The owner of the jewellery store was shocked, master, master?

Who is the master of Snakehead?

His heart trembled, turned around, and found that the Snakehead had suddenly changed his face. In an instant, he respected to the extreme, “Master, why are you here?”

The snake’s head was facing a person, that’s right, Chuck Cannon who was smiling but not smiling!

The boss was stunned! Shocked!!

He has known Snakehead for many years, knowing that Snakehead is a retired mercenary, with a group of people, and he is not afraid to do anything!

He has cooperated with Snakehead several times, and each time Snakehead has made him very beautiful. He knows the strength of Snakehead, but now he is so polite to a person?

Still, called him the master?

This is just two punches to the boss, he was stupefied!

Also, Snakehead said just now that he followed a person who killed dozens of his brothers and took three pieces of emperor green…

Yes, this person is in my store?

For a moment, a cold sweat broke out from behind the boss!

The person in this shop, he just admitted that it was him, but he didn’t believe it…

His cold sweat came out more!

It has been spread in his circle that this person who took three pieces of emperor green is an absolutely super-rich second generation!!

Otherwise, how can someone be so courageous, spend a billion and take three rough stones that no one is optimistic about at a super high price?

He dare not do this!

Once he loses, he feels bad too!


There was also amazing news in the circle. Two big bosses similar to himself died after the auction ended that night…

Who killed it?

No one in the circle of friends is sure, because this is an explosive thing!

It briefly caused panic in the circle of friends!

But someone came out. It is a reasonable analysis that the two bosses became ill-tempered and jealous. They found someone to kill the young man who took the three pieces of emperor green but was killed by this young man…

This rumour appeared in the boss’s mind. The more he wanted to gather, the more sweat he got behind his back!!

Is it him?

However, this person is actually in his own shop at this moment. He just wanted to buy his own shop, and he just refused to…

The boss turned pale.

The store manager, Fred Whitman, Joanna Shields were shocked!

They don’t know this Snakehead, but what is called a master? what does this mean?

Kristen was shocked, what happened to Chuck Cannon?

In the end, Who is Chuck Cannon?

“Came here to buy things.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Ah? Buy something? Master, what do you want to buy? I know the boss here, and I would ask him to give it to you!” The Snakehead waved to the boss.

The boss was dumbfounded.

“Give it to me? No, what I want to buy, he doesn’t want to sell that to me.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Not willing?”

Snakehead was shocked, he came over, “Lao Ke, what are you doing? Why are you not willing to sell things to my master?”

“He, is he really the one who took three pieces of emperor green?” The boss’s voice was bitter.

“Yes, it’s him!”

The boss felt even more bitter.

“Old Ke, don’t blame me for not telling you. Boss Guo asked me to kill him that night. I took more than 20 brothers and he solved it in one minute…”

“Huh?” The boss was horrified to the extreme!

He looks so young, how can he be so powerful!

“Think about it yourself, and I won’t say much, but you have offended him, so be careful yourself!”

“Me?” the boss said bitterly, “What do you mean? He will kill me?”

Isn’t it easy to kill so many brothers with snakeheads in one minute?

The boss was self-aware!

“I don’t know this, but he is a super-rich second generation. Your worth is not enough in front of him! It’s easy to fix you! Lao Ke, sometimes it’s nothing bad to know the current affairs!”

The cold sweat on the back of the boss wets his clothes, “Then I will promise him?”


The boss ran over, “You want to buy my store? Okay, I’ll sell it to you!!”

As soon as this was said, the audience was in an uproar!

“Boss, what did the boss say? He is going to sell this shop?”

“Why?” The store manager fell into incredible!

Fred Whitman was shocked, Joanna Shields was shocked, why this boss suddenly changed his mind!

“Aren’t you unwilling just now?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Sorry, I made a mistake just now, you can buy it anytime,” the boss said kindly.

At this moment, he realized why Snakehead was so polite to Chuck Cannon.

Closer, Chuck Cannon, he has been on the battlefield, and he has felt the oppression from the bottom of his heart.

This is definitely the feeling that the super-rich second generation can give people!!

“Anytime? All right, you make an offer!”

“700 million, no, no, 300 million, 300 million for you!” The boss was sweating coldly!

Fred Whitman was shocked!

How could the value of this store be only 300 million? He will actually sell it to Chuck Cannon at a loss? Why?

He really couldn’t figure it out.

“I will not take advantage of you, I will give you 700 million,” Chuck Cannon said as he is not a robber.

“What’s more, I don’t just want to buy your store!” What was Chuck Cannon’s thinking?

Lucy Parker has established an industrial chain, so it needs to be sold in stores. It is not easier to buy all of his stores directly.

“Huh? What do you mean?” The boss sweats more coldly.

“All, I want to buy all your stores!”

The owner was shocked, “All the stores? I have one hundred and nine!”

“I want three hundred stores! Tomorrow I will let someone estimate the value of your store, all of them, and then give you a purchase price 10% higher than your market value!!”

The boss was shocked and immediately changed his face, “What? Are you willing to give me a 10% higher?”

The investment of more than 100 stores is different. The total amount of goods is about 5 billion. The others are some stores, which are valued at about 15.6 billion!!

In other words, if it is 10% higher, it means giving yourself 1.5-1.6 billion more?

The boss is pleasantly surprised, is this a pie in the sky?

Is there such a good thing?

“Yes! Buy, I will definitely satisfy you!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Okay, I’ll sell it! All the stores are sold to you!”

“Yes, I will make an estimate tomorrow!”

“Boss Ke, he is joking with you, don’t take it seriously!” Fred Whitman sneered. How could he not know the value of this owner’s store?

More than 10 billion, Chuck Cannon has so much money to buy it?

It’s impossible!

The boss frowned, “Master Fred, I think you should pay attention to your words!”

“Attention? You were bluffed by him, I won’t!” Fred Whitman came step by step, “He doesn’t have that much money to buy…”

He didn’t finish his words, and he slapped him in the face!

Fred Whitman was shocked, “Boss Ke, are you hitting me?”

“Really, don’t hurt me! You are an ant in front of Young Master Chuck, do you know?” The boss said coldly!

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