Dangote Sells Cement For N1, 800 In Zambia, N3, 500 In Nigeria

The Dangote Cement Group sells its product in Southern African country, Zambia, for at most 110 Kwacha which equals to about N1, 800 in Nigeria, while the same product sells for not less than N3, 500.

“In addition, the board of directors has instructed Lafarge Zambia PLC, Dangote Cement Zambia Limited, and Mpande Limestone to carry out within 90 days of receiving instructions that individual employees must not behave in an anti-competitive manner and that the company must not promote and / or anti-competitive behavior, including the exchange of information, “the council said.

Meanwhile, a SaharaReporters inspection of a Nigerian hardware store revealed that Dangote was selling cement for N3 500 while Lafarge was selling for N 3400 – nearly double what Zambia paid for the same product.

The Zambia Board of Commissioners of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission said it ordered Lafarge Zambia Plc, Dangote Cement Zambia Limited and Mpande Limestone Limited to revert to the cement prices ranging between Kwacha 99 to Kwacha 110 after there was uproar over its recent increment.

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