Does Kelly Service Drug Test Employees in 2022?

One of the frequently asked questions from Kelly job applicants is if the company tests for drugs.

And does the company conduct drug tests for potential employees, or does the company require potential employees to pass the drug test if they do?

Kelly company is one of the top American companies that focuses on staffing, spreading wings to regions globally.

Kelly supports other companies in and out of their state to find effective employees in different sectors.

It is a business idea originated and founded by Troy Michigan in 1946. From North America, the company has extended roots to the middle east, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Aside from Kelly being a bridge between job applicants and companies, the company has created job opportunities for many people globally within its own company.

This article focuses on getting a job at Kelly and the requirements, especially drug policy and not getting a job through Kelly.

Now, truly, does Kelly drug test potential employees before they can be considered fit to work in the company?

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Does Kelly Service Drug Test Employees?

Will you be shocked if I say no? Smiles… it is expected. The truth is Kelly Service drug tests prospective employees.

Getting a job in or through Kelly requires that applicants are drug tested. Before you are drug tested, Kelly tries to determine if you possess the needed skill for the post you are applying for.

If one is qualified, they move on to see if they meet up with their drug policy bypassing their drug test.

Of course, some companies like Kelly are just trying to preserve the image and representation of the company by ensuring that they do not admit wrong people into the company, especially those who can ruin the company’s image by being under the influence of a drug.

Hence, the company’s reason is to ensure that each applicant is tested for a drug before admission and randomly tested when they become stable employees.

The company is very careful and hesitates to hire drug abusers to avoid future problems for the company.

As you try to obtain a job at Kelly, bare in mind that it is a zero drug company, and they will not hire anyone that fails the drug test.

And in the case of getting a job through Kelly, depending on the company ready to hire you.

If the company does not require a drug test, Kelly won’t drug test you. However, if the company chooses to test its applicants, Kelly takes it upon itself to drug test the applicant through it.

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What Kind of Drug Test Does Kelly Service Use?

When it comes to application in Kelly, Kelly uses the 5-panel urine test, which will unveil the presence of any form of recreational drug.

After the more basic employment process, the applicant will need to submit a urine sample for the test at a specific stage of the employment process.

However, Kelly company does not expect a fixed pattern of drug tests. Most times, especially when an applicant is getting the job through Kelly, the kind of drug test adopted will be required by the company.

This is where the different ways of drug testing applicants -almost the same time- come in, and they go in the direction of the company ready to hire employees from their demand.

The drug test uses hair follicles, mouth swabs, or even urine tests depending on the company.

To get a job at Kelly, be prepared to pass their drug test. And if you are interested in working in a company that drug tests as well through Kelly, be prepared to pass their test through Kelly. How do you pass the drug test? Simple. Abstinence.

The hundred percent assurance of winning over the fear of getting a job after a drug test is staying away from drugs.

If you have taken drugs recently and know that drug substances are still present in your system, bother not to apply for work at Kelly or any company that drug tests through Kelly.

You cannot fake it cause you will be caught. The body part that sustains chemical substances for a long is the hair follicle.

It takes 90 days for hair follicles to get rid of drug substances. Hence, applicants can exercise 90 days of abstinence from drugs or, better still, 100 days for a perfect result.

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Kelly is an interesting and desirable place to work. You can either get a job in Kelly or through Kelly.

After you are certain you have the requisite skills for the job you are applying for, be sure you are adequately prepared for their drug test.

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