Does Aerotek Drug Test New Employees before Employment?

Aerotek is one of the largest staffing and recruitment services companies globally. Founded in 1983 by Jim Davis and Steve Biscotti, it currently has 10000 internal employees and more than 300000 contractual employees. 

The partners wanted a breakthrough and made Aerotek the next big thing, and they’ve gotten their wish.

If you’re looking to take your professional life to a higher level, Aerotek is a good means. 

Aerotek’s preferred areas are engineering, aerospace, and life science, so if you’re a biologist, a lab technician, or even a clerk with a clear passion, you can apply. 

All required is that you be above 21 years old and have a university degree. It seems all fine and dandy, right? No. One thing that seems to repel people is their drug tests.

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Does Aerotek drug test?

Yes! One hundred percent. Aerotek has a strict drug test policy. According to the code of conduct of Aerotek, to ensure a drug-free workplace environment, each candidate has to pass a drug test which will further validate their enrollment. 

This seems very understandable to me as Aerotek is a global company that gets a huge workload of tasks daily, so they need safe work conditions. 

Drug addiction is not something you need in a healthy workspace, and it creates room for unproductivity and ineffectiveness.

This company has been offering work opportunities worldwide for more than 30 years, but a drug test must be a part of it. They have the right to carry out casual and random drug tests on their workers.

Many people argue that they are physically able, so the drug test is unnecessary, but Aerotek disagrees.

They test for drugs in their employees to ensure that they are all good in a frame of mind to bring about a healthy environment –which is top of their list.

And to ensure the healthiness of their employees as well. Aerotek is a company that goes for long-term workers, and so they need to affirm that their workers have no health issues that could disrupt work in the long run.

Does Aerotek Undergo Pre–Employment Drug Test?

This is a Yes as well. Aerotek does carry a drug test for its potential employees.

However, it only occurs if the person has already been given a conditional job offer, not any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

Also, if you’re applying for a safety-sensitive position, then be sure to undergo a drug test.

You should know from all indicated above that Aerotek is too cautious about their clients to let this slide.

So, you have to ensure you do not engage in substance abuse if you plan to apply.

Some branches that require pre-employment drug testing are Aerotek Consulting, Baltimore, Maryland; Aerotek Contract Engineering, Dallas, Texas; TEKsystems at Westminster, Colorado, Aerotek Scientific at Syracuse, New York; and Aerotek, New York.

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What Are the Drugs Tested For at Aerotek?

There is a long list of drugs Aerotek tests their prospective employees on.

They include Hydrodocone, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Ecstasy, Cocaine, Cannabinoids, Ethanol, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, Propoxyphene, Phencyclidine, Methaqualone, Methadone.

You can be sure your chances are eliminated if any of these drugs are found in your system. You may apply again after some time, maybe six months to a year.

What Type Of Drug Tests are Used?

 There are three main types; Urine, hair, or oral testing, but Aerotek generally use urine drug tests for their pre-employment drug testing.

The preferred test is usually a 5-panel urine test.

This is the most common and most advantageous because it is very accurate.

Drug testing varies from one position to another, but those safety-sensitive positive must carry out pre-employment drug testing, as I’ve said above.

The candidates must remove all the items from the pockets of their clothes, and their outer garments are also removed.

In some cases, and funnily enough, Aerotek requires a representative to stand by the toilet to ensure the sound of urine is heard.

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Aerotek has been around for a long time now, and part of the reason Aerotek Drug Test New Employees is that their number one priority is a healthy work environment which they make possible through these drug tests.

It’s not a big deal for the candidates either but to prevent missing your chances, you need to ensure that you take a personal drug test before application to check if there are drugs in your system.

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