Elon Musk: Tesla’s robot could recover your personalities and memories

The boss of the electric vehicle manufacturer, You’re here, Elon Muskrecently talked about the capabilities of the new humanoid robot designed by the company and called Optimus. In an interview given to Mathias Dopfnerboss of the parent company of the American media Business Insider, Axel Springer, the American billionaire has said that electronic equipment could help recover memories as well as personalities. During this interview which took place in the factory of Fremont of You’re herein California, Elon Musk indicated thatOptimus is a “type of general-purpose worker droid”.

Moderate volume production 2023

“We could upload the things that we think make us so unique” said Elon Musk before adding that: “Now, of course, if you are no longer in this body, it will certainly make a difference, but in terms of preserving our memories, our personalities, I think we could do it”

. Furthermore, Elon Musk pointed out that the moderate volume production of the robot could take place around the end of 2023. Note that these words from the boss of You’re here come after these remarks on the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

“Do something serious”

Also during this interview, he had attacked the Russian president Vladimir Poutinestating: “We cannot let Putin take control of Ukraine”. For the boss of SpaceXthe “(US) government has done more than people think” while adding that: “It just hasn’t been very public. But it is important to do something serious”. Prior to these statements, Elon Musk had proposed on Twitter, a fight, to Vladimir Poutine. “I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat…The stakes are Ukraine” he had written on the network of the blue bird.

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