Dadju becomes an actor: his first film “Ima” is coming to the cinema very soon

Singer Dadju is back in business. The star with two diamond disc albums is on the poster for the film “Ima” in which he plays his own role. Gims’ brother will also release a new album for the occasion…

The singer Dadju will soon be at the cinema for a first feature film entitled Ima, expected May 11 in theaters. After singing, it is now acting that the star will stick to the delight of his fans.

In this movie of Nils Tavernierthe interpreter ofShe asks me plays its own role. Indeed, the film depicts Dadju’s return to Kinshasa, the city of his childhood, for a concert. When the latter is finally invited to produce a private concert, he falls in love with the bewitching Ima, whom he never takes his eyes off… (see slideshow trailer). The film will be presented in preview on Tuesday May 10 throughout France at 8 p.m. and will be followed by the screening of showcase of the singer, in the rooms provided for this purpose. He will perform the songs from the film included in his new album. Dadju has already unveiled the title King

excerpt from his opus cullinan. This is the star’s third album after Gentlemen 2.0 and Poison or Antidote, both certified diamond discs. Dadju has also already been awarded 66 certifications for singles (10 diamond, 16 platinum and 40 gold). Prince Dadj will be accompanied for the film of the actress Karidja Toure in the title role, as well as by Djimo, Joss Stinson and Nick Mukoko.

Always very productive artistically, Dadju entrusted the Mail Picard last March sometimes having difficulty reconciling his family life and his work, he who has just been a father for the third time. ” It’s very complicated. I was very absent during her pregnancy between the album and the filming of the film”, he confessed. Let’s hope for him that the future will be different. In addition, the release of this new album coincides with that of his brother Gims, who for his part relaunched the cult group Sexion d’Assault for a gigantic French tour for the whole of 2022.

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