Did Yolanda Hadid lie about Zayn’s beating? What her former assistant supports

In a letter to US sites, a former Yolanda aide claimed that it was a well-organized lie aimed at removing Zayn from her family

In October 2021, the Yolanda Hadid claimed that Zayn Malik hit her, after their disagreement. Her daughter and then his partner, Gigi, who was in France for business, is said to have returned to the US as soon as he heard the news and the announcement of the couple’s separation was not long in coming. Now, a former Yolanda aide claims that everything is a lie – Zayn never hit her and she accused him of beating her in order to keep him away from her family.

As TMZ reported last fall, in a lawsuit filed by the former model, there is talk of abusive behavior and the singer pushing her hard into a chest of drawers. Is that how things turned out?

Former Yolanda aide sends testimony anonymously to US media Bravo and Cocktails. With Title Pretty Little Liar (beautiful little liar), her letter stressed that the former reality star and mother of top models fabricated the whole case for the father of her daughter’s child. “She did not like him.”

As much as we all thought there were no clouds in the couple and Hadid’s relationship, things are probably different. “I have so much to say about this beautiful little liar !!! She wanted to send him to England to get rid of it. I mean, he can not come to the US at all. To expel himHe continued.

“A fabricated story, but since it is not completely sober, it is easy to pass. I mean, (Yolanda) had his people in her pocket. Very dark things. Do not think that her daughter knew the plan too. “Even her sister did not know.”

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but fans of the former couple are more suspicious than ever.

Zayn always pleaded not guilty to physical violence, but admitted to verbally abusing his then-partner’s mother. He paid a fine and was placed under surveillance for one year.

His rumored outbursts were shocking, racist and uncomfortable. “C @@@@ the Dutch disgust” while he asked her to stay “away from my c @@@@ daughter”. In which it was referred to as “the c @@@@ the sperm that came out of my c @@@@@ penis”.

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