Chapter 98: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 98

However, when talking about this, Doris Lee remembered that she had other things to ask Colin Ward.

“That’s right. How do I feel that Director Moore seems to be obedient to what you said about today?”

Colin Ward thought for a while, and didn’t intend to hide from Doris Lee anymore, and said, “I am the chairman of Marquis group. He is just a director. Of course he has to listen to me.”

With this, Doris Lee was in a daze, and then hummed, “If you don’t want to say something, just don’t say it. Why are you kidding me?”

With this, Doris Lee went to the bathroom.

At this time, Colin Ward felt helpless.

What he said was really the truth!

Even so, he also felt that according to Colin Ward’s usual performance, he was basically not like a chairman of the Marquis group.

In addition, he was only talking, but there was no substantive evidence. If Doris Lee believed him, it would be strange.

When Doris Lee walked to the door of the bathroom, she suddenly turned ruddy and said, “Hurry up and take a shower too!”

Even a fool should be able to understand what it meant by her wife!

Afterwards, Colin Ward answered immediately, turned around and went to the other bathroom in the villa.

Doris Lee was thinking about something later in the bathroom, and her face couldn’t help being hot, and her heartbeat couldn’t calm down for a long time.

During this time, Colin Ward had been thinking about her. He not only sent her the car but also the villa, of course this was not the most important thing.

The most important thing was Colin Ward’s attitude towards her, especially today.

When she was accused and humiliated by others, he directly stood up to support her, even at the cost of the job he had finally found.

How could such a man not let her be tempted?

In addition, she did not intend to divorce Colin Ward. That being the case, why didn’t she accept him wholeheartedly?

Half an hour later, Colin Ward finished the shower and came to Doris Lee’s room.

However, when he came in, Doris Lee was still in the bathroom.

Colin Ward had to lie in bed and wait.

But with too much business today, and Colin Ward had been weakened and fell asleep quickly.

Doris Lee stalled in the bathroom for an hour before coming out.

And when she came out with a nervous heart, she found that Colin Ward was already lying on the bed and sleeping very heavily.

Doris Lee felt a little lost, and hummed, “You are not romantic enough.”

However, it was only after she walked over that something was wrong.

“Colin Ward?” Seeing Colin Ward’s body trembling constantly, Doris Lee couldn’t help but stretched out her hand to touch his forehead.

Colin Ward’s forehead became very hot and he was having a high fever.

Doris Lee quickly took out her mobile phone and called the ambulance, and then they went to the hospital.

According to the doctor, the fever was caused by an infection in his previous abdominal wound.

Doris Lee thought of the time Colin Ward blocked a knife for her, and felt very distressed and scared.

It was already the next morning when Colin Ward woke up, and he found himself in the hospital.

However, he didn’t care about his illness at all, and now he just thought about the incident last night!

Doris Lee had already said it clearly, but he fell asleep.

He felt very upset at the thought of this.

He actually missed such a good opportunity, which made him regret it.

At this moment, Doris Lee pushed in. After seeing Colin Ward awake, her heart finally felt more at ease. But thinking of Colin Ward who had a high fever last night, she said angrily, “What’s the matter with you? Don’t you even know that you are sick?”

With this, Colin Ward smiled and reached out to pull Doris Lee, “Doris, last night we…”

Doris Lee immediately shook Colin Ward’s hand. “Get well first.”

With this, Doris Lee’s face turned red.

“Go to work! Don’t delay…”

Doris Lee looked at Colin Ward, “I feel uneasy about you being alone in the hospital.”

“I’m fine. After my infusion is finished, I’ll just sleep again.”

Doris Lee still wanted to stay with Colin Ward, but Colin Ward insisted that she should go to work. Doris Lee felt helpless and had to leave.

After Doris Lee left, about an hour later, the directors of Marquis group and Nina White received news that they all came to visit Colin Ward.

Colin Ward felt a headache and could only keep pushing them away.

In the end, only Nina White remained.

In the office of the chairman of Crystal Group.

Lenard Wang was staring straight at the photos in his hands.

Not long after, John Martin knocked on the door, “Brother Wang, I came to visit suddenly, did I disturb you?”

Lenard Wang sat at his desk and asked faintly, “What are you doing here?”

John Martin didn’t show any restraint either. He walked over and sat on the opposite chair without answering Lenard Wang’s question. He said, “Brother Wang, don’t you invite me to drink?”

With this, Lenard Wang frowned slightly, but got up and went to the refrigerator next to him to get him a bottle of water.

John Martin reached out and opened the papers on his desk while Lenard Wang turned to take the water. After seeing the photos, he put them in the same place and sat back quietly.

“I heard that the chairman of Marquis group was hospitalized because of illness.”

Lenard Wang answered faintly, “Then what?”

John Martin asked with a smile, “Don’t you go to the hospital to see him? I remember you seem to be classmates, and your relationship is good.”

With this, Lenard Wang squinted.

John Martin observed Lenard Wang’s expression secretly. He deliberately said it, and his purpose was to test Lenard Wang’s attitude towards Colin Ward.

“What does this have to do with you?”

John Martin smiled and said, “It has nothing to do with me. But are you not his classmate? Don’t you really want to see him?”

Lenard Wang was silent for a while, got up and walked straight out of the office.

John Martin immediately followed.

Half an hour later, Lenard Wang and John Martin appeared in the hospital together.

In Colin Ward’s ward.

Nina White was sitting by the bed with Colin Ward.

Colin Ward felt very helpless about this, “You still have work to do, you should go back first!”

Nina White shook her head.

Colin Ward sighed and just about to say something when the door was knocked.

Nina White got up to open the door, “Mr. Wang, please come in.”

When he saw Nina White, Lenard Wang’s face changed slightly, and then he walked in stiffly.

Colin Ward was a little surprised to see that Lenard Wang was here, but he was still very happy. After all, his brother came to visit him.

“How do you know I’m sick?”

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