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Chapter 97: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 97

At this time, the security guard near the sea-view room rushed over and quickly subdued Stuart Bourn.

Although Stuart Bourn’s behavior was a crime, Tint Chen on the side was still unhappy with Nina White. “Sister, if you promise brother-in-law, nothing will happen. Why do you force brother-in-law to be like this?”

However, Nina White did not respond. Instead, she carefully held Colin Ward’s hand and cried, “Colin Ward, how are you? Do you feel painful? I will call a ambulance right away.”

With this, Nina White quickly took the phone to call for a ambulance.

While waiting for the ambulance, Colin Ward looked at Yun Eric and said, “Auntie, did you see it? Do you still want to marry your daughter to him?”

Yun Eric couldn’t help crying, “This is really a crime…Oops…”

Colin Ward did not continue to speak. Since it had reached this point, if she was not really unscrupulous, she should understand it.

Imagine if Nina White really married, following the behavior of Stuart Bourn just now, if one day Nina White upseted him, would he also stabbed Nina White to death with a knife?

Soon, the ambulance came. Nina White accompanied Colin Ward to the hospital.

The doctor quickly bandaged him and prescribed medicine.

Nina White looked at Colin Ward’s gauze-wrapped palm, tears still rolling in her eyes. She choked and said, “Chairman, I’m sorry, it’s all because of me…”

“It’s okay.” With this, he also waved his hand wrapped in gauze.

“Chairman, thank you.”

Colin Ward couldn’t help but smiled and said, “You say sorry for me for a while and thank me for a while. Are you sorry or thank me?”

Nina White felt a little embarrassed and went on to say, “Both. Anyway, Chairman, I will invite you to dinner!”

Without Colin Ward today, no one knew Stuart Bourn, the pervert, would do. And Colin Ward was injured for her, she must express her gratitude.

Colin Ward did not refuse either.

After they left the hospital, they found a place called “Peixi Restaurant” nearby.

At the same time, sitting by the window on the second floor of Peixi Restaurant was a man in casual clothes. This man was relatively young, about 20 years old, and was eating leisurely.

John Martin, who had inquired about Lenard Wang here before, saw Lenard Wang and walked over with a smile.

“Brother Wang, are you here alone?”

Lenard Wang raised his head and frowned slightly, “Do I know you?”

John Martin felt a little embarrassed, said with a smile, “Hello, I am from the Martin group, my name is John Martin.”

Lenard Wang suddenly became alert after hearing this. Although he didn’t know much about the affairs between Colin Ward and Martin group, he at least knew that people in Martin group were not easy to get along with.

“Are you alright?”

“If it’s about business, then you don’t have to say it.”

John Martin sat down opposite of Lenard Wang and said, “Of course not. This restaurant tastes really good, and I have been here several times. I didn’t expect to meet Brother Wang here today.”

“I saw Brother Wang here alone, so I wanted to come and meet you and become friends with you by the way.”

Lenard Wang raised his eyes slightly and said indifferently, “Do you came to meet me to ask me to deal with the Marquis group?”

With this, John Martin’s face became a little stiff. He wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Lenard Wang.

“The Martin group is being suppressed by the Marquis group. I know this very well, so don’t try to deceive me!”

John Martin smiled bitterly and said helplessly, “Brother Wang, you have misunderstood. I really just came to be friends with you.”

Lenard Wang sneered and said, “Whether this is true or not, I am not interested in dealing with Marquis group.”

With this, Lenard Wang wiped his mouth with a tissue and got up to go downstairs.

However, as soon as Lenard Wang reached the top of the stairs, he was stunned by the scene before him.

John Martin, who was chasing behind him, asked in confusion, “Brother Wang, what’s wrong with you?”

Lenard Wang did not speak, just stared at a table in the restaurant on the first floor.

John Martin followed his gaze and looked over.

At the dining table, Colin Ward was inconvenient to eat with chopsticks because he was wrapped in gauze. Nina White fed Colin Ward bit by bit.

However, this scene was seen as a small interaction between two lovers.

With this, John Martin was surprised at once, and then controlled his excitement, observing Lenard Wang’s reaction blankly.

There was no extra expression on Lenard Wang’s face, but John Martin still noticed that Lenard Wang’s hand had become a fist.

The dining table downstairs.

As a man and an adult, Colin Ward was fed bite by bite by Nina White, which made him feel like a baby and felt particularly awkward.

Nina White’s mood was very good, and her face always wore a faint smile.

With this, Colin Ward was too embarrassed to refuse and had to allow her to do so.

This meal ended in such a strange atmosphere. However, because their behavior was too eye-catching, people would look over it from time to time, but they were all jealous.

They might be jealous of Colin Ward being fed by such a beauty!

After eating, Colin Ward wanted to return to the company, but Nina White insisted on sending Colin Ward.

Colin Ward also felt helpless about this and had to agree.

In the evening, Doris Lee returned home with her tired body.

After seeing Colin Ward, she was about to ask him something, but when she saw his injured hand, she suddenly felt nervous, “How did your hand hurt?”

Colin Ward didn’t want Doris Lee to be worried, so he smiled and said, “Hey, I didn’t have any luck today. I accidentally fell and my hand just hit the stone.

“How could you be so careless?”

Colin Ward immediately changed the subject, “By the way, how was your shooting today? Is the work going well?”

With this, Doris Lee couldn’t help but feel a little excitement in her heart, “It went well.”

Jane Stewart was a big star, and now she replaced Jane Stewart to shoot commercials. This was a great thing for her, she’s afraid that she never dreamed of such a day.

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