Does whole foods drug test?

Looking for a big retail chain open to hiring felons, that’s Whole Foods right there. They are among the largest retail chains in the United States. Getting a job with them is a big win.

Here is some important information for you if you’re looking to see if Whole Foods does drug tests.

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Does Whole foods drug test?

Although their laws are not strict, they have a few exceptions for pre-employment drug testing. The location of the store and the position being hired for are two key factors that are taken into consideration.

The hiring manager is also a determining factor. Places like Mountain View and California have mandatory pre-employment drug tests.

What Drugs Do They Test For?

After getting that out of the way, we’re on to the type of drugs Whole Foods tests for. There are five popular drugs for which they run urine tests. They are:

  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • PCP
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates metabolites

There are two manners of tests done, and both are from the urine-based sample. They have a urine drug test and urine drug screening.

These tests can be done on you when you’ve started working at whole foods as well, and if failed, the job can be terminated immediately.

However, drug tests are only conducted on working employees with good reason or suspicions in the job.

For whole foods to conduct a drug test on you, they’ll need written permission during the pre-employment stage.

This written consent is the go-ahead. However, for employees, if whole foods, you’ve already given a permit prior for any random drug tests the company holds. They are allowed to terminate an employee with a positive drug test result.

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Why a Urine Test? 

Employers choose urine tests because the results come back quickly. Different drugs stay in the system for a varying amount of time.

Although marijuana is legal in some states in the US, it is still checked for by Whole Foods, and marijuana stays in the system for 30days after use.

Unlike alcohol which stays just 12hours, drugs like codeine, opiates, cocaine, and heroin last up to 7 days.

If you use them and a random check is done in a few days, you’ll be at risk of losing your job.   

However, for prescription drugs, you’re advised to let your employer know about them aforehand to prevent issues from arising.

Repercussions of Failing a Whole Foods Drug Test 

There are strict rules regarding drug tests when it comes to Whole Foods; here are two consequences of a failed drug test:

1. Job loss

For an employee who has given consent to engage in random drug tests to get a positive on the drug test, your job will be terminated.

If you have otherwise never displayed such and have been a plus to the company, you’ll be let off with a warning. All these are highly dependent on the supervisor.

A rare case also will be an employee that has served the company well for a long time and failed the drug test.

The employer might push to get such a person admitted for rehabilitation and not hesitate to accept you when your act is clean again.

2. No Hiring

If your case of failing the drug test is during the pre-employment process, you’ll likely not be hired as a result.

There is no emotional connection or track record of good work, so it’s less likely you’ll be reconsidered like an old employee. You have very slim chances of getting a job with them after this.

Drug Usage with Reason

Some ailments like glaucoma and even cancer require drugs like marijuana. If you’re able to state and explain this, employers are pretty reasonable and look out for the welfare of the employees.

So although it will not be accepted on account of leisure recreational use, it will be considered for medical purposes.

However, still,l some positions are very sensitive, and no form of the drug is expected there. You’re expected to be clean.

Jobs like drivers will be terminated with a warning if drugs are spotted in their system upon testing.

The reason is quite apparent for their well-being and others since they hold such a sensitive post.

If you think a positive test is incorrect, you can request another. You’re obliged to receive one.

However, if it’s a positive result, you can try to convince the employer to retain you. Based on your track record with drugs and the value you provide, you can be reconsidered.

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This article was written to give you every information you need to know about if whole foods drug test their employees, the kind of drug tests carried out and more.

We hope this piece gives you all the knowledge you desire and we implore you to share it across all your social media pages.

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