Coluche “fallen stoned”: his “brother” makes sensational revelations 35 years after his death!

It was during the 1980s that Gérard Lanvin created a real bond with Coluche. “This period was magnificent. With Michel (Coluche’s real first name, editor’s note) it was very strong. We were almost like brothers”he said on March 29, in En aparté, on Canal + where he was able to indulge like never before.

Then everything changed. While living with his partner Véronique, at the artist’s, Gérard Lanvin ended up slamming the door.

“I saw Marius, his son, being born. We all lived together in the house. I had to leave because at some point he got stoned and it wasn’t my story anymore. We were together for seven years. We toured France ten times, I took care of his dressing room, I took care of him.

, he said. And to continue: “I was not paid, I lived like Coluche thanks to him. We did radio and I was in charge of finding five funny jokes a day… We had to tell them in the morning at home. He was in a bathrobe and when he was in a bad mood… It was very funny to tell funny stories to a guy who doesn’t feel like laughing”.

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