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Chapter 97 – 98: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 97: Hao Nangong’s birthday party (1)

“Aren’t you preparing a gift for Hao? Why are you still in bed?” Kerry said.

Venus quickly got up from the bed and asked, “You’re taking me to get a present for Hao?”

Kerry wore a mocking smile and said indifferently, “You daydreaming again? I’m just reminding you not to forget to get him a present, but you’ll have to buy it yourself.”

Venus pursed her lips and said, “Kerry, you’re a jerk.”

“Don’t piss me off or I’ll treat you in bed like I just did.” Kerry warned.

“You… you are…..” Venus was furious, but she didn’t dare to curse him again.


The Nangong family is a rather prestigious and powerful family in Sky City, so Hao Nangong’s birthday dinner attracted much attention. According to the media, the venue for Nangong Hao’s birthday banquet was to be held at a luxurious beach hotel.

Venus arrived at the banquet venue early in the morning in the Ye family’s car. Kerry and Xinyou were also present at the party.

Kerry was dressed in fancy black suit, which set off his handsome and made him look more calm and restrained.

Xinyou in a long and pink gown wore exquisite makeup and lipstick of the same color, which made her look more beautiful.

When Xinyou looked at Venus’s dress, she said mockingly, “Which shop did you buy the knockoff Chanel dress you’re wearing?”

Venus ignored her. She didn’t want to argue with her on this occasion. She looked down at the gown that had been altered by her and she felt angry suddenly.

Yesterday Kerry had torn the gown given to her by Hao in half. When he left, Venus quickly drew a design and mended it overnight. She used lily petals to cover up the torn area and added some faux feathers on top. As for the torn part of the chest, she changed it to a deep v style.

Compared to the previous exquisite and relatively conservative style, the dress was now sexy and elegant.

Seeing Venus ignore her, Xinyou was a little angry. She was about to continue to mock Venus, but she heard Hao’s words.

“Venus, did you alter the dress?”

Venus was worried that Hao would get angry, but she couldn’t tell him the real reason, so she could only say with an apologetic look, “I’m sorry, Hao. When I have beautiful clothes, I want to alter them myself.”

Hao shook his head, smiled gently, and said, “Never mind. It’s beautiful, even more beautiful than the previous style.”

“Thank you for your appreciation.” Venus blushed and said gratefully.

Xinyou looked at the interaction between the two and snorted internally.

“Hao Nangong, your praise is too hypocritical.” Xinyou thought.

But she also wanted Hao to catch up with Venus quickly so Venus could divorce Kerry.

Xinyou looked around for Kerry. Finally she found that Kerry was talking to some men.

But Kerry always paid attention to Venus. When he saw Hao go to Venus, his face darkened and he stopped talking to these men and left.

When Xinyou saw Kerry approach her, she put her arm around him, but she didn’t notice that Kerry looked a little reluctant.

Venus saw the scene, but didn’t have any expression. She understood Xinyou’s purpose of being intimate with Kerry. She wanted to anger Venus and tell the others that Kerry belonged to her.

But Venus wasn’t annoyed, simply because she didn’t care about Kerry’s relationship with her.

“If she wants Kerry so badly, then she needs to win his affection. I don’t care.” Venus thought.

At this moment, Hao extended his right hand gentlemanly, saying, “Venus, I wonder if I have the honor to ask you to dance?

Chapter 97: Hao Nangong’s birthday party (2)

As soon as Hao said this, Kerry’s face darkened,

“Hao, are you doing this deliberately?” Kerry thought.

Venus hesitated, and then she put her hand on Hao’s hand gently, and said, “It’s your birthday party. Of course I won’t refuse your invitation.”

Hao smiled gently and led Venus’s to the dance floor. With the beautiful melody, the two of them started to dance.

Looking at Hao’s hand on Venus’s waist, Kerry’s face was cold.

Apparently, Kerry’s expression showed that he cared a lot about Venus.

Xinyou was a little worried inside. She forced herself to calm down and to believe that Kerry didn’t like Venus.

“Kerry, let’s go dance too, shall we?”

Xinyou raised her coquettish face and looked at Kerry expectantly, desperately praying inside that he wouldn’t refuse her.

Kerry looked at her expectant look, then reached out his hand elegantly and grabbed her waist. Then they walked onto the dance floor.

Xinyou was very proud. She knew that the people present today were all from high class. As long as she behaved well, she would definitely become famous and would naturally be related to Kerry in people’s eyes.

Xinyou tried her best to match Kerry’s footsteps. She could feel more and more attention shifting to them, including Hao and Venus.

After all, Kerry and Hao were the focus of the day, and their female companions beside them naturally attracted these guests’ attention.

Venus followed Hao’s dance steps and they spun again.

Maybe it was because the floor was too slippery or her heels were too high, Venus felt her feet slipping and her body followed the inertia of the spin, leaving in the opposite direction.

She was a little nervous. Just as she feared she might bump into someone else, a couple of dance partners appeared in front of her.

She tried to stop, but just then she felt an arm around her waist, then one of her hands was grabbed. When Venus was about to express her thanks, she saw Kerry’s gleeful look.

Venus then remembered that his dance partner was Xinyou. She looked around, but found that Xinyou kept spinning and ended up in front of Hao.

“Are you very reluctant to dance with me?” Kerry asked her with an indifferent tone when he founded that she looked in the direction of Hao.

“You shut up. I don’t want to argue with you right now.” Venus retorted coldly.

“You very care about Hao. You want to be with him? “Kerry asked angrily.

Venus glanced at him and said, “Hao and I are just friends.”

“Really? Then why did he give you the party dress? And he also chose the same line of women’s dresses as the suit he was wearing.” Kerry said sarcastically, “Venus, are you stupid or are you pretending to be friends with him?”

Venus looked stunned. She really didn’t know that before she came. Seeing the Hao’s Chanel men’s suit, she only then realized that she herself and Hao were wearing the lovers’ clothes.

“Don’t you and Xinyou wear the lovers’ clothes too?” Venus said angrily.

She’d noticed that Kerry and Xinyou were wearing the lovers’ clothes, but she didn’t care. She thought that he and Xinyou had both slept together and it was normal for them to be wearing the same collection of clothes now. However she didn’t realize she didn’t care about that but Kerry got mad.

Looking at her angry face, Kerry teased, “Are you jealous? Otherwise you have no need to be angry.”

Venus immediately rolled his eyes and said dismissively, “No, I’m not.”

“Then why are you angry?” Kerry asked.

“No, I’m not angry,” Venus said deliberately, “I just hate you.”

Chapter 97: Hao’ s birthday party (3)

Kerry Ye sneered slowly approaching her clear little face and asked softly, “Do you know what I love to eat?”

Venus Mu froze and asked in confusion, “What?”

Kerry smiled, staring at her white chest, and frankly replied, “You.”

Hearing his words, Venus flushed and she quickly covered his mouth and said with shame, “Kerry, don’t say such thing here. If others hear it, I will die of humiliation!”

Looking at her anxious and angry look, Kerry licked his lips, gloating.

This fucking man…

Xinyou Qiao, at the present, was dancing with Hao Nangong, but her attention was not here, looking full of reluctance.

Seeing Venus in front of her, Xinyou originally wanted to her him, letting her embarrass today, but with the spin, her back was pushed by Kerry and the direction was actually Hao’s direction.

When she turned in front of him and was pulled by Hao, she thought about something else… If her dance partner turned out to be Hao, then Venus and Kerry…

As expected, turning her head to look over, she saw Venus being taken by Kerry, and the two of them were dancing waltzing in harmony.

Hao looked cold, looking Xinyou whose mind was no longer on him, and said in a clear and cold tone, “Calm down. Right now, no matter how desperately you want to separate them, Kerry won’t give you a look.”

Xinyou, who had been saw through, blushed and said with a rather uncomfortable tone, “I had wanted to use this opportunity to create some gossip, but now I can’t make it.”

Because the two of them had the same purpose, plus they were in a ‘partnership’, Xinyou didn’t hide her true thoughts.

Hao’s expression was quite strange, intentionally glancing at the two not far away and said softly, “Don’t hurry. I’ve already arranged today’s show and it will be more effective than what you’re doing.”

Xinyou came to her senses and asked with a pleasantly surprised face, “What did you say? What show exactly? Tell me. I’ll cooperate later.”

Hao lowered his head and whispered to Xinyou, who became happier while listening to his plan.

The two of them continued to dance as if no one was there, but now Xinyou was a little excited, for she was looking forward to the ‘show’ and once again, she appreciated Hao’s plan.

The media was really unreliable and they said he was mediocre, just relying on the family’s honor. If people knew how sophisticated he was, then they would probably slap themselves.

Maybe he was deliberately creating an illusion in front of the media, then what was his purpose?

Xinyou was curious. After thinking for a while, she asked, “The media all say you are a playboy and who knows the true you? I’m curious why you create this illusion in front of the media.”

Hao didn’t expect her to ask this, so he was stunned. Thinking for a moment, he answered, “I just don’t want to scare someone.”

It was naturally Venus.

Xinyou was jealous. Venus was really lucky, for two men were crazy for her.

What Hao didn’t expect was that no matter how much he meant this, when his true face was exposed, he no longer had any future with her.

Because what could really move her was sincerity, but not despicable means.

When the melody got to its end, the crowd on the dance floor made a closing salute, and the song was automatically switched to the next one. Venus felt a little tired and said, “I don’t want to dance anymore. I want to find a place to rest.”

Kerry looked calm and said in a low voice, “Since you don’t want to dance, we can have a rest.”


Venus frowned as she heard the word. She unintentionally glanced at Xinyou, who was coming here, and snickered, saying, “Miss Qiao is here, and you’re not going to ask her opinion?”

As soon as Venus’s words were finished, Xinyou inserted herself between the two of them and deliberately kicked her away. She smiled as she said to Kerry, “Kerry, we haven’t finished that dance just now, right?”

Venus looked indifferent, no longer paying attention to the interaction between them and directly turned around and left.

Right at this moment…

Chapter 98: Inconclusive evidence (1)

Just at this moment, there was a sudden commotion at the entrance. Then the door was seen to be pushed open instantly, and a group of people with cameras in their hands poured into the hall. The scene got a little out of control.

In the face of the sudden influx of people, the VIPs present frowned. The previous security system was so strict, so how did this group of reporters get in?

Before they could ponder for long, the reporters seemed to have found their way. Instead of scurrying around, they focused on the ballroom, picking up their cameras and rushing over.

Venus looked shocked. Looking at the approaching crowd, she couldn’t help but take two steps back, not wanting to bump into a hot chest. She turned around and was about to apologize, but found that he was Hao Nangong.

Hao looked serious and he took two steps forward and hid her behind himself, as if he was worried about her getting hurt.

Xinyou Qiao, who was beside him, also hugged Kerry’s arm and looked shocked.

The group of reporters instantly surrounded the four people, holding the camera ‘click, click, click, click’. They kept shooting, not paying any attention to their embarrassment.

Kerry was acutely aware that this group of people had come for some reason, otherwise they couldn’t easily destroy Nangong family’s security system, much less had the opportunity to enter the hall!

Someone obviously let them in on purpose…

Hao looked full of dissatisfaction, but he still remained calm. He asked, “Fellow reporters, today is my birthday. If you are here to celebrate my birthday, visitors are guests. I express my gratitude and absolutely try my best to show my hospitality, but please put down your cameras first.”

After Hao said so, those reporters didn’t act as he said. Only to see one middle-aged man who was the leader of them said, “Young Master Nangong, we are not here to make a scene, but we want to ask you and Mr. Ye a few questions.”

Then other reporters also began to ask.

Hao frowned and his tone was much cooler, “If you don’t cooperate, then I can only send security to ask you all out.”

Venus tugged his shirt and said softly, “Hao, let them ask. It’s your birthday today and it’s not good if there’s a fight.”

“Yeah, it’s just a few questions, isn’t it? But I know these reporters. If you don’t satisfy them, they will never stop. There were many VIPs there, so how bad if someone gets hurt!”

Xinyou looked at Kerry, who looked extremely embarrassed, and worried a lot.

After thinking about it, Hao sighed and said helplessly, “I’ll give you 10 minutes.”

As soon as they heard this, they became excited, as if they were definitely going to dig up something.

This time, the first one to ask was a small female reporter with black-framed glasses. She asked in a straightforward tone, “I would like to ask, what exactly is the relationship between Mr. Nangong and Miss Mu? Miss Mu not too long-ago married Mr. Ye, but now she is seeing Young Master Nangong. May I ask what the truth is?”

Hearing the reporter’s words, Venus’s small face turned pale and looked shocked. How could they talk nonsense?

Before she could answer, the rest of the reporters also began to ask.

“May I ask Miss Mu, what is your true relationship with Mr. Ye? Is it as the rumor said that you force Mr. Ye to marry you by some means?”

“May I ask Mr. Ye, in response to the rumors about Miss Mu and Mr. Nangong, what exactly do you have in mind?”

“May I ask Miss Qiao, we have received news that you are currently staying at Ye family villa, so may I ask how you and Mr. Ye get along with each other? Will your relationship with Miss Mu be affected?”

Facing the ensuing crazy questions, Venus felt a headache and she really wanted to explain, but these people didn’t give her the chance.

Kerry looked cold, with his hands clenching together.


Hearing a sudden loud bang behind them, these reporters were disrupted. People turned around, only to see the colorful glass of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows on the east side, which had been attacked for some unknown reason, bizarrely shattered!

The gentle wind went through the broken void into the hall, driving the curtains to swing left and right…

Venus frowned, for she always felt so weird with the broken glass. The venue’s surveillance was so strict that even a fly couldn’t get in, and everyone who entered the hall had been checked by security.

Apart from these sudden arrivals of reporters, the ballroom was less than 20 meters away from the floor-to-ceiling windows, and besides, she hadn’t seen anyone throwing stones or anything else…

Chapter 98: Inconclusive evidence (2)

That didn’t make sense. How big the stone would be that was able to create a hole measuring one person high and three people wide…

Obviously, those reporters were also shocked, and they all shifted their focus to the broken window, quickly forming the headline in their minds—Young Master Nangong’ s birthday party suffering unidentified object attack…

Hao Nangong waved his hand and Heng Du, who was not far away, quickly arrived. Hao commanded with a heavy look, “Heng Du, go and find out who attacked the window?”

Heng Du nodded respectfully and turned around and hurriedly left.

Hao looked at Venus beside him, asking with worry, “Venus, are you alright?”

Venus came back to her senses, shaking her head.

Something suddenly flashed in her mind and she seemed to experience the same thing before, but she couldn’t figure it out…

“I’m fine, I was just shocked.” Venus tried to hide her true thoughts.

Hao was relieved and looked at Kerry and said, “Kerry, did you see what happened just now?”

Kerry looked at Venus with a heavy look, smiling and said coldly, “Maybe it’s too windy today.”

So, he didn’t know it either.

Xinyou looked sullen and a little bitter inside. Who the hell did this? Why?

Hao returned to his usual calm, and said in a gentle and elegant manner, “It was just an accident. Don’t be panic. Since you guys got the information you wanted, so let’s stop here.”

A group of reporters who were busy taking pictures of the glass just now, hearing Hao’s order, were chagrined, for they almost forgot about the thing they needed to do.

Someone turned around again, pointing the camera at these four people and said, “As for the questions, please Young Master Nangong answer it briefly, so we can have something to write!”

“I think everyone has misunderstood. This is simply a falsehood, so please don’t wildly guess.” The one who said this was Venus.

She came out from Hao’s back, whose attitude was humble and patient.

Regardless of what relationship Kerry and Xinyou actually had, even if he would divorce her in the future, but facing media, she naturally shouldn’t tell the truth.

She was not caring about Kerry, but Hao and herself.

When those reporters heard Venus’s statement, there wasn’t the sign of stopping asking. They all pulled out a paper bag from their pockets, reaching out and pulling out the photos inside, and asked solemnly, “Miss Mu, may I ask what do you want to say about these photos?”

Venus looked startled, only to see all the photos of her and Hao. She remembered that time when she was trapped by Xinyou and kicked out of Ye’ s house and she went to Hao.

She remembered the sad moment when Hao said he was willing to lend her a shoulder. Then she cried on his shoulder.

Since the shot was of her back, it didn’t capture her crying in grief at all. Instead, she only saw Hao’s caring expression…

She had to say that these paparazzi were really good at filming and knew how to cause a stunt!

Venus was calm and she couldn’t admit something that she hadn’t done.

“The situation was not like what shows on the photos. I don’t want to say more about it. It’s all up to you to believe it or not.”

But Venus did not know that her overly calm stung Kerry, only to see him glance at her coldly. Then he smiled and indifferently said, “You are quite free today, right? How about sit down and we can talk while eating?”

Though Kerry said in a casual way, it made the reporters frightened. They finally knew that they couldn’t enrage Kerry. But the mission was clearly given from above, and if they failed to complete it, they would all be fired…

“Mr. Ye, it’s our job and we had no choice. We never meant to offend you.”

Kerry looked cold and a touch of inexplicable emotion suddenly rose inside. He said indifferently, “Really? Didn’t you guys just say that I, Kerry, was cuckolded by my own wife?”

‘My own wife.’

As soon as these words came out, it was as if a few sharp thorns had pierced Xinyou’ s heart. Was Kerry declaring that Venus was his?

Hao looked a bit complicated, feeling that things were a bit beyond his expectations.

Chapter 98: Inconclusive evidence (3)

Only Venus Mu looked still calm and her dark eyes were like a peaceful deep river.

She wouldn’t make a fool of herself. That Kerry said so was just to protect his dignity and this had nothing to do with her.

“Since you guys want an answer, then watch!” Kerry suddenly turned around and looked at his wife, in the middle of the gossip, but extremely calm.

Just then, her waist was suddenly hugged, and before she had time to react, she suddenly saw Kerry’s handsome face gradually coming close to her until his perfect lips covered on hers.

Venus’s eyes widened, and she could hear his breath, as well as the ‘click-click-click’ sound.

“Kerry, you…” Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Kerry.

Kerry looked at somewhere else and Henry Zhang and others who were not far away received orders and moved quickly to come over.

“I think you get what you want. Then thanks for coming today.”

Those reporters still wanted to ask questions, but they were dragged away by Henry and others. It was finally quiet again.

“Kerry, you still react quickly. It’s my birthday, so why don’t you let me do this?” Hao said so, with a warm smile and his tone was without any discontent.

Kerry looked cold, whose tone couldn’t be distinguished from joy or anger, “Nangong family’s security system had been destroyed. I’m afraid you should be busy later. I’ll leave first.”

Hearing his words, Hao asked in confusion, “What? You’re leaving without eating my birthday cake?”

Kerry lowered his head to look at Venus and nodded gently, “After this big mess, Venus and I won’t stay here for now, and we’ll make it up to you some other day.”

Hao looked upset and he unintentionally glanced at her, “It was unexpected, but you don’t have to…”

Kerry waved his hand and directly grabbed Venus’s arm and walked straight out. Suddenly he remembered something and said to Xinyou, who looked shocked, “Xinyou, you can stay. Have fun.”

Looking at his back, Xinyou stomped her foot hard. If he wasn’t here, what’s the point of her staying?

Suddenly noticing Hao beside her, Xinyou steadied her mind and asked, “Hao, the reporter didn’t get anything. This time our efforts have been wasted again!”

Hao, however, looked calm and relaxed, and said, “This is just an accident. No matter how it ends, it won’t affect the whole game.”

Hearing him say so, Xinyou settled down quite a bit, but she was a bit distracted. She especially wanted to know what Kerry would do to Venus.

Kerry took Venus out and sat straight in the car parked at the side of the road before he exploded.

“Venus, shouldn’t you explain to me what’s going on with those pictures?”

Kerry now was furious, as if he would not hesitate to punish her if she couldn’t give him a satisfactory answer.

Venus was so calm that she looked directly at him and said in a clear voice, “We are just friends.”

“Friends need to cuddle each other? Then the next step will be sleeping, right? Maybe I’m wrong, and you might actually cuckold me!”

During the days when he had kicked her out, Henry’s investigation had shown that she was staying at Hao’s house.

Going forward and strangling her, he looked extremely terrifying, as if he wanted to swallow her. Just thinking about her being under another man made him want to kill her!

Kerry still had his sanity, but he exerted more strength on his hands. A storm seemed to come and he asked word by word, “Tell me! Have you ever been fucked by Hao! Say it!”

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