Christophe Dechavanne: “I say nothing, I shut my mouth”, electric exchange with Josée Dayan

Christophe Dechavanne is part of the cast of “Dead season”, unpublished “Capitaine Marleau” broadcast Friday, April 8 on France 2. The host and Josée Dayan, director, were in “C to You” for the promotion. And if they want everyone to watch the episode, they seem to no longer be able to see themselves, even in painting.

Will a new career be offered to Christophe Dechavanne as for Alessandra Sublet? It could well be since he will be on the bill of off seasonnext episode of Captain Marleau broadcast this April 8 on France 2. Right arm of the character played by Corinne Masiero, the 64-year-old host rubbed shoulders closely with Josée Dayan, the director of the series with such a strong character. And between the two strong tempers, understanding was apparently complicated. Guests of C to you to promote the episode, Josée Dayan and Christophe Dechavanne had great difficulty communicating. Suffice to say that if a power cut had interrupted the show, the sparks caused by their exchanges could have reignited everything. Talking about his filming experience, Christophe Dechavanne said that with the director, things had to go quickly: ” I had not been warned. If you want a second take, say so within 5 seconds he told the columnists. Josée Dayan was not of this opinion.

The director cut her actor: “ He says nonsense, it’s not true, it’s false! “If Christophe Dechavanne tried to clarify that he only had tenderness for her and that there was nothing “ bad“, it was apparently too late for Josée Dayan: “ The tenderness leaves me indifferent there, it is totally false. I don’t mind people saying what they want about me when it’s true.

[…] It’s not true, it’s totally false! I like to do one take or two takes because I think 4, 5, 10 takes gets mechanical. […] It is not my technique and my desire. »

Tensions were eased by a message from Ariane Massenet – also in the episode – who, despite emphasizing Josée Dayan’s grip and determination, explained that she would never forget that first time with the director. A speech in which Christophe Dechavanne found himself: ” I say the same. […] She looks like nothing like that but she is discreet, she sees very quickly. “Wanting to do well, he finally sunk more than anything else:” ‘She looks like nothing. This guy is amazing!‘ reacted Josée Dayan. Embarrassed by his clumsiness, Christophe Dechavanne apologized profusely.

But if he was counting on the help of Pierre Lescure to get him out of this mess, it was a failure: “ It’s the first time I’ve heard that Josée Dayan is discreet, we mustn’t spoof. She exists ! “So it was alone that he tried to get out of it: ” In any case, she sees everything quickly, very quickly… Despite all her goodwill, Josée Dayan’s reflections ended up getting the better of Christophe Dechavanne’s patience: ” Alright, I’m not saying anything. I had an experience… It’s good, I’m shutting up! It was very good, I thank Josée very much for trusting me because she didn’t have to. ” Vibe.

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