Confidences: ”My mother often feels alone”, says the son of Coco Emilia

A year ago Coco Emilia and francis Mvemba offered a princely wedding that ignited the web. Their marriage had caught the attention of the Canal+ team, who had missed nothing before and during the ceremony.

During physical preparations, the presenter at Canal + had interviewed little Claude Ryan, eldest son of Coco Emilia 13 years old.

“I always wanted her to get married, because I see that she often feels lonely and also needs someone in her life. I’m happy that my mom is getting married, because I’ve been waiting for this ever since. It will make me feel good,” said the young boy.

Indeed, on April 10, 2021, Coco Emilia and the Congolese Francis Mvemba said to each other “Yes” for better, for worse and for life. But great is the disappointment of each other when less than a year later, the marriage that made more than one dream is no longer relevant.

The Cameroonian influencer had however announced that the religious wedding should take place a year later. Some Internet users are still not recovering from this breakup.

“We would have liked to wish you happy wedding of cotton”. “I am sad for this woman. She hoped to finally know the happiness but what she didn’t know not Cis to live love be first love. May God heal his soul. May she first find inner peace. May it become Love. Then if she has the grace of God, he will send her his soul mate”

“I liked her dresses too much. She was really beautiful in all her dresses. It’s not over yet, she can still get her man back if she follows her heart.

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