Elton John wanted to adopt a child from Ukraine, but they did not let him because he is gay

The famous singer spoke openly about the unknown event, as a guest on Dua Lipa podcast

Elton John revealed a story from the past that apparently made him change the way he thought about children until then. THE famous musician and singer stated that in 2019 he really wanted to adopt an orphan boy from Ukraine.

Both he and his husband, David Furnish, they decided to proceed with adoption but because of their sexual identity, they were not allowed to complete the process.

More specifically, Elton John explained that he had the opportunity to spend time with 14-month-old Lev, who suffered from HIV.

“I was holding the little boy for hours. We did an interview at the end and they told us: you seem to like this little boy very much. Will you consider adopting him? And I replied: To be precise, I would love it (if I could do it) “.

The fact that he is gay, however, stood in the way. After this failed attempt, he discussed with his partner the possibility of becoming parents. “We decided to have a child, thanks to the little boy from Ukraine,” said John.

Ukrainian adoption legislation is quite strict as it states that the prospective parent must be under 45 years of age and married. Elton John was 62 at the time and his marriage was not valid in Ukraine. The process may not have progressed but he realized how ready he was to become a father. The fact that sexual identity remains an obstacle for many people in their quest to become parents, even if they meet all the standards, even if we are talking about the Elton John legend, is another story.

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