First Emperor of Qin’s dynasty, the priceless jade, appeared in the book.

When Kris read the page after the priceless jade, at last, he froze.

Madam Xu’s dagger: This weapon was known as Madam Xu because it was given to Ke Jing from Madam Xu, and it was used to kill the emperor of the Qin state by Ke. After failing to kill the emperor, Ke committed suicide with the dagger and his soul attached to the dagger. It was a cursed weapon with skills that could absorb bitterness. The more bitterness it absorbs, the higher class it attains.

Kris was very excited after reading this.

Ha-ha, he got a treasure this time.

At first, he thought the dagger as a weapon used by women, he never thought that it was the one used by Ke to kill the Qin state’s emperor. That was why the dagger’s class got promoted. It absorbed his bitterness at that time.

It was said that the dagger was nothing special at first, just had Ke’s soul on it. It began to absorb bitterness after thousands of years’ accumulation.

And the dagger could be controlled by thoughts, it could hide in the Dantian( a position in the belly) as you wish.

Kris thought for a second, and the dagger disappeared. But Kris knew the magic dagger was now in his Dantian.

After knowing the source of the dagger, Kris was not satisfied with its name, so he thought, “No, no, no, this name is too girlish. It should be renamed again.”

Kris thought for a second, and the dagger appeared in his hand again. What kind of name was suitable?

Got it. Call it Kill Qin (To kill the emperor of Qin).

The dagger was used to kill the emperor of Qin, So this name was designed for it.

When Kris thought about that, he saw the word ”Madam Xu” on the dagger gradually blurred, and then “Kill Qin” appeared on it.

Ha-ha, it’s such a good treasure. It can not only promote its class but also engage with the owner’s mind. It’s awesome.

Kris couldn’t help laughing. “call you Ci Qin from now.”

As he was saying, Ci Qin, in his hand, was swaying. It seemed to respond to him.

Jane’s voice came from the downstairs when Kris was exciting.”Kris, come downstairs.”


Kris sighed, closed the book, and let Kill Qin back to Dantian.

He went downstairs and looked at Jane,” what’s the matter?”

“Come here, I have something to talk to you.” Jane sat on the sofa and said coldly.”The outing is very important. The Cao’s, the Xu’s, the Yu’s, the Liu’s, and the Zhao’s families, they’ll all attend besides our Su’s. Maybe several hundred people, they are all from the upper class. Don’t talk nonsense if you go, or you will offend someone. At last, it’s Mary who will undertake this. You hear me? ”

This activity was actually a networking event between different families.

Especially those who come from the upper-class, they could even establish business relations through the dinner. One could do well in business if he had more and more friends and partners.

Furthermore, the activity would last for several days. And The Cao family was so generous that they covered the costs for everyone for the activity.

Suppose the Cao’s family fails to get several big projects in the coming few days. In that case, the family business will suffer a big loss.

“Okay, I know, i won’t talk nonsense in the activity.”

Kris nodded, and then he knew that the Xu family would also join the outing. How about Xiaorou? Was she gonna go there too?

Thinking of that pretty and lovely girl, Kris changed his mind and thought that it was not so bad to attend that outing.

“But why the Yu family also attends the outing?” Kris said. “Since Su family was fooled in business last time, Hongming Yu, head of Yu family, had decided to stop business relation with the Su family business, didn’t they? ”

“There are no absolute enemies in business, but only profits count. Hongming Yu had indeed come to our home to break the cooperation tie with us. However, he came back again to ask for further cooperation after Su’s family business had to get through the hard times. ”

Kris smiled; a friend in need is a friend indeed. The Yu’s family had a leader like Hongming Yu, they would never succeed in attaining the honor of a first-class family.

“Let me tell you something, this outing is very important. Don’t talk nonsense. I will make many friends with several business partners so that our Su’s family business can go further in the future,” Mary said.

“Yes, my lady!” Kris smiled and said. “I’ll go behind you obediently without saying a word.”

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