Does Amazon do Background Checks?

Background checks in a company are usually done to forestall legal liabilities of any nature to employers or other staff members.

Amazon do background checks to verify if a person is who he claims to be. Background checks are usually carried out on those aspiring for elective or sensitive political offices, prospective employees by their employer, et cetera.

It is generally done before the offer of employment, but it can also happen at any time.

Prior knowledge of an individual’s background can help prevent harm or any legal problem in the future.

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Amazon is an American multinational company that focuses primarily on e-commerce, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, et cetera.

As a company, Amazon is one of the most capitalized companies globally, valued at more than 1 trillion dollars.

It joins an elite group of companies like Apple, Microsoft, Aramco, and Tesla to cross the trillion-dollar mark.

Amazon was founded on the 5th of July 1994 by Jeff Bezos in his garage. It was initially created as an e-commerce site strictly for books.

It has since scrapped that idea and embraced other opportunities such as Amazon Web Services.

It’s an e-commerce site for everything marketable, not only books, a live streaming service with a massive subscriber base, et cetera. It is currently the world’s largest retailer outside of China.

It currently presently employs over one million people.

Does Amazon do Background Checks?

Does Amazon conduct background checks? The answer to that question is yes.

If you plan to work for Amazon, it is important to note that background checks will be conducted to determine if there have been criminal convictions in your history for at least the past seven years.

It is usually done after you have scaled through the interview process. It takes 2 to 5 days or more to run a complete background check on an individual.

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Are Background Checks Illegal?

Background checks are legal. Prospective employers such as Amazon deserve to know the people they hire or plan to hire.

Most things likely to be unearthed by background checks are already matters of public record—a majority of employers, such as Amazon, run background checks on their employees. Background checks cannot go beyond seven years by law.

Employers cannot refuse employment to a prospective employee based on a criminal conviction that occurred more than seven years ago.

Suppose an individual is denied employment by a prospective employer such as Amazon on the grounds of them being a convicted felon.

In that case, he deserves to know he was rejected on that basis under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) rules. Laws differ based on the state.

Some states require a shorter time frame (less than seven years) to do background checks.

This means Amazon or any other company that plans to hire is not allowed to do background checks beyond the state’s time frame if it is less than seven years.

It is important to know your state laws regarding the employment of convicted members of society.

Why does Amazon do Background Checks?

Amazon does background checks for probably the same reasons seventy-two percent of employers who run background checks do.

Background checks are done primarily to know the kind of people an organization wishes to employ.

Background checks are important because it forestalls a lot of potential ugly scenarios, from legal liabilities to endangerment of other staff members or clients.

These are valid concerns, making it extremely important to run background checks before offering full employment.

However, suppose a company such as Amazon denies you employment on convictions older than seven years or the particular number of years permitted by the state you reside in.

In that case, you have the grounds to sue and ask for damages. Companies such as Amazon are not allowed to discriminate based on convictions older than seven years.

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The question does Amazon does background checks has been extensively answered in this article.

This article explained in great detail, what background checks are, what they aim to uncover, it also described Amazon as a company, how it started, its current value, et cetera.

It also analyzed the legality of background checks and their limitations. If you plan on working for Amazon, background checks are a reality you must come to terms with.

Amazon sometimes employs people with convictions if it doesn’t impact the work.

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