Coco Emilia reveals why she constantly clashes with other stars

Situation rather calm lately, on the side of Coco Emilia even if we all know that the young influencer is customary to clash with other stars. If several Internet users wondered about the reasons for her clashes for the most part unknown, she ended up revealing the causes. According to her, these would be attitudes that would displease her coming from her alleged adversaries.

You will certainly have noticed it for the most fond of people information. Coco Emilia is commonly embroiled in small media squabbles with other stars. If for some the reasons end up being revealed in broad daylight, for others the causes have never been detected.

Fortunately, a curious surfer questioned the singer on the subject.

Coco Emilia has indeed delivered a question and answer session with her fans on her Instagram account. To the question therefore why she was in perpetual discord with other stars, the response of the influencer was most surprising.

According to Coco Emilia, the rather unhealthy atmosphere is the real reason. She denounces a certain hypocrisy that reigns in the sphere people. “Hypocrisy and wickedness had overtaken me since childhood wrote Coco Emilia, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Coco Emilia reveals why she constantly clashes with other stars

This therefore explains the frequent quarrels of Coco Emilia with other stars. Fortunately, Sophie’s mother has been quite calm in recent months, after the clashes between Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire due to rivalries for CAN 2021.

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