Death of Nick Cordero: 2 years later, photo and moving message from his widow Amanda Kloots

Still traumatized by the death of her husband Nick Cordero in July 2020, Amanda Kloots wanted to reveal one of the last photographs of the actor when he was still alive. Shocked by his sudden death, she revealed the lesson she learned from this dramatic ordeal.

March 30 is a bitter date for Amanda Kloots. The one where she dropped off her husband Nick Cordero at the hospital without knowing that he would die there a few months later; in July. Almost two years after the death of her husband and father of her son Elvis (born in 2019), the American host wanted to share a souvenir snapshot of the actor where he appears asleep with their baby, comfortably installed on his stomach. In legend, the pretty 40-year-old blonde remembered her last moments with her late husband.

She explains : ” Two years ago today, Elvis and I dropped Nick off at the emergency room at Cedar Sinai Hospital. I remember telling him that I would park the car, take Elvis for a walk, and pick him up in a few hours. We both thought he’d be out after two hours

. I had no idea that would be the last time I would see him and talk to him like I knew him. On March 30, he was admitted to hospital and never came home.

Determined to remain positive despite this tragedy, she continues: “ In grief and loss, I think there are days that will stay with us forever. March 30 will be one of those days for me. In hindsight, I learned a lot from that day. Don’t take the time you spend with people for granted. We really don’t know if and when we’ll see them again. We are not invincible. »

As a warning for those who have not understood the importance and the preciousness of life, she concludes by giving advice to her subscribers: “ Give the biggest hug, hold the kiss a little longer, say ‘I love you.’

As a reminder, Nick Cordero died on July 6, 2020 at the Cedar Sinai center in Los Angeles, after a long battle against Covid-19 and in particular an amputation. He was 41 years old. In recent days, the actor was to receive a double lung transplant. An extremely expensive operation in a country that charges thousands of dollars for the slightest medical procedure, but the actor’s clan was ready for anything.

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