Chapter 99: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

The Rise Of A Poor Husband – Chapter 99 Have a meal together?

“I just came to the hospital to see the directors of Marquis group.” When Lenard Wang spoke, his face looked a little unnatural.

But Colin Ward didn’t notice Lenard Wang’s strangeness. He just nodded, thinking that it was probably some director said to him before. He said, “Actually, I am fine. I just have a fever, and I am getting better now.”

With this, the atmosphere on the scene suddenly became awkward. Lenard Wang just wore a smile on his face and didn’t know what to say to Colin Ward.

Colin Ward felt a little puzzled at this time, “I think you seem to be a little absent-minded. Have you encountered something recently?”

Lenard Wang paused, shook his head, “No. I may not have been sleeping well recently!”

“Oh, then you go back and rest! Don’t be exhausted.” Colin Ward didn’t think much.

Lenard Wang glanced at Nina White next to him, nodded, and finally left the ward.

Nina White was going to close the door, and then walked over to Colin Ward’s bed.

At this time, someone knocked on the door and came in. This was a nurse.

The nurse took the thermometer in her hand and asked Colin Ward, “Have you taken your temperature?”

Colin Ward took out the thermometer in his armpit and handed it to the nurse. The nurse reached out to take it, and accidentally bumped into Nina White.

Nina White couldn’t stand firmly, and instantly fell into Colin Ward’s arms.

As it happened, Lenard Wang, who was standing at the door and just returning to tell Colin Ward to be vigilant against John Martin, saw this scene, and his face instantly twisted.

At the same time, John Martin, who had been waiting outside, came over, saw this scene, and was pleasantly surprised in his heart.

Lenard Wang did not continue to choose to enter, but walked out of the hospital sternly.

John Martin followed.

“Brother Wang, what’s wrong with you?”

Lenard Wang said nothing.

After getting in the car, John Martin continued, “Eh, did you see it just now? Nina White fell into Colin Ward’s arms. I remember Colin Ward has a wife, right?”

“Gee, I didn’t expect it!”

“But looking at you, you seem to know Nina White? Oh, yes, you should have been to the Marquis group. You must have met Nina White, Colin Ward’s assistant.”

John Martin said while watching Lenard Wang’s look.

Lenard Wang’s face became darker and darker. After hearing John Martin’s words, his face became extremely gloomy.

With this, John Martin raised his mouth slightly, Lenard Wang was already on the verge of breaking out, as long as he kept working hard…

After being silent in the car for a while, Lenard Wang said to himself suddenly.

“I have known her since childhood. I have lived in her house for five years, and she is very good to me. I thought she liked me, just like I liked her.”

“But she has left home since she went to college. When I was in college, I tried to contact her, but I never contacted her, she seemed to disappear…”

“When I saw her again, I was in the Marquis group. I was very happy to see her at that time and wanted to talk to her. But she pretended to be a stranger to me as if she didn’t know me, showing the businesslike attitude. “

“I think she must have difficulties. So I cooperated with her and didn’t say much.”

“I thought she would find me in private, but she didn’t…”

“He didn’t!” Lenard Wang roared hysterically.

Then, Lenard Wang said slowly, “I know she likes Colin Ward!”

“Didn’t Colin Ward have a wife? And he loves his wife very much. It is said that his wife had a dispute with the famous host Jane Stewart.”

“I know.” Lenard Wang squinted.

With this, John Martin said meaningfully, “If this is the case, then you should fight for it. After all, this is love, not other alternatives. Brotherhood is one aspect, and love is the other.”

Lenard Wang said nothing.

John Martin continued, “She likes Colin Ward maybe because of Colin Ward’s identity. He is more successful than you and more capable than you. If you can surpass him, can that assistant become your assistant? “

“In fact, it is not difficult to beat him. As long as Crystal Group and Martin group cooperate, Marquis group can’t surpass you naturally. Can’t you get what you want?”

With this, Lenard Wang said coldly, “You really want to deal with the Marquis group!”

John Martin’s face suddenly changed, and then he smiled and said, “Brother Wang, how can you say that? How do you deal with the Marquis group? I just made you more successful than Colin Ward.”

Lenard Wang sneered, “Honestly, whether it is Colin Ward or Marquis group, isn’t it the same?”

“But I want to tell you that Colin Ward and I are brothers. I can’t do anything to be sorry for him. What kind of dog are you? How dare you instigate my relationship with him in front of me?”

“Get out!” Lenard Wang shouted mercilessly.

John Martin didn’t insist. After getting out of the car, he watched Lenard Wang go away and smiled confidently.

An hour later, John Martin was in the Martin group meeting room and told everyone about the latest events.

With this, everyone sighed.

“Lenard Wang still values love and righteousness. But if that’s the case, don’t we have no chance?”

“Yeah! John Martin. We are still developing steadily, so why bother to provoke the Marquis group?”

“Yeah! If the Marquis group attacked us in turn, we would not be worth the gain.”

Barr Martin also said, “Second brother, are you doing this too rashly? If Lenard Wang tells Colin Ward, what should we do? Originally, Marquis group did not intend to continue to suppress us, if you continue to do so, They will definitely go against us.”

John Martin appeared indifferent to everyone’s complaints and persuasion. Not only that, he also had unprecedented confidence.

Alan Martin asked, “Are you sure of this?”

“Dad, don’t worry! For the Marquis group, I am bound to win!” John Martin said confidently.

Everyone looked at him in confusion. Where did his confidence come from?

With this, John Martin said, “Think about it. Lenard Wang and Colin Ward have always been brothers. If he immediately agreed to me at the time, it would be a problem.”

After a little thought, everyone felt reasonable.

For the woman he liked being robbed by other men, could Lenard Wang still bear it?

In addition, they were brothers on the surface, but Crystal Group acquired Xinxi group before Marquis group. If they were really brothers, then he really had nothing to say about it.

It was as what he expected.

Not long after the people in the conference room were discussing, John Martin’s phone rang.

John Martin saw that it was Lenard Wang’s phone, and immediately signaled everyone to keep quiet, then answered the call and turned on the speakerphone.

“Brother Wang, are you looking for me?”

“Are you free tonight? Let’s have a meal together.” Lenard Wang said apologetically, “I was overly emotional just now. I want to apologize to you.”

John Martin smiled and said, “Of course I am free. Since Brother Wang called me, I would be free anytime.”

They talked about the time and place, and then hung up.

At this moment, Barr Martin said excitedly, “Second brother, you are so amazing!”

“I have always pursued stability in everything I do. Just wait and see this time! The Marquis group can’t be arrogant for a long time.” John Martin said with a sneer.

Alan Martin nodded with satisfaction seeing his son so capable.

Colin Ward finally sent Nina White away, leaving him alone in the ward.

While lying in bed, Colin Ward couldn’t help but have many thoughts. He thought of last night again and couldn’t help feeling regretful.

At this moment, Doris Lee called him.

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