Does Planet Fitness Drug Test?

Planet Fitness is a commercial gym franchise located in the United States. Gold’s gym, a franchisee, founded this company in 1993. Likewise, Rick’s perks got his idea from his daughter’s project at school, from where the concept of ‘fitness planet’ erupted. So, does Planet Fitness drug test?

Because of the kind and nature of this work, there may be little or need for a drug test according to layman’s understanding.

Very true, Fitness doesn’t demand a drug test for new incoming employees, but it may be dependent on a specific fitness company.

Some might choose to, while others might not. The best thing you can do is investigate that specific planet fitness you intend to work with. There may be no drug test; however, a background check is conducted on prospective employees.

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Planet Fitness policies

To be a worker at Planet Fitness company demands specific policies such as dressing that concurs with their work style.

As a staff in planet fitness, you are expected to put on a staff tee-shirt, black or khaki pants, and sneakers or black shoes.

Working in planet fitness comes with some benefits for their staff members—several avenues and opportunities as a staff member.

Planet fitness staff members have access to unlimited the companies home club and friendly support, the assistance of knowledgeable staff any moment a person needs it.

Does Planet Fitness Drug Test?

As to planet fitness pre-employment screening, it is not yet found that they include drug tests in their pre-employment screening requirement for their potential staff.

And has record has had it, non of these prospective employees has been ever asked to submit their urine, hair, the blood of any other testable body product to examine their drug health status in the planet fitness company.

Random and post-accident drug tests mainly observed in some other companies are never conducted in the planet fitness industry. Although, for the moment.

We can’t afford te if the company would later bring up the idea of drug testing both their new and stable employees.

Planet fitness Employment Requirements

There are basic requirements and standards planet fitness expects from all aspirants staff.

To become a planet fitness employee, one needs to be or above18 years old, possess the physical ability to walk and stand for a long time and must be able to shift about 75 pounds of weight and must not be recessive to a chemical.

More official requirements include a high school diploma, computer skills, good communication and interpersonal skill, healthy mindset.

Not essential a requirement, planet fitness would prefer to hire applicants with a high level of working experience of about five-six years work experience.

If you possess the above qualities but fear if the company drug test its employee, you can take the bold step of opting in for the job since there is no record or proof that they carry out drug test.

You need to be aware that this company would do a background check.

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Duties in Planet Fitness Company

Depending on the position you’re working, staffs duties vary from one post to the other.

However, there are primary duties expected to be done by all staff, meaning that irrespective of the variety of work done by each office, there are some typical responsibilities to all posts.

Such is the ability to provide adequate customer service to guests, customers and members, engage in basic cleaning and tide up, re-rack weights, communicate respectful manner with other staff members, access the company’s point of scale system.

Employment Application

To apply for the application for a post in Planet Fitness company, the essential information you are would be required of are simple questions like; full name, home address, mobile number, qualifications, citizenship, most recent employment history and shift preferences.

It is therefore encouraged that job seekers opt-in with Indeed, but the standard employment application is available through its official website.

Working at Planet Fitness has some opportunities such as medical insurance for employees’ dental and other health issues term-life challenges.

Also, working in Planet Fitness provides you plenty of offers to grow and develop extensively within the company.

The company tends to measure its staffs’ growth and contribute where it’s essentially necessary.

With time and constant loyalty to the company, you can start as a representative and find your way to working at the regional operations manager level in a few years if you are flexible enough and respond adequately to the company requirements.

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Planet Fitness is a place you can quickly get a job chance in case your fear has been what company will accept you without drug testing you.

Following the above policy will grant you an approvable application and rapid promotion after employment.

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