Committed Relationships – Tips For Keeping Your Love Strong


In a relationship, time can work either for you or against you. When we meet someone we like, we put a lot of effort in showing the best of ourselves. When we fall in love, everything seems perfect. After some time, reality kicks in and we start to see life´s true colours. Even though our relationship is bound to change, it does not mean it has to change for worse. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of time and keep your love strong.

Create good memories. Try to do nice things when you spend time together. This is what you will want to remember. Fights and discussions are not nice memories and will not help your relationship in any way. Cooking and cleaning can become fun memories with a little imagination. If you spend more quality time together, doing things that you both enjoy, you will want to spend more time together in the future.

Communicate your feelings or your worries when needed. This can avoid misunderstandings, conflicts and problems in the future. Communication is essential for a happy and healthy relationship. Talking with each other is the only way we have of sharing our interests and planning our time together. Most important of all, it is the easiest way of getting to know the person we love.

Give affection. Give each other as much affection as possible. There is always time for a hug or a kiss. Being affectionate with each other helps to keep romance alive. Studies have proven that being affectionate helps against depression and stress. As to relationships, it helps to create a stronger bond and can even smooth over the bumps we encounter on the way.

Compromise. There will always be moments when you don´t see eye to eye. We are all different and have our own opinions and views about things. We have different backgrounds and different upbringings. Therefore we should respect each other’s ways of thinking. Don´t turn a disagreement into a conflict. Compromise and find a solution you can both live with.

Try new things together. Boredom is a relationship killer. We become easy victims to routine due to work, family, children and other commitments. Try to make an effort to find something new to do together. This is especially important to do if you feel you are drifting apart or your relationship is cooling down. This will help you reconnect and perhaps learn something new about your partner.

Be there for each other. Life is not always perfect and there might be a time when the person you love really needs your support. Yo might need to give advice, comfort or simply lend an ear. It is often in these cases when we are most vulnerable and we feel the need to confide and seek the support of those we love. You want to be the most important person in his or her life, so being there when needed is crucial.

Make each other happy. Do nice things and surprise your partner with things you know will make him or her happy. Making others happy will increase you own happiness too. It could be as simple as writing a loving text message or booking dinner at a restaurant. There are many small things we can do daily which don´t require a lot of effort or time.

If the time you spend with your partner has more good moments than bad, your love is bound to get stronger over time. Use time wisely and to your advantage. Making each other happy is the key to a long-lasting relationship.

Source by Monica Hinholm

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