Does UPS Run Background Check? (MUST READ)

After their time, felons are on the lookout for ways to integrate into society again and live a normal, fulfilled life.

This is why the question of which companies hire felons is so popular. UPS is a well-known package delivery company; therefore, to work with them, the specifications are different.

You have to be qualified to drive, load trucks, and deliver packages. If you are, there will be a position available for you. So, does UPS run background check?

As a felon, you’ll love to know if UPS runs background checks. This article is for you; keep reading to learn more.  

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Does UPS Run Background Check?

UPS is a shipping company that now ships goods to about 300 countries. They engage in delivering goods to retail companies.

UPS currently hires felons into different positions and has been doing so for a while.

They engage in background checks for felons for several things depending on the role you apply for.

Due to the heavy lifting (as much as 70 pounds) involved in UPS roles, they look out for physical fitness and sports background.

On the side of drivers, a big plus would be the ability to read maps and road signs.

An added advantage would also be great customer service skills and a good knowledge of computers.    

Since, for most people, the first position begins with us as a package handler, physical strength is greatly emphasized. Most people opt for 3-5 hours part-time jobs as well.

Required Background check processes for UPS

Some of the required background check processes for UPS in detail:

  1. You will undergo a background check for criminal history and a drug test screening.
  2. For a positive response to number 1, a job offer will be sanctioned for felons.
  3. You get a substantial background check on your driving history for those coming in for driving positions.
  4. A background check is fine for your parking and speeding tickets history Parking and speeding tickets.
  5. Background checks are done for drinking and driving incidences in the past. If there are other driving convictions, too, it’ll be looked into
  6. The felon is screened from a criminal database at the federal and state levels.
  7. UPS does checks for violent crimes, theft, and drug-related crimes as well
  8. Employment will also be denied you if you will potentially pose a threat.
  9. You will be checked on specific criminal charges, type of felony conviction, multiple felonies, and length of sentence completion.
  10. Background checks are done based on the laws guiding each state where the crime was done and where the store is located.
  11. Finally, you are checked in on how well you’ve been able to get integrated into society decently since the completion of your sentence.

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Things You Need to Know About UPS Background Checks

If you are not able to pass the background check by any chance, you must understand a few things.

The fact is that it is not all the time that felons pass background verification checks. This shouldn’t deter finding a good job and starting again.

You can always ask about the results and learn from your mistakes. Many other companies give jobs to felons, and they are not difficult to find. 

Keep searching until you find the job that best suits you. Bear in mind to get your felony records clear when seeking job opportunities.

You can do this by doing a few good deeds and making yourself more valuable for the job, up to your skills in the area UPS is searching for.  

Application Process to Hire Felons

To apply, felons would need to create a profile on the UPS website. If you are eligible for the position you’re going in for, you will be sure to receive a call from the UPS Human Resources department to begin the first interview round.

There are higher chances of employment during festive seasons as more hands are required on the deck. For each interview, there will be a 10/15:1 applicant-panel ratio.  

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UPS creates new job opportunities for felons to ensure they receive a definite career path and financial stability in their careers.

UPS follows an initiative to uplift the lives of convicts so that felons can live a respectful life with integrity and dignity.

Felons can seek appropriate professional guidance and develop skills to succeed in jobs at UPS.

Felons can once again enter society to lead a meaningful life. Background verification checks ensure the right kind of felons receives appropriate opportunities.

Felons need a fair chance to rectify past mistakes and lead a proper life. Once that opportunity is available, they should not let go of it.

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