Dylan Thiry, ex-child beaten by his stepfather: his ordeal lasted “several years”

Before becoming a popular influencer and iconic reality TV contestant, Dylan Thiry grew up in a very different world. During an interview, he recounts having been the victim of violence from his stepfather…

In a few days, Dylan Thiry and Benjamin Samat will face each other in a boxing match. The date of their confrontation in a ring has been set for Wednesday April 6 at the Palais des sports in Marseille. Since the announcement of their match, the two reality TV candidates have been training hard for the big day. They nevertheless had time to grant an interview to our colleagues from Publicpublished this Friday, April 1, 2022.

During this duo interview, Dylan Thiry notably had the opportunity to discuss his difficult youth marked by domestic violence. ” I was beaten for several years by my stepfather, and I still have a certain anger about it.

But I never saw this man again, he left when I was 16, today I look to the future“, he reported to our colleagues.

Dylan Thiry, however, has long been affected by the physical and psychological blows he has taken. So much so that it was felt in his behavior. ” I fight often and always have! I even got kicked out of college at 15, but each time it was to defend myself. And I win every time“, he assured in the pages of Public.

As a reminder, Dylan Thiry grew up in Luxembourg with his mother. His father left them when he was only one year old and a rather precarious life followed. ” We didn’t even have enough to buy two kebabs, we shared one“, he confided for The Parisian in 2021. His mother found love again when he was six years old. His stepfather is Muslim and introduced them to this religion. Of this period, Dylan remembers that “there was no more salami ” in the kitchen. Her mother, a Christian, also converted and began to wear the veil. But for three years, she suffered the looks in the bus ” and ” teachers’ remarks at school“. Daily judgments that make him choose to stop wearing it. ” To protect me“, explained Dylan.

Since 2019, Dylan Thiry has fully assumed his love for Islam, both on social networks with controversial Instagram live and during his humanitarian missions.

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