Does subway drug test | All you need to know about subway drug test 

Drug tests are a companies’ way of saying they care about their customers and employees and want to give high usuality service to the public.

A prominent fast-food franchise with stores all over the United States, Subway is known mainly for its fresh meals, salads, and sandwiches and delivers fresh items such as sandwiches and salads.

Working with Subway has enormous benefits because of its standard and size.

Anyone applying to a fast-food franchise such as subway comes to the point of asking about drug tests. That’s why this article is here as it will answer all your questions.

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Does Subway Drug Test?

Different Subway franchises have other policies regarding drug testing even up to this year.

However, Subway policy, as I stated before, is greatly hinged on excellent customer service, safe and secure working environment.

Therefore at particular periods, Subway can carry out a drug test. They’ve been known to do their drug test either by a mouth swab or urine sample. 

Subway doesn’t just stop at the urine sample and mouth swab; according to some online workers, they also carry out some additional tests to ascertain actual results.

You’ll be informed of that particular Subway drug test during the application process.

Do not be surprised if you see a third party present for the assessment, and all these are carried out to uphold their standard.

What drugs does Subway Test for?

Subway, they are constantly testing for substances. Some substances might be legal in the state you’re in, but their use is prohibited according to Subway policy.

This is why employees are advised to inform them if they have any prescribed medications they use.

This is to prevent complications if a drug test is taken. Here are some common drugs most companies test for:

  • Marijuana.
  • Cocaine.
  • Opiates – opium and codeine derivatives.
  • Amphetamines and methamphetamines.
  • Phencyclidine – PCP.

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Does Subway Do Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

When applying to Subway for a job, you’ll be required to have a negative drug test.

So, yes, they conduct pre-employment tests. The applicant will also have to undergo a background check to ascertain if they’re a felon or how clean they are.

So, expect that pre-employment drug test after the interview and right before your orientation once you pass the interview stage.

However, you’re not “free as a bird” once you’re in. Employees still undergo drug tests while they already work with Subway.

This could be due to suspicion from an incident, or it could be the routine 3-6 months tests.

Noteworthy also is that if an employee is involved in an accident, they may be required to take a drug test to know the reason behind it before returning to the workplace.

Test Results and their Implications

Now that we know there will undoubtedly be a drug test let’s understand the implications. For one, if your test result comes back inconclusive, Subway will be required to put you through a second test.

An inconclusive test can result from too much fluid or a tainted test sample.

If, however, the test is retaken and it comes back inconclusive again, you’ll still have to redo the test. This time you’ll be suspected of altering the sample.

Another case study is a positive test result. By their policy, if the results come back positive for someone in the hiring process, there is a very slim chance such person will get the job or even be recalled back to work.

Moreover, if an employee is tested positive during the random drug test, their appointment will be terminated.

Subway generally has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs, hence disciplinary action or immediate termination of appointment.

It is clearly stated in the employee handbook that the use, possession, and distribution of alcohol and other prohibited drugs would lead to termination of work, so there are no excuses. 

In some cases or under some franchises, some employers ensure that the employees go to rehab depending on how they worked for them and how long.

In some other cases, the police might be involved depending on how severe the incident that required the test was.

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We can see that Subway requires its employees to undergo pre-employment and random post-employment drug tests.

Different drugs have different duration before they leave the system, so anyone planning to apply should make sure they’re clean.

Following a work incident, accident, or just suspicions from the employee, a subway worker would be tested for drugs. Subway has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs, leading to one’s termination if defied.

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