Does Burlington Drug Test in 2022?

Burlington departmental stores is an American outwear retailer store. It is the third-largest after TJX Companies and Ross Stores.

Initially, Burlington sold coats and gradually began selling other forms of clothes and accessories such as baby clothes, shoes, gifts, et cetera.

In 2006, Burlington was sold for $2.6 billion to Bain Capital. The Milstein family owned half of the company, making $1.3 billion from the sale.

Does Burlington drug test is a question this article will provide answers to.

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Does Burlington Drug Test?

Before 2016, Burlington stores only conducted background checks on prospective employees. But times have changed, and Burlington is along with it.

Burlington now conducts random drug testing and background checks for its employees.

Burlington has a zero-tolerance for banned substances such as drugs. Drug use is often grounds for instant dismissal.

There are random drug tests twice a year. It is written in its drug policy to avoid any legal problems.

Usually, as a prospective employee, you are given the drug policy to read and for the prospective employee to consent before the pre-employment drug test can commence. Employment at Burlington is subject to your passing the drug test.

What Kinds of Drugs do Burlington Test for?

Burlington, like most employers, tests for the presence of five drugs, namely, Methamphetamines, Opiates, Marijuana, Cocaine, and Phencyclidine (PCP).

Most companies and government agencies use a five-panel drug test because it is standardized and screens for the most popular drugs, such as those listed above.

These are the most commonly abused drugs, so most companies opt for the 5-panel drug tests. They include the following:


This commonly abused drug, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is arguably the most likely substance in a routine drug test.

It produces moderate to high feelings of euphoria and a relaxed state of mind. Doctors also prescribe it for pain.


Opioids are contained in banned substances such as heroin and painkillers.

It is gotten from south-east Asia from the opium plant known as poppy. These drugs can be highly addictive and are also detrimental to addicts.

Phencyclidine (PCP)

Phencyclidine, known as angel dust in street lingua. It is either in a yellowish liquid form or powder. Phencyclidine produces hallucinations in users and chronic schizophrenia in prolonged users.

It is extremely dangerous and can lead to death. Workers in any organization addicted to this kind of drug are a danger to themselves and all around them.


Also known as coke, it is usually in the form of white powder.

According to the DEA, it is classified as a Schedule 2 drug. It is highly dangerous and addictive.

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This is a crystallized form of amphetamine. It is highly addictive and equally dangerous.

Meth users are usually violent and unstable when they need the drug, making them unsafe to work with.

What Type of Drug Test does Burlington do?

Different companies go for different types of drug tests. These are the different types of drug tests available:

Urine Drug Test

This drug test examines a person’s urine to check for drugs in the body.

Some of these drugs tested for include marijuana, cocaine, opioids, methamphetamines (also known as crystal meth), et cetera.

Hair Testing

A hair drug test is arguably a complete form of drug test. It checks for the presence of drugs in the system from as far back as 90 days.

Like the urine test, the hair test is also used to check for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines, et cetera.

Saliva Test

This process involves using a mouth swab where tiny saliva is obtained from the employee. Like the urine and the hair methods of testing, this is also accurate.

Burlington Stores favors the urine method of drug tests at accredited labs of their choosing.

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Burlington prides itself as a drug-free workplace. So yes they drug test their employees.

Drug use is grounds for instant dismissal in Burlington. The article also covered the various types of drug tests, different types of drugs that are the most abused, et cetera. We hope you found the article useful.

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