Does Target Pay Weekly — Working Hours and Jobs

In your quest for weekly paying jobs, you may have come across Target Corporations. The answer to the question: Does Target Pay Weekly is NO.

If Target doesn’t pay weekly, then what day is Target payday? What are the working hours and Jobs at Target like? These are some of the questions this article answers in detail.

Target is an American retail company and the 8th largest company in the USA. This retail company has two founding dates; 1902 and 1962.

At Target Corporation, you can buy various products ranging from electronics, pet supplies, footwear, small electronics, jewelry and beauty items, etc.

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Does Target Pay Weekly?

Back to the question: Does Target Pay Weekly? Target pays their workers biweekly, every two weeks. Therefore, if you’re looking for weekly paying jobs, Target may not be the best option.

Target mostly starts a new week on Saturday and ends on it. Then payments are processed the following Friday.

Target does not hold first paychecks back. You would likely be paid in two weeks if you were hired on the paying week. If not, you may have to wait one more week or a few days before receiving your payment. With this payment pattern, HR can easily maintain the database of paid employees.

Employees are paid directly through the transfer of paycheck to their bank accounts. They don’t need to pass through the complicated cash system.

The biweekly payment pattern has not only helped curtail the burden and errors in the amount paid but has also increased workers’ commitment to their job.

Unlike weekly paying jobs, biweekly paying jobs have been proven to help employees save more.

Target Working Hours

The average working hours for full-time jobs at Target is 40 hours. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get a paycheck if you work for less than 40 hours, but you must exceed the 40 hours mark to get most of the benefits of working at Target and the employee program.

The benefits for working thirty-plus hours include:

● Insurance
● A dental check-up and other benefits depending on where you stay.

Generally, employees at Target are entitled to a two-day holiday and extra leaves for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations.

If a colleague is absent for whatever reason, an employee can work overtime on their behalf. Overtime is paid according to the hourly salary system only.

There is also a policy that permits employees to work 12 hour overtime in case of the absence of a colleague.

What are the Jobs at Target?

Here are some of the jobs available at Target. Note that the pay for these jobs is not the same; some have higher wages than others.

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1. Lead Engineer

At Target, a lead engineer may earn as much as $150Kor as low as $90K. It depends on the department the engineer is leading and his experience.

Another major factor determining how much a lead engineer at Target earns is the description and quality of their work.

The following department requires a lead engineer:

  • Software developer
  • Chain of supply
  • Al scientist
  • Functions manager
  • NoSQL expert,etc.

2. Senior Engineering Manager

You can find many jobs for the position of senior manager at Target. Some fields include design execution, merchandising automation, digital fulfill ATP, developer experience, fulfillment, etc.

Senior Engineering managers earn between $100K-$250K depending on the job description and experience of the worker.

3. Principal Engineers

Most departments at Target need a principal engineer to develop and grow. They are mostly well paid and work directly under the senior manager.

The following fields require a principal engineer:

  • Brand manager
  • Operation management
  • Accounts payable
  • Analysis
  • Developer, etc.

Principal engineers earn between the ranges of $150K – $200K. The amount they make depends on the location and experience.

4. Other Jobs available at Target

Other Jobs available at Target include:

  • Merchandise manager
  • Operation expert
  • Design expert
  • Design manager, etc

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Even though Target is not a weekly-paying job, it is an excellent opportunity to start your career. There are lots of benefits and privileges you will enjoy as an employee.

Another good thing about Target is that there is room for improvement and advancement. For instance, if you’re working as a storekeeper and studying simultaneously, after your education, you can apply and earn corporate jobs with higher wages.

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