Dany Boon, his ex-wife Yaël has found love again: photos of his attractive companion Billy

In love with Dany Boon for 16 years after falling in love with Switzerland, Yaël Harris now shares the life of a handsome brunette named Billy. Former childhood love of the model, he knew how to comfort her after her complicated and painful divorce with the actor of the film “The Lion”…

In a relationship with Dany Boon from 2002 to 2018, Yaël Harris shared the life of the actor for more than 15 years. A difficult separation to live for the screenwriter who has since rebuilt her life with a love of youth named Billy. A relationship started shortly after his divorce from the actor of the film Welcome to the Ch’tis according to confessions of the pretty brunette made on her Instagram account in 2021.

Amused, the artistic director then reposted an article from a people magazine which formalized her relationship with the handsome brunette. Nevertheless, the journalists had incorrectly indicated that his companion was called ” David“. Mockingly, she wrote: And to think that my lover made me believe for 3 years that his name was Billy…

Beautiful outside and inside especially

In comments, the mother of Eytan, Elia and Sarah (born respectively in 2005 2006 and 2010, fruits of her love with Dany Boon) also indicated that her darling was ” beautiful outside and inside“. Visibly still affected by her divorce from Dany Boon, she also liked a comment from a subscriber who regretted that the actor was now in a relationship with Laurence Arné: “ He’s lucky I still don’t understand your ex. He had a beautiful and lovely wife.

In love and fulfilled in the arms of her new companion, the pretty brunette regularly posts pictures of their romance on Instagram during dinners with friends or lovers. Proud, Yaël Boon no longer hesitates to appear with Billy on social networks. Recently, she also sent him a beautiful declaration of love on February 14, the day of the feast of lovers: “ Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! Thank you for being so wonderful » (« Happy Valentines Day, my love ! Thank you for being so wonderful“.

For his part, Dany Boon has been in a relationship since 2018 with Laurence Arné. He formalized their relationship on May 3, 2021 (two months after his divorce from Yaël Harris was officially pronounced) on RTL radio. Invited to talk about his film 8 Humanity Streetthe actor had confided the underside of his confinement with the 39-year-old actress: “ I was at home with Laurence and the children, and we started meeting the neighbors, making pots, food, barbecues. I said to myself that I had to write… It’s crazy, because no one knows each other and all of a sudden, we bump into each other and say ‘Hello, how are you?’

As a reminder, Dany Boon is also the proud father of Mehdi (23) with Sophie Hermelin and Noé, born of his union with actress Judith Godrèche.

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