“Don’t marry a man who caught you cheating on him” – A relationship coach for women

When someone cheats in a relationship, it can be very difficult for the couple to heal and forgive each other. The woman is known to forgive more easily when her man cheats on her but is this the case for men who have to face the infidelity of their partner?

A Nigerian relationship coach has advised women not to marry men who have caught them cheating.

The relationship therapist who occasionally shares advice with his Twitter followers revealed that men may never truly forgive a woman who has cheated on them.

According to him, the man might act like he has forgiven the woman, but when they get married, he will use the incident to taunt her.

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Here is what his translated post says: “ Don’t marry a man who caught you cheating on him when you were dating. Even if he claims to have forgiven you, don’t! Move on. If you marry him, he will taunt you and play with you. Men almost never forgive women who cheat.

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"Don't marry a man who caught you cheating on him" - A female relationship coach

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