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Chapter 99 – 100: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 99: The mistrust between them (1)

Venus bit her lips, she felt like her arm was going to be ripped off by him. Looking at his furious look, her heart was like dead ashes.

She couldn’t help thinking of a saying: if people want to condemn someone, they can always find out a charge.

Since he didn’t believe her, what was the point of her answer? Whatever she said would be sophistry in his mind anyway, wouldn’t it?

“Now you tell me, is everything that these reporters said true?”

“Since you’re asking me that, it means you don’t believe me. What’s the point of my explanation?” Venus said coldly.

“Whether I believe it or not is one thing, whether you give an explanation or not is another. You’d better give me an explanation.”

Looking at him, she no longer wanted to explain this.

“Whether you believe it or not, I have nothing to do with Hao. Is this explanation okay?” Venus asked.

“How did those reporters get on you? And what the hell were you doing then?!” Kerry questioned.

Venus felt he was ridiculous. Why didn’t he blame himself for what he did with Xinyou Qiao. Even if she had done something with Hao, he had no right to question her.

“I’ve explained everything that needs to be explained. If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do about it.” Venus said calmly.

“That’s your answer?” Kerry’s tone was slightly heavy.

“Or what?”

“Venus, did you make up an excuse to trick me deliberately?” Kerry said coldly. “You are in contempt of me?”

“You’re so mean to me, I hate you. Of course I despise you.” Venus thought to herself, but didn’t say it.

She rolled her eyes and turned to look out the window, silent.


After the banquet, Hao Nangong sent the guests away. He had just turned around and saw a graceful middle-aged woman. She was his mother, Shuhua Chen.

“Mom.”Hao called out. A smile played on his lips.

“Why did the reporters appear just now?” his mother asked.

Hao looked stunned and said calmly, “I’ve already sent Heng Du to investigate the matter. When the results are out, I will definitely tell you first.”

“Our family has never been negligent in the security system, unless someone did it deliberately.” his mother said seriously.

The smile on Hao’s face disappeared. He sighed, and said, “Those reporters were arranged by me.”

“You did this at your own birthday party, what were you thinking?” his mother said sternly, “Do you want to angry your father?”

“Mom, you just stay out of this.” said Hao.

“You are doing this for Venus?” his mother said. “But she’s Kerry’s wife now.”

Hao wasn’t surprised to hear her words. With her mother’s attention to him, maybe she knew more about him and Venus.

“Mom, I know. Can we not discuss this now?” said Hao.

Chapter 99: The mistrust between them (2)

“Then why are you still doing it?”

“I love her.”

Shuhua Chen was shocked, “There are so many pretty girls. Why are you in love with her?”

“You asked me who saved my life a few years ago. I didn’t tell you at the time, but now I’m telling you, it’s her.”

“Why didn’t you tell me then?” huhua looked startled.

“I’m worried that you’ll target her, you’re always picky about my girlfriends.”

After hearing his words, Shuhua made a decision.


Venus was brought to the company by Kerry.

After a few minutes, Kerry came to attend an important meeting, so Venus was temporarily relieved.

Remembering the punishment he said in the car earlier, Venus was calm on the surface, but she was a little worried. She knew what his perverted torture was.

Then Venus turned on her computer. The manager had told her that the samples of the ready-made clothes she designed had been made. The pictures of her work have been sent to her computer and she can give some suggestions.

Venus was thrilled that her clothes would be worn by models. This showed that her hard work had paid off and was an important step for her to become a professional fashion designer.

After confirming that it was correct, Venus sent a text message to the manager

Venus took out the paper again, and inspiration came to her, so she started designing.

Just then, a noise came from beside her. Venus glanced over to see Xinyou sitting in her seat.

Venus didn’t want to talk to her and concentrated on the drawing. Apparently, Xinyou wanted to disturb her.

“Venus, you did a good job at Hao’s birthday party. Do you know what the people are commenting on you now?” said Xinyou sarcastically.

Venus frowned, still concentrating on the drawing.

Xinyou was annoyed. “They all say you’re a slut, you seduce Hao Nangong.” She glanced at her, her tone full of disdain.

Venus became angry as she heard Xingyou’s words. Her inspiration disappeared and her pen remained on the drawing board, but her minds went a complete blank.

She slowly put down her pen and said, “Don’t you feel bored? Insulting others is to show your existence? I can only say that you are really despicable.”

“It’s better to be despicable than shameless like you. You are a slut.”Xinyou said indifferently.

Venus scoffed, “Judging by what you did to seduce my husband, the word slut would be a more apt description of you.”

Xinyou glared at her, “But I do admire your patience. You know that Kerry has an affair, but you’re not angry.”

Actually, Xinyou and Kerry had never even slept together, and Kerry wasn’t having an affair. She said this on purpose to anger Venus and get her to divorce Kerry. However, it seemed that Venus didn’t care her words.

“You give your virginity to Kerry and yet you’re still just his mistress. Compared to you, I think I’m lucky.” said coldly.

Venus now understood that when someone slapped you, you can’t just slap them back. You have to rip their faces off.

Now Xinyou stared at Venus hatefully, but she was speechless.

Chapter 99: The mistrust between them (3)

The title ‘Mrs. Ye’ had become something that Xinyou desperately wanted, but it was got by Venus easily. How could Xinyou accept it?

“And don’t get cocky, do you think your life is better than me? Stop daydreaming, Kerry won’t even look at you and you don’t even have a chance to be liked!” Xinyou gritted her teeth in sarcasm.

Venus looked cold and said with indifference, “Be liked? Are you still living in the past when women completely relied on men? Xinyou, you’re just begging for Kerry’ s like. Why not live independently?”

“Don’t act like you’re noble. I think you can’t get him, so you can just say something to hide your jealousy.” Xinyou snorted coldly, her tone full of disdain.

“I don’t care to be liked by him!”

She was unwilling to argue with her and it happened to be lunchtime, so she decided to eat out today to save herself from being disturbed by others. Many people must be curious about what had just happened.

She really wasn’t in the mood to explain.

As Venus walked down the street, she came across Lanzhou Noodles and she stopped to walk inside.

The owner of the shop was a couple, both believers in Islam. When they saw Venus, they asked her what she wanted in a hospitable manner.

Venus ordered a beef noodles, and while she was waiting, she suddenly received a call from Kerry. She knew why he called her, so she hung up the phone decisively.

Hot noodles were then served on the table and Venus ate a few bites, suddenly feeling a little sad. Perhaps it was because of the hot noodles, or her situation at the moment.

Through the kitchen door, she saw the couple tacitly cooperate. The wife was making soup, while the husband was skillfully stretching the noodles, with a small fan on top of his head, whirring and blowing.

Occasionally, the wife would help her husband to wipe his sweat with a towel, and the husband would help his wife try the soup.

Although their life was difficult, they perfectly illustrated what was ‘share the joys and sorrows’.

Venus couldn’t help but think of her marriage. Though she lived in a quite extravagant life, she felt no love at all.

Whose life was much better?

Venus shook her head, stooping looking at them. She was eating her noodles in silence, but the phone rang again. Venus wanted to ignore it, but it didn’t stop ringing.

Eventually, Venus answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Is it Miss Mu?”

A dignified woman’s voice came, making her freeze.

“May I know your name?”

“I’m Hao Nangong’ s mother.”

Venus looked shocked, and then she remembered something, so she asked, “Hello, aunt, what can I do for you?”

Shuhua Chen just said directly, “It’s about my son. I want to see you. Are you free now?”

Venus thought for a moment and said, “OK, where do you want to meet?”

“How about Jindu Doulao?”

Venus looked at her half-eaten noodles and said, “No problem.”

Hanging up the phone, Venus immediately paid the money. She went out to take a taxi and directly gave the driver the address. In the meantime, she called Kerry back.

“What’s up?” Venus asked somewhat carelessly as she looked out the window.

Kerry’ s mood was hard to judge now, with his index finger tapping on the table. His tone was low, “Where are you now?”

“I’m not at the office right now. I’ll have something to do later and I want to take half a day off.”

Kerry asked, “Where exactly are you now?”

Venus thought for a moment and casually said, “I’m at the Shangri-La Café.”

Kerry frowned and he looked somewhat gloomy, “What are you doing there? Who are you with now?”

Venus didn’t answer, and she didn’t want to.

Her silence completely enraged him, whose anger could be felt through the phone, “Venus, answer me. Why didn’t you answer me?”

Venus sighed and said in a clear voice, “I just met a classmate and I haven’t seen her for a long time, so I plan to sit down and have a good chat.”

Kerry didn’t reply, and she stopped saying. Just then, the driver turned around and said to her, “Lady, we arrived.”

Venus raised her head and saw through the window, finding the name ‘Jindu Doulao’ written on it. She reached out to pay the money, and hung up the phone before she got off the car.

Looking at the phone that was instantly hung up, Kerry wondered if he had he been too indulgent lately!

How dare she hang up his call?

As she entered the lobby, she was greeted by a waitress with a polite smile, who asked gently, “Excuse me, you are Miss Venus, aren’t you?”

Venus looked startled and said calmly, “That’s right.”

“Please follow me, Mrs. Nangong is waiting for you in the room on the second floor.”

Chapter 100: Why she loved him? (1)

Venus Mu nodded and followed her straight up to the second floor until she stopped at a VIP room.

The waitress knocked on the door, and only after hearing the response did she open the door. She then turned around and said to Venus, “Please, Mrs. Nangong is waiting for you.”

Venus nodded and suddenly asked, “How do you know my name?”

“I’ve been seeing you in the newspapers a lot lately, and at the same time, I also know that you are Mrs. Ye.”

Looking at her thoughtful expression, Venus only smiled softly.

When Venus pushed open the door, she noticed a middle-aged woman in the seat, dressed gracefully and elegantly, showing an elegant and intellectual mature charm.

Seeing Venus, Shuhua Chen quickly glance at her. She smiled to greet Venus and said gently, “Hello, Miss Mu, I’m Hao Nangong’s mother. Glad to meet you. Our meeting is a little abrupt and I hope you don’t mind.”

Venus nodded politely and said, “Aunt, hi. I understand.”

Shuhua nodded, pointing to the seat opposite her and said, “Please sit down.”

Venus sat directly across from her. Looking at the delicacies on the table, she knew this meeting meant something.

She didn’t know, but one thing was certain, it was definitely related to Hao.

Seeing that Venus didn’t eat, Shuhua asked softly, “Is it because the food doesn’t suit Miss Mu’s taste?”

Venus shook her head, answering, “No, I’ve just eaten something, so I can’t eat more at the moment.”

Shuhua didn’t mind and she gently sipped the red wine, “Miss Mu, I heard that you are majoring in design?”


“I’ve always admired talented kids,” Shuhua said.

Venus’s eyebrows were slightly raised. She wouldn’t think that she had come to see her today just to praise her? Mrs. Nangong would not be so boring.

“Mrs. Nangong, what do you want to say to me?” Venus asked straightforwardly.

Shuhua slowly said, “Miss Mu, please allow me to first apologize for my son. Regarding the trouble he has caused you, I am deeply sorry.”

Hearing this, Venus immediately understood her purpose at the moment, and said, “Don’t be, Mrs. Nangong. He didn’t cause any trouble, so you do not need to apologize.”

As soon as Shuhua heard that, she slowly said, “Miss Mu is a smart person. I also know that you are already married to Kerry. In that case, I hope that you can meeting my son less often.”

Venus looked calm, but she felt bitter inside. It seemed that she was going to lose her only friend…

“Is it because of the press, Mrs.?”

She shook her head and said, “I know my son. He told me that he does like you very much.”

Venus looked startled, so it turned out that Hao was true to her…

“If it was before, I really wouldn’t have interfered too much, but now that you’re married, I can’t let him do such foolish thing, which would not only ruin him, but also damage our Nangong family’s reputation.”

Venus nodded to show her understanding.

Shuhua picked up the bag and took out a black gold card, slowly handing it over to Venus, “This is at least something I can return and please accept it. The amount inside is not much. Girls, it’s always necessary to add more clothes and jewelry.”

Looking at the shining black card, Venus was cold inside. Was she trying to use money to get rid of her?

She had already seen how the grand wives to deal with those girls they disliked. They would usually offer a generous chip in exchange for an offer, but she had never expected that this would happen to her.

“Mrs. Nangong, since you knew that I’m Mr. Ye’ s wife, you shouldn’t do this. After all, my husband has his reputation, but what you’re doing now shows no respect to him. Your behavior just confirms what those reporters are thinking. How am I going to explain this to my husband?”

Venus said this with solemnity. Even though she was Hao’s mother, she couldn’t continue to respect her after doing such thing.

Looking at Venus’s stubborn look, she eventually took the card back.

Shuhua then changed her tone, with some strangeness, “I’m sorry, Miss Mu. No, I should call you Mrs. Ye. It is undoubtedly best for all of us that you can think so.”

Chapter 100: Why she loved him? (2)

Venus Mu nodded, looking much more relaxed, and said, “Now since things have been settled, I’ll go back first.”

Shuhua Chen looked at her back, just as her hand touched the doorknob and she suddenly said, “Miss Mu, my son is not a good boy. Please talk to him when you’re free. I think he will listen to you.”

Venus’s back stiffened, and without turning her head, she said, “No problem.”

Her words were too superficial. Actually, she wanted Venus herself to tell this to Hao Nangong.

But she could also understand her. If she was Shuhua, she would definitely do the same thing. After all, she was a married woman.

Out of Jindu Doulao, Venus lowered her head to look at her watch, sighing inwardly. It was already more than 3 pm and it was not appropriate to go back to the company now, so she directly took a taxi back to Ye’ s house.

When she arrived, she went straight back to her bedroom and lay on the bed, feeling annoyed.

Recently, all she felt was tired. It was quite hard for her to deal with so many things.

First, she was betrayed Xinyou Qiao, and now she even couldn’t accept Hao’ s care, as a friend.

Taking out her phone, she directly dialed Hao’s phone number. It was impossible for her to tell him this face to face, so she could only tell him through the phone.

“Venus, is that you?”

Hao’s gentle voice came, making Venus bitter inside. She said to herself, “Hao, don’t be so nice to me anymore, I’m really not worth it!”

Thinking of this, she forced herself to be cruel and spoke, “Hao, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it? Go ahead.”

Venus frowned. After getting ready, she said, “We should meet less in the future. Even if we do, you’re just Kerry’s friend.”

As if he didn’t expect her to say this, Hao was shocked and his tone was mixed with a tremor, “Venus, you’re joking, right?”

“I’m not.”

She answered in a cut-and-dried manner, making him heart break.

He tried to control his emotions and he was trying to think of the reason for her sudden change. Suddenly, he thought of it.

Hao became serious, “Venus, my mother has met you, right? What did she say to you?”

It was said that a mother knew her son than anyone else, but Hao knew his mother so well.

Venus pondered and said, “It’s not just for this reason.”

Hearing her answer, Hao understood that his mother had indeed looked for her. Learning this, Hao couldn’t help but feel relieved. If it was only because of his mother, then he could accept it.

He was afraid that it was she who…

“What did my mother say to you?”

“She didn’t say anything,” Venus said, “Even if she did say something, it was for your own good, Hao.”

“For my own good?! If it was for my own good, she wouldn’t have done such a thing!”

Hao didn’t say this and he took a breath and said gently, “My mother’s thoughts don’t represent mine. Venus, don’t care what she has said to you.”

Venus stared at the ceiling and said in a deep voice, “Hao, it’s a fact that I’m married to Kerry. Please go for other girls.”

“Venus, you…”

Without waiting for him to finish his words, Venus continued, “I’m actually quite envious of you. You at least have your mother to worry about you. If you were me, you would know how wonderful it feels to be cared by your family.”

She had lost her parents, and she even lost her beloved brother’ s contact, so she longed for the warmth of a family more than anyone else, also the care and love from a family member.

“Don’t embarrass your parents. Don’t break their hearts.” After saying this, without waiting for Hao’s response, Venus hung up the phone.

Looking at the phone screen that already showed the end of the call, Hao looked sullen and he tossed the phone to the bed.

Chapter 100: Why she loved him? (3)

His mother had got involved in this matter, so it was going to get tricky. He wouldn’t be unaware of his mother, and for the first time, he felt bad about her ‘care’.

In the past, her mother would also do the same thing. Whenever a woman tried to pester him, his mother would take care of everything for him, so he felt his mother had a big role to play and he never saw it as a bad thing.

But now, even though he had told her that Venus was important to him and she still tried to destroy it. That’s what he couldn’t accept!

Thinking of this, he quickly grabbed his jacket and left without looking back.

Venus, as she hung up the phone, she took some time to calm herself, and when she felt she was as normal, she came to her desk to start designing again.

She had been bothered by all sorts of things lately, which made her not draw for a long time. only by focusing on her work, could she forget those unpleasant things.

Feeling almost done, Venus rubbed her sore neck. Then she turned around and inadvertently looked at the sky outside the window and noticed that it was a bit dark.

Just then, the door was instantly opened, and then someone tall was walking in.

With a ‘pa’ sound, the room immediately became bright, while she also found it was Kerry.

“Did you go there this afternoon?!” Kerry stepped forward, looking at her in a condescending manner.

Venus was made a little annoyed by his questioning and said with a calm face, “I went to the Shangri-La Café.”

She used this address to take a leave, so naturally she couldn’t say it wrong now.

Her neck was strangled by him fiercely and Kerry gritted teeth and asked, “Where the hell did you go?!”

Venus was dizzy from his clutching and her chest was extraordinarily uncomfortable, but it made her more and more conscious.

He was sure that she hadn’t gone to Shangri-La. Had he sent someone to follow her?

“You sent someone to follow me!”

It wasn’t a question; it was an affirmation.

Kerry still looked cold, sneering, “I don’t have so much time. A phone call would do!”

Venus took a breath and because her neck was choked, the air could not enter her chest at all. Her heart was in pain, and she said in a clear and cold voice, “I can’t breathe… Even if you want to hear the truth… you have to let me go first! “

Looking at her for a moment, Kerry loosened his hands. Looking at Venus, who was lying on the table gasping for air, he said with a clear and indifferent tone, “Tell the truth, or don’t blame me for being rude.”

Hadn’t he already been rude to her? Did he think she would appreciate him for saying that?

“I went to Jindu Doulao.”

Kerry frowned and asked, “What were you doing there?!”

“What can I do besides eat?”

Venus couldn’t stand him anymore, for he treated her like a criminal. He was not a police man or someone else and it was so irritating!

“Who did you go with?”

“Only me.”

Kerry clearly wasn’t satisfied with her answer, and his look revealed danger as he repeated, “Who exactly did you go with?”

“It’s true that I went there by myself, because someone called me and asked me to be there.”

“Who? Hao?”

Venus shook her head and told the fact, “His mother.”

Anyway, even if she didn’t say it right now, he would definitely be able to find it out. If he found out, she didn’t know how much more torture she would have to suffer.

Kerry squinted and he immediately understood why she wanted to see Venus.

“You and Hao has made Mrs. Nangong aware, so it seemed there must be something between you two!” Kerry was wearing a disdainful smile and said indifferently.

Venus looked calm and said, “Kerry, enough! Why not let just let the shit thing go? Well then, please explain to me first, your relationship with Xinyou.”

Obviously, Venus didn’t want to know this, but she wanted to divert his attention, otherwise she would inevitably be humiliated and tortured by him then.

Kerry looked startled and said coldly, “What do you want to know? Do you know how incompetent you are as a wife?!”

Venus smirked and said sarcastically, “Xinyou does indeed do a better job than me. She not only made three loving meals for you every day, but also served you well in other ways. I’m touched!”

“It’s good that you know it.”

Venus then said, “Since she is so competent, when are you going to give something she should have? You can’t just enjoy everything she gives to you!”

Knowing her meaning, Kerry looked sullen and said coldly, “Venus, I know what you’re thinking, but I’m telling you, divorce, no way!”

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